That’s how we do in Antigua!

One of them was a swordfish, and… -The other? – Yellow…
– Tuna with yellow fin. Tuna with yellow fin. And yes, that was it’s tongue, that disgusting something hanging out… from the head of the swordfish. Yuck! It is serious business here. Every time we came for a walk, they find us… asking whether we want marijuana. -Do you want some marijuana?
– Local dealers -For what? -We don’t need to chill more. So that’s how it works here. We walked on the beach, then came in for a lemonade. It’s a pretty cute bar next to the shore. And tomorrow we’re going to the next bay. We want to clean the dinghy, it’s pulling quite long alga beard after itself, and it can hardly move. It’s Sunday and we’ll leave on Tuesday morning. -Right?- Gonna leave this beautiful place. Going to Jolly Harbour. Gonna go into Johnson, because it’s a pretty big and cultivated shopping center, and it has everything… really, everything. It’s laundry day. So we’re looking for the Laundry. We left our dinghy for cleaning because… it could barely move. The alga was slowing it down, so we left it at a shipyard, and they’ll clean the bottom. Meanwhile, it takes about 2 hours, we go to the laundry. Didn’t work… – It will be done at 5 pm.! – Five?? We thought we’re gonna do the laundry in the meantime, …but there are 2 types of laundry, one, where you do it for yourself. It takes about 1,5-2 hours to do so… And two, where you leave your clothes, and… they tell you, when to come back, and it’s like this here. By the way, I don’t like when strangers touch my laundry… -Well, this is life.
– Whatever… So we don’t even have dinghy now, we have to occupy ourselves. – So we go shopping, but we can’t buy anything?! – Not like that. It goes sour.
– I carry a chicken in my backpack all day… It’s gonna be bad. The 15 cm alga beard and the clams were removed from the bottom of the dinghy. Now we’ll do everything to keep it clean for long time, so every night, well, for every night we’ll pull the dinghy up to the yacht so it won’t be in the water. – You should throw that blue rope towards the rig. Now this process is in progress. – Okay stop! We left English Harbour to go to Jolly Harbour. It is still Antigua. We cleaned the yacht before leaving, filled it with water and fuel, so everything is good now! Going shopping. -Theoretically it seems we can fit. -Oh, but we have to sit on the ground. Oh my god! – Don’t accelerate! – Jesus! We passed! Yuck! – What’s this?
– Precooked lobster. it’s kinda different, than at home. I prepared the stew in 12 minutes, cooked it for 2,5 hours, and now it’s done.

Stephen Childs

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