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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
January the 21st 2019 value your wealth in Bitcoin strong hand old you offended
by selling be a unique beast uncomplicated Bowl holder of last resort
that’s that’s me you know I’ve got a strong hand I’m not letting go of my
Bitcoin and I just want to reinforce that again everyday I say strong hand
every day of my life I say strong hand it’s freaking unbelievable and I want
you guys to say the same thing to get those hands strong to know that one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin who cares what is worth in dollars but we’re gonna
talk about that in a second I don’t usually talk about things like that
because one Bitcoin he was one Bitcoin check out the links below everything I
talk about in this video is linked to below someone in the chat Mike he
brought up a subject in the chat right before the show went live and I said now
I’m not gonna talk about that for a while and then I was like what the heck
you brought it up I’m gonna talk about it so I’m gonna talk about that subject
later in the show and I didn’t even plan to talk about it tonight what is it
you’ll see in a second all right I also want to say wait wait wait hang
on hang on hang on oh yeah thank you for the etherium classic that was sent to me
on November the 30th and thank you for the – that was sent to me on January
first I just realised these coins were sent to me all of my crypto addresses
are linked to below hey just because I get them for free doesn’t mean I say to
buy them okay people don’t get confused I just have some talk to hear all coins
listed because people like to given the meat and that’s very nice of them to
support the show that way I only buy Bitcoin baby
I value my wealth in Bitcoin but yeah I’ve got some other all coins listed
down there you can check it out this rock ledge calm tech ball calm follow me
on Twitter at Tech ball Tec HP alt okay speaking about Twitter and so Lindner
has a tweet out there I love this tweet baby it says
well well outdated markets are closed today for a US national holiday Bitcoin
is open 24/7 365 a truly global and neutral monetary system yeah yeah on
this day in the United States a lot of things are closed it’s Martin Luther
King Day and you know that’s just the way that’s the way the country works
there’s federal holidays and Bitcoin has no holidays there are no days off here
in Israel there it was a holiday today true b’shvat to Misrata celebrate trees
no one’s awful to b’shvat though it’s not like a religious holiday it’s like
it’s a modern holiday we used to sing a song in a Jewish day school it was about
to be spot I forgot it pal that like button if you went to
Jewish day school alright but go back to an cilinder of course yeah the markets
are closed with MLK Day Bitcoin Oh No Bitcoin takes no days off in the name of
Bitcoin what more in the name of Bitcoin in the name of Bitcoin what more in the
name of Bitcoin does everyone get that reference you know that song anyway yes
sir today is I’m okay Twitter another Twitter tweet here the van X solid this
is from who is it Jake sure Vince key did he go to the same day school that I
went to pound out like but no all right so then the van X solid X Bitcoin ETF
vote won’t be automatically approved just because the US government is shut
down I’ve seen a lot of confusion and misinformation about how the shutdown
affects the SEC and its process for handling its yet proposals I’ll try to
explain it here okay he’s got a big thread about this people if you’re
kidding okay the government shutdown is great we all can admit that it’s awesome
but but I mean it just proves that we don’t need any of these government
workers but don’t get your the last supposedly the last day that they can
they have to come up with decision by February
27th but what if the government still shutdown he goes into great detail into
this but guys don’t get your hopes up for February 27th they’re Liebherr me
they can make up their own rules they could say oh no we because there was a
government shutdown we could delay it even more or it’s approved for one day
and then we’re going to no longer approve it on the 28th I mean they can
do anything so don’t put these dudes on pedestals it just happened that in the
news today or when I was looking over Twitter I was reminded of all these
terms that like get everybody charged up van eck solid ex etf oh my god don’t
don’t go to crazy people don’t go too crazy check out that thread don’t go too
crazy oh here’s another one Bank of International Settlements that’s
what uh or Bank for International Settlements everybody likes to say
they’re the devil and that they’re the cause of all their problems and bitcoin
will burn them to the ground who cares about them but someone you do
care about them and they came out with some report today beyond the Doomsday
economics of proof of work in crypto currencies and here’s a quote thus the
current technology seems unlikely to replace the current monetary and
financial infrastructure instead the question is rather how the technology
might complement existing arrangements all right bis doesn’t like Bitcoin Wow
what a shock they’re gonna break things that aren’t the greatest about Bitcoin
what a shock it’s not gonna change anything
I don’t think they even care they don’t really care yet I doubt they’ll still be
able to dot whatever they dominate they’ll still be able to dominate with
bitcoins then we’ll all be able to be happy the 80 percenters can be in Bank
of International Center for International Settlement land and we can
be in the Bitcoin overlay everyone can be happy just because they say Bitcoin
is is terrible or isn’t that great whatever this report says doesn’t mean
anything don’t put them on a pedestal don’t panic don’t go too crazy because
you think February 27th is gonna be the day of the big point ETF because in
might not be until 2020 the government can make up excuses don’t come up with
your own excuses by putting I’m out twisting two stories together here by
the way they had nothing to do with another don’t put the bank for
international that’s one pedestal all the time uh
don’t be scared and say Oh what was me although they’ll control Bitcoin and the
government’s are controlled Bitcoin these unelected monetary policy makers
will control Bitcoin that control that the bank you know they control the
central bank so they control the world though they don’t not I mean if you
believe in Bitcoin you shouldn’t give it the art about what the bank of all the
internet all the central bank’s says or does or anyway you know people people
part reason I do the show or something something that I repeat on the show over
over again we put some of these higher institutions on and people on these
pedestals and just blow them out of proportion and that’s what they want
that’s what they want you have your own power you have your
own power and bitcoin is the expression of that power all right you are
elite don’t you know that’s the thing I love I love the word elite I’ve been
making videos with elite in them since 2015 when I said if you own ten Bitcoin
you’re gonna be part of the elite was I right or was I right we’ll see we’ll see
2020 Bitcoin having baby but he’s a lot of people complain I can’t afford to a
big coin now back then when I was saying buy ten Bitcoin it would only cost like
three thousand dollars again where four thousand dollars get ten total instead
of now plus what forty thousand five but the point is you are elite already if
you’re into Bitcoin and you’re in the mindset where you don’t worry about Bank
Bank for International Settlements or you don’t worry when the ETF is going to
be approved because you already know the ETF is gonna be you know eventually you
know they’ll come let them come that they’ll be let all
the people piling in be later than you the people waiting for that sign oh I’m
just waiting for the for the first Bitcoin TT then I’ll get in there or
that’s how I’ll own my big point through these yet you’ve got in there before
then you were elite but yet you some people out there called envied elites
these mysterious your lids who have all this insider information with the Bank
for International Settlements and who know when the they knows their den
they’re the people who know what day SEC is gonna prove they’re friends with the
SEC they control the SEC yeah sure those are the magical elite the magic will eat
that ruined your life right no you ruined your life
and yeah and it’s not ruin though you were elite you were elite if you about
big point all right speaking about elite Dennis Zen tanks
he’s got a tweet out there he shows the Coinstar
ATM it’s already in action you can get the the big decoy you can get the big
coin out of the coin star machine I talked about it yesterday you put in
some money and out comes a piece of paper where you I guess it’s got a code
on it and yet you type it into the computer and you get your Bitcoin the
thing that I found interesting about the video and maybe you’ll be told and well
there’s a twenty five hundred dollar limit on how much you can put into the
Machine and get Bitcoin out that’s great it’s good in two days you’ll have almost
two big one in one day you’ll have almost one Bitcoin but the point the
thing that kind of weirded me out a little bit
4% transaction fee ouch so yeah if you’re like some regular dude and you
can just buy through coinbase then well and you don’t care about kyc if you care
about can you I see then that 4% is cheap I guess because I don’t think
there’s much kyc on that coin star machine also I mean again if you’re so
Guatemalan in Los Angeles you’re just trying to send twenty five hundred
dollars that you made you know cleaning the Fresh Prince of Bel Harris house
well then you’re gonna you’re gonna take he’s gonna give you a twenty five
hundred bucks fresh prints will spend he’s gonna give
you 2,500 bucks you’re gonna go go over to East Hollywood put it in up in the
machine and then you’re gonna send your cousin Guatemala the twenty five hundred
in a word you have to pay a four percent fee but but you you got a defer
gratification you tell your cousin in Guatemala you know one brother cousin
sister you you cannot don’t convert this into Guatemalan pesos for a while wait
wait until it goes up in ten percent value and there you go to you got ready
or four percent right just like that or just value your wealth and bitcoin one
value your wealth in bitcoin Juan in Guatemala
you’ll learn to you will look you will become easy you’ll get you’ll get the
heck out of Guatemala once you start realizing that baby
all right I mean no offense to Guatemala a lot of people trying to get to
Guatemala the United States apparently from what I saw in a MacArthur Park town
that like button if you know MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles there’s a
subway stop there pound that like button if you’ve
actually been on the subway in Los Angeles I’ve been on what’s pounding
that like button because no one’s actually been alone subway in Los
Angeles besides me I’m serious I don’t think anyone from
Los Angeles actually goes the people who travel the subway Lausanne just aren’t
originally from Los Angeles hey there people these Vitali girls they don’t
even know there’s a subway in Los Angeles I seriously I know someone a
female from will say she know a difference when subway light rail
something’s out there it’s such a car culture out there but there’s some ways
great and you when you’re on the subway let’s and just you’re like well what if
there was a massive earthquake now well that’s just life you think about it
though New York you don’t think about that you think about like what is that
guy like what’s that losing a guy’s face that’s what you think about a little on
the New York subway all right so I like the Los Angeles somewhat better in the
New York subway cleaner Oh what else do we have here oh and also
Dennis says he’s got a tweet out there and I talked about this before but it’s
a charm and I know some of you some of you like fancy sets in graphics so check
out Dennis is a chart here it says Bitcoin yearly fiat Lowe’s and again you
can see it’s it’s goes up every year basically the low for the year in Fiat
just look at that that o if you if you’re getting a weak hand you’re
getting those Fiat blues just check out this chart that I Dennis
tweet it out its link to below alright so it was who was it Michael I believe
in the chat beforehand he’s like and I think someone else has brought this up
to me before there is a crypto dividend I was is it going to be a it’s going to
be an airdrop I guess be hats let’s just call it be hex
I’m not linking it to linking to it below because the guy behind it used to
be like this huge Bitcoin guy and then one day he like started
getting depressed and said you liked the theory um and I think this is going to
be an ER C 20 token enough you know what I went to the site which is not linked
to below and um and it doesn’t have an easy signup yet and again this is just a
cult of personality the guy behind you um it’s all these people who are gonna
you are behind his cult a person out he’s got a person it’s funny um what’s
his face down in a Miami did an expose on the guy behind B hex um let’s say I
came to do his name in Miami tones friend in Miami hurry what stones for
he’s not to be warned against what’s it dude in Miami’s name Chris throws yeah
to Rose who obviously can be very obnoxious sometimes but whatever that’s
that’s his business he he actually he did an expose on the guy behind B hats
and I don’t know how anyone I mean this is just a short-term memory of everyone
in the in the space how anyone can get behind and like like like he says he
seems pretty reliable after you know knowing what everybody knows and see you
know saw the guy go from this being this huge Bitcoin evangelist to like one day
like being better when Bitcoin went down like he got into he’s talking to theory
up his I co this the other and and and then when Chris exposes the shadiness of
the dudes past yet people are still like always great whatever his personal
responsibilities of new counterculture so with the be hex would I buy any of it
no no way of course last things of the world I never buy now if it was sick if
I don’t have to give any personal information if it’s an easy airdrop
which has not been proven yet again you can’t just go to the site and do
everything that you did with bit core or or be rhodium what’s the heck if that’s
there yeah I’ll sign up before if I’m not giving away personal information
about it myself and yeah I’ll get it for free and yeah I’ll dump it for Bitcoin
there’s all these people out there get behind that dude’s cult of personality I
mean whatever you go you he’s person response thing
you worship the guy pump up the value of
this coin that he’s making for himself and his buddies or whoever and then out
get it for free I’ll sell it I’ll profit off of you worse should bring him to so
great do what you’re gonna do I mean exactly but so yeah that’s not that’s my
feeling on be heck’s good luck good luck if I get it for free I hope it’s worth a
lot whatever but I mean the reason it will be a worth line is this quite a
reason is because people have incredibly short-term memories in this space
incredibly short term it’s just incredible oh yeah
forgive and forget like I mean so yeah it’s funny Andy Hoffman was talking
about about be tax and he just you know he casually said I don’t know anything
about this but this is an opportunity and in there like and he’s like the guy
behind it has a lot of followers so obviously you know again the all these
coins are based on you know how much marketing they get I mean gonna get me
there nothing what what are they over there going all these gimmicks what’s
the B hex gimmick it’s five different things or hexagon is hexagon six
different things yeah hexagon six different things but
the point is this and I don’t even know if that’s why it’s called be hex
but so yeah and the Andy had a tweet tweet about that and the reason I think
about Andy Andy then also had a tweet about you know he’s saying that does
some people are saying and he’s destroying his reputation although you
can see Andy’s tweeted for himself the funny thing is is you know if you think
Andy’s destroyed his reputation in a year or here everybody forgets about it
anyway that’s the way it works if you thought if you think Andy’s done
something wrong to you or whatever you’re most likely 80% of you will
forget about in a year anyway it’s so funny how things work at the crypt of
space there’s so many people I get it and I’m not saying Andy did anything
there ruin his reputation if Andy was saying in between you check out auntie’s
tweet your self and you see what he was saying but you know I have seen people
like um well the guy the guy tone used to always say was a stammer
who’s behind he’s behind me oh she was behind steam it he was behind something
before steam it and everyone keeps on forgetting that the guy got moves from
project the project it’s just so Wow how things work in this space how
short-term memories memory is like yeah yeah he won’t leave the project this
time he’s never left the project he leaves a friend meeting all right reputation in crypto nobody
cares about reputations in crypto I’m not gonna say the pound I’m like bummed
because of that have conviction stampers on me stand for something and as
everybody knows I stand for the strong hand through thick and thin strong
fruity hand my message hasn’t changed when the price went down I didn’t start
saying oh I’m gonna have to ICO now I’m the etherium bitcoins terrible but no
that’s not me I don’t change my mind now I got into this because I knew this was
the thing baby I knew this was gonna revolutionary revolutionize the world
just like just like the internet just like when I was a youth a yute and I
couldn’t I was too young to make money off the internet and all that stuff as a
youth I knew that the internet was gonna change the world and thank Hashem I’m
around to see something even bigger than the internet come along and then he’s
Bitcoin it’s not ICO it’s not aetherium it’s not be hex so I got a strong hand
for Bitcoin and if you’re gonna give me crypto dividends off the Bitcoin that I
could turn in a bit more Bitcoin then thanks alright continuing accra moon has
a show yeah all of that was completely unplanned because somebody says talk
about BX all right I can do things like that talk like that just all right so
hacker noon they’ve had this article’s been out for a while but it took me a
while to read it Bitcoin for the unbanked how mesh and
microfinance could end poverty as we know it and you know this is another one
of those words the unbanked the unbanked India keeps getting thrown out there the
unbent the Bank of International Settlements Bitcoin ETF the unbagging
I’m banking I’m backed well then it’s a good story
it’s a theory on how poor people in Africa can get Bitcoin what I really
liked about it is this torch something called a torch it takes solar power and
you can plug into the torch and you get electricity in the middle of in
the middle of nowhere I thought that was the bigger story in office you know and
there’s a lot of technical sophistication behind this story how you
gonna get the mesh network and the torch and they don’t have electricity they
don’t have internet in the middle of the sub-saharan Africa and so are they gonna
go to all these steps just to get a microloan I don’t know maybe this is
foreign future I’ve read the article you can read the article you can decide on
your own finally the Bitcoin rabbi I’ve mentioned
him before he’s from the same part of the United States that I am I’m not
going to give away too much information I don’t know if he makes that public or
not he doesn’t live there now but the Bitcoin rabbi
he’s gonna be on bit Stein and Pierre row shards show in 4:00 p.m. Eastern
which I guess is in 45 minutes that’s the noted podcast and so that’s
cool I’ve actually never spoke heard the voice of the Bitcoin rabbi before we’ve
sent DMS aback and he’s a he’s a good guy and so hey they’re interviewing the
UH have the absolute privilege of interviewing the Bitcoin rabbi post sec
of the bitcoin community well that’s great bit stein has been on that this
week in Bitcoin show a long time ago like a year ago
so yet check out the noted podcast it’s linked to below and maybe big coin
ribeye is watching this right now I don’t know he or he’s prepping to be on
their show right now I guess all right that’s it be in motion people found that
like button bang a bell button click on those squares there i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
this video this video check out the links section below i will see you guys
in the chat soon follow me a tight ball tch be alt and bitcoinmeister on steam
it bye bye

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