Texas Penny Battle – Houston vs Dallas, Round 3

well this is it – this is for all the
marbles! Will Houston beat Dallas
or will Dallas beat Houston? Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right this is finally the wrap-up boxes for this series Houston verse
Dallas you recall Houston took round one with twenty four and a half points
the Dallas is 18 points then Dallas came back and got 25 points in box two and
defeated Houston who got 23 as it stands after two boxes hunted
Houston has the edge by 2.3 points per box so they’re up about four and a half
points total on the series if Dallas can win this box battle by five points don’t
win the round and the series if they win by less than five points don’t win two
out of three rounds but lose the series and then finally all Houston’s got to do
is win or keep it close so I’m hoping that this box finally does what my penny
boxes do of course I still have luck with the houston boxes because they are
part of Texas all right enough setting it up let’s get
in the boxes and as you guys know people follow the series they’ve all been
checked and they’re circulated let’s see who wins round three before I get the
series finale started I get asked it all the time so it’s gonna make a quick
mention of it if you’re interested in any of my coin rural hunting mats that I
have custom made I’ve got links for them down below in the video description and
I have links to a microscope my Luke you name it the microscope helps me get a
closer personal with anything that I find now we can check for errors and
varieties now that you know that let’s see if we can find out who wins well the
first roll out of the Houston box is not going to waste time getting on the board
we’ve got a Canadian 1981 not in bad shape row 8 of the Houston box we’re on
the board with the wheat cent obverse facing 1953 Denver
roll number 10 wait sent number two again obverse facing us 1946
Philadelphia roll 14 another obverse showing wheat sent 1944 Philadelphia
roll eighteens gonna have an odd fine in a bank rafter old I saw it laid it down
figured I’d got it behind it we’ve got a dime nothing like making nine cents from
the bank thank you very much rule 19 fourth we’d sent fourth in a row
facing me 53d we’ll take it roll 23 and we have wheat cent number five and this
one I get to reveal I think it said 1953 yep our third 53 from Denver 137
following another wheat cent reverse facing me number six
last year 1958 rule 45 wheat cent number seven 1950 Denver a little beat up but
it scores rule 50 of the Houston box been a kind of a slow box with nothing
old but we just think of it looks like could be an older wheat cent will they
pull out for their eighth we’d sent one that scores a lot of points I’ve been
finding a lot of 1919 lately and you know what
over a hundred year old penny felon circulation I’ll take it 1919 foot off
here it’s only the eighth form of the box and in the last roll but I’ll put
some more points on the board let me finish this hunt give you a wrap-up and
then we’ll see if Dallas can take over alright finished Houston’s third box and
like I said light eight total wheat cents seven from 1940 on and the oldest
of the box the 1919 filly beautiful patina to it too we did find sick
59 and 1a you type coin it’s a beautiful 1960 D not the D over D
but still a nice fine no 69 s is one foreign and a couple of cool ones here
we got a 1995 that when I put it under the scope got a nice die crack running
from the rim right next to we threw we and threw Lincoln’s head kind of cool
that’s the first one and then this 1983 put it under the scope
I did notice like that fine I had the other day it does have something going
on behind the columns and up to the Memorial Building on the left anyway
not as dramatic is the one I found the other day but I thought it was pretty
cool the polar side I went ahead to play the stat sheets in manually
one week set below the 30s seven in the 40s and 50s one au one foreign 659 s 21
points really light box all my box needs is 26 points and it should take the
series now mind you would be its best box but not the best boxes I usually get
these have been slow so with that said let’s get it all
Ron roll six of my Dallas box and finally gonna find our first wheat set
and it is reverse facing us looks pretty toasty but it also looks like it’s
probably just damaged it’s a 1946 s I believe it is 46 s on the board with a
slimy dirty 46 s same roll I slid them down and we’ve got another one right
here looks old as well is that a 20s it is a 19 20 not eight 20s a 20 1920
Philadelphia we’ll take it one oldie on 46 let’s find more roll 13-week cent
number three fifty-five Denver not a 55 Philly
alright we’ll take it and we’ll hope for a fourth
we’re on roll 26 of my box and look what I just got right here unbelievable
started flipping down some pennies this one kind of jumped and that it got
exposed and I’m like are you kidding me now I should be using gloves but I was
gonna touch the outside edge and lay it down was kind of chicken for a DDB just
in case cuz I always do that but that’s a beauty it’s probably gonna be a 58 I
always get him in the 50s not a 58 but a 57 a little bit of environmental stuff
going on on the obverse but at the end of the day yeah a little bit of damage
I’ll take that a you type weight scent anytime rolled in 427 we’ve got another
weedy that I see peeking out from back here let’s take a look at this one
56 D I know the 56 days do have a shadow deep below or above the D but below the
date we’ll be checking those another time in a future hunt in the meantime
five wheat cents through almost 27 rolls roll 30 and we’ve got another wheat
scent it’s gonna be number six and I can see by the age and I think I see a 1 or
an 8 or a 109 you know what it’s a 1918 s let’s put it under the scope really
quick confirmed 1918 s not a cure semi key but there’s an s mint mark on it and
it is from the teens and I’ll take those all day especially after fighting in
1920 and a beautiful 57 Philadelphia so maybe we’re gonna get into some hot
stuff in this box I hope so we got 20 rolls left roll 35 s can
produce we’d sent number 7 what do we got okay
the ad last year first one though we haven’t got a 58 yet so now we do seven
wheat cents 15 rolls Plus that one to go roll over 40 of my bank bucks and I’ve
got a dime as well that’s crazy I think we had a diamond in the other
box and now a dime in my box we’ll take it though nine more sense made 2001
Denver well just to make it close the last 15 rolls produced nothing else
unbelievable we did not expect that we did find seven wheat cents I think
that’s one less than the Houston box but we didn’t get to they were older so that
might help we did find 6 1959 s and 1 69 s albeit
not the D do we also had an au wheat cent which is gonna give us a few more
points and that dime but we had no foreigns holy cow we might have taken
the box but I don’t know if that’s enough points to take the series fingers
crossed let me plug by the stat sheet and bring
it back in well it’s official my Dallas Fox scored 22 and a half points to
Houston’s 21 so while we did take two out of the three rounds it was such a
tight race that Houston took the series by one point one point man well one
point per box average so three points if you will had I scored two more we’d
sense of any year we would have tied or if I had gotten foreigns my four to his
seven herd as well at the end of the day though the Box were very similar not the
best box it’s hunted for a series but then again because they’re both Texas
boxes they scored similarly it’s a bummer that Dallas didn’t beat Houston
in this three box battle but really no one got defeated because it was a fun
hunt and they were close races which would have found some more goodies for
you guys we didn’t score any key dates any semi key dates any varieties and
errors at all but that’s cornering you got to keep hunting until you find the
goodies and sometimes you get amazing find hopefully you enjoyed this battle
of Texas if you will Houston first Dallas I know I did
if you did enjoy this video series I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

Stephen Childs


  1. Texas Penny Battle – Houston vs Dallas!

    Here's the link to Round 1, incase you missed it:


    Or Round 2:


    Doggy Doc reached out to me and wanted to have a Penny Box Battle Series to see if his penny boxes in Houston were better than my penny boxes in Dallas.

    He sent me 3 boxes to go against three of my own, and I sent him three boxes for him to hunt as well.

    There will be a winner determined after each box and then a winner for the 3 Box total!

    Let's see which part of Texas has the better Penny boxes!

    This is Box #3 of the Penny Box Battle and it will decide the round AND series winner. Let's see who wins!

    I have a Playlist dedicated to all of my Penny Box Challenges as well – check them out!


    What's the most wheat pennies you have ever found in Machine Bank Rolls? How about in Customer rolls?

    Do you check your pennies thoroughly or just pull out the oldies and/or the AU+ coins? Do you keep the coppers?

    Keep hunting and good luck!

    They're still out there for us to find!

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  2. I was lucky enough to find a 1970 reverse of ‘68 Roosevelt in a costumer wrapper box of pennies yesterday!

  3. Yo rob I just wanna say thx for getting me into collecting coins and bills. While I’m only 11 and am unemployed (Big Surprise ) I still try my best to collect and you are one of the 2 people who got me into collecting ( The second is Couch Collectables ) so thank you so much. 😊😊😊😊😊

  4. Just finished my best penny box ever found 17 wheats including a 1912, 1934, 1935, 1937 and 5 s mint mark 40s and 50s. I also found 5 Canadians and 12 1959's.

  5. That was a sweet AU penny for sure great hunt always an enjoyment. Keep Stacking

  6. rob, how do you find die cracks and stuff like that from common date when you search the coins so fast? you must have some really really good eyesight

  7. Nicest wheat cent i ever seen. Too close to call on the count man, i would had demanded a recount!

  8. You should give a point for dimes in penny hunts – they are, after all, worth about 14 Canadian cents and you give a point for those!

  9. I just got that same scope and man, my eyes aren't what they used to be and this thing has been a life saver. I'm also eagerly awaiting my penny coin roll mat that I ordered. Excellent video!

  10. Don't feel bad. My last 2 boxes only had 7 wheaties combined. Did score a 27D and 28 out of it at least 😁

  11. You wrote me on FB and gave me information on a 1$ bill I asked about… I'm here!!! Love every one of your videos!

  12. I found a 20 D the other day in a roll. It sure is worn but it's still 100 years old!

  13. I decided to get 2 boxes of Pennies from BOA in Odessa and I found 35 wheat pennies, 5 canadians, and an 1890 indian head penny!

  14. There is a good reason you find a lot of 1919-P (as do I). they minted 392 million of them!

  15. Another fun penny hunt Rob! And just as in your Dallas box, I found a 1946-S in loose change today!

  16. That shiny wheat was a beauty! What a fun couple of boxes. I love your * vs * series.

  17. Foreign coins shouldn’t count for anything unless it’s a key date or old af

  18. Dang, another battle lost. It's ok, lots of great finds in the box. Onward to the next hunt.

  19. It was a fun series to watch!! My favorite vids are still the junk silver hunts!!!
    Have a GREAT Day!!!

  20. Dallas🙏🏻 throws the Hail Mary🙄 but comes up one yard short😢to give Houston the win.🎉🎊😂

  21. Great finds rob as always my fav to hunt great video rob keep up the good work my brother 1919s is showing up alot huh lol

  22. That was fun no matter who the winner is I love the challenges you do Rob!! 🤗

  23. These box battles are great to watch! The only thing better than watching a box battle, is searching through the coin rolls myself! 😀

  24. Got to love making 9 cents 🙂 beautiful 1957 and it’s nice finding a 1918 S that’s pretty legible

  25. I found a dime in a penny roll a couple of days ago, I said, "Woohoo! Honey, I just made 9 cents!" My wife said, "So what, I found a quarter on the ground at work…." D'oh!!!!! Still love finding those dimes in penny rolls….

  26. So when the older coins are really dirty, should they be cleaned somehow or left in there original state……. and if you so clean them up a little, how do you do it?

  27. Rob, Wanted to see if you wanted to maybe come out and do a video with us on the coins we found in the safe in the Lunkers TV episode? Would love to collaborate. Justin

  28. I just did two $25 boxes of pennies: 16 wheat (40's and 50's, nothing great), 12 foreign, 2 dimes, and a 2000's wide AM in VF to XF condition. Decent for a Florida SunTrust bank hunt.

  29. Hey Rob I have a 1957 Silver Certificate dollar bill with a broken ladder serial number (X12035874A), Any idea how much its worth?

  30. I work in retail and I handle all of our stores money. I had two great finds last week, an 1866 Indian head penny that I was happy to retire from circulation and a 1964 silver quarter in amazing condition. Happy hunting!

  31. Found a 1910, 1928 S, 1935 and a 1946 Canadian all in the same box last week

  32. I tried to get a box of pennys from the bank and they sad I have to have a business in order to get more than 2 roll

  33. Thanks for another great hunt. My nickle and silver hunting mats are on their way.

  34. I got a wheat penny like that one-almost passed it up as a new coin. Looks brand new and the date is 1944. I hope to get it graded.

  35. Just started watching so interesting. Sure this has been asked but do you just dump them in a coinstar machine and return them? Or what is the best way??? Thanks

  36. This is my first time watching you. I don’t know if you keep copper pennies but if you don’t they are worth around 2.4 cents

  37. Where do you purchase these boxes at? And the ones fils with half dollars/other coins.

  38. I got 100 in pennies from a local bank, pulled a 1909 VDB from the lot and 3 from 1916 (66 wheat in total)

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