TCU – Happy Holidays 2014

(Christmas music) – What are my hopes for
this holiday season? Umm. – Uh, is that on? – Umm, (chuckles) – My hopes for this holiday
season are to do well on my finals. – I especially hope it snows. – My hopes for this holiday season are to grow closer with my family. – Spend more time with my family. – I am so looking forward
to going back home to sweet home Alabama. – That turkey that I’m going to eat. – My wish, my hopes is that
that you and your family have a great holiday season. – My hopes for this break
is that I get to go home and watch Star Trek with my mom. – I hope TCU wins the
game against Ole Miss. – I’m going to spend time with
my family and my new puppy. – Snow in Texas. – I want to meet my family
and friends in Vietnam. – Love and peace and positivity. – To go home and have great family time. – My hopes for this holiday
season is that my aunt Amy makes pumpkin pie. – Just everyone knows that they’re loved in every kind of situation. – I really wish that we could find a way to have peace on earth. – Safe travel, time
with family and friends. Of course a Horned Frog victory. – Does one survive finals? – Home cooked food. – Have a bunch of cherishable
things to remember forever. That’s what I hope. (Christmas music)

Stephen Childs

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