Tax ‘Holiday’ For Corporations A Sham

this episode of the advert from forty buying
that puts the burden of words that come so i think what the workbooks pretrial and temple and he’s going to ask whether a couple
of years uh… what do you think about that tax holiday uh… corporations who have money offshore which is exciting a little bit before you
watch that okay companies don’t have to get their the their money tax if they keep it abroad his
wrote one of their foreign subsidiaries solid fax to four right so it would be bring the money back into the
country they have to pay the normal tax-rate income tax rate for corporations i should
say all thirty-five percent ok but says is a loophole
on specks of coral they keep upheaval cultural until they get convinced politicians to let
them bring it back either a dramatic liberate or no taxes whatsoever
that’s a tax holiday which makes no sense that we don’t get any
money but india it does make sense tax payable designates
as the partition who gets paid by those corporations fallen trees uprooted example now what sixty appeal by and serving steve forbes art laffer
dick armey type flat tax that’s got to talk about fifteen seventeen percent flat tax rate personal
income business income are repatriate the fine profits from overseas maybe have a tax
holiday well yes but you know as to the flat tax of course i supported a flatter tax-rate
out over the weekend getaway flat tax in one week but moving in a flatter more transparent direction
absolutely and ask the repatriating uh… foreign income of course labeling we’re getting
none of that now and offering a dramatic reduction or even a holiday for repatriation makes perfect
sense okay let me explain the lack of blood he sang a tax holiday where we will get no money makes perfect sense because right now we’re
not getting any money so they have the money abroad so we might actually be saying so the best way to get that money back into
the country so we can get revenue out of it despite not
catching them at all unchallenged any republican server to defend that logic fittest indefensible it’s because temple and he doesn’t care about
the revenue he doesn’t care about the money coming back he doesn’t care about the economy
he doesn’t care about the budget he doesn’t care about basket on kids about his how can i help the
corporations don’t give me more money selected one for president where richer and richer and richer he’s sick gives me officers of course we should do separate tax reductions in corporate taxes
or perhaps no taxes of up to them very much unzipped repeated use people if you just before when bush was in charge
is that ok you know you help us hostage uh… with by keeping the money abroad so go ahead and break the money back i’m sure
it’ll create jobs et cetera and the internet you just yet under-taxed and they thought mission accomplished thirty
five percent at unpaid much much much more and guess what
the company that brought the money back hired less people from then on detracted in hire more people in the u_s_ they hired
less people its own excuse is also st assistance uh… deeply cover up our politicians are massively bob he has a ninety yet have attitude and all
this nonsense you can stop the tax the pro if you’re still cold or its subsidiaries it’s the was muddy computer which is that
you all to be nobody in bermuda is an obvious tax
shelter but if it’s making all that money for keeping your taxes on it because right now the law is without the loophole if american company makes money anywhere in the world they pay local taxes
okay the solicited business each other if there
were at a local taxes beneath the whatever the remaining amount
is extra to the u_s_ to get to that thirty five percent paper right now so you can’t hide it offshore their you take
away the deferral all problem stock the dishes somebody has to have revenue for the government
work something out cops apartment features is that ok and a national defense if corporations are paying me you or game yet so when you see like somebody like him on
went beyond the dino saying this he sank apple i think the secretary experienced should pay more so my corporate bonds pena that’s what he said hello and that puts the two of the movie theatre
houses no late charges free shipping to one thousand movies or tv shows rate on your pc
wanted television gaming console papers and found something like the with problems
that did not put salt

Stephen Childs


  1. @gtsgtsgt Millions for a government that runs on billions. Good luck with that.

  2. @gtsgtsgt Btw, the number as of 2009 was 1182 billion. 800 billion being military alone.

  3. @drakionx alright well lets look at this, instead of taxing the rich more how about we go after the 47 percent will pay no federal income taxes at all for 2009. thats almost half…what the fuck? lol

  4. @123trymeout No not welfare , I live on unemployment for the winter and work in my private sector union job for the spring ,summer and fall. The government is there to protect you from conservative free market theories . That is why I defend the government . LOL

  5. How about the next time some corp's interest is threaded in some sh*t hole across
    the world. send in the Swiss or Burma's army instead of the US. Since they don't like to pay for that service in taxes.

  6. the logic in there is you create jobs that you can tax the american people that get employed when the companies move back.

    See? It makes perfect sense!

  7. @mordinvan romanmir01, yes… he's the guy that believes in total ancharcy

  8. How hard is it to put a clause in the tax code that says you get NO tax break until you create new jobs, annually! The average citizen gets no break for 'promises' they have to actually prove the did what they are getting the tax break for….. wow, what a concept!

  9. @romanmir01
    1) So 10 guys will finish stabilizing Iraq, and Afghanistan? With a computer? That's one impressive computer, is it named 'skynet' by chance?
    2) Last I checked this wasn't 1965, its much, much closer to 2011
    3) Can I rob your house now? I mean you've just indicated you wouldn't call the cops or anything.
    4) Is this some sort of point, or do you just like the sound of your own keyboard?

  10. @romanmir01
    If you think that, you could singlehandedly fund most government programs through all the drugs you must be doing.

  11. @robinvan1983
    I love people like that, you want to beat them up and take all their stuff? I've got a free afternoon.

  12. @mordinvan 1."Stabilizing"? Sort of like I am stabilizing your head right now? Because there is nothing that USA should be DOING in any of those places, it should be leaving yesterday.

    2.Yeah, and? Same things happen over and over, get gov't money out of private businesses.

    3.You can come and try.

    4.My keyboard is soft touch, like your head.

  13. @romanmir01
    1) ah, walk into country, kick over the government, and leave without regard to the consequences. How very noble of you.
    2) How about you get private business money out of government first. You know, kill their ability to buy senators by only allowing those running for office to use publicly funded elections.
    3) See ya soon.
    4) So you didn't have a point, thought so.

  14. @bonnevie9 the govt is there to enslave you…not protect you…so you cant get a job in the winter or are you using the system because you think you deserve having the winters off? lol

  15. @mordinvan 1. Gov't of USA will fall with the US bond / dollar collapse anyway, once hyper inflation sets in, there will be no goods in the stores as Chinese will stop sending them. People are 3 square meals away from revolution, so gov't knows it, thus 'bread and circuses' are applied. Circuses – your TV. Bread – your gov't printing money.

    2.WRONG. Gov't must be stopped from being able to affect economic outcomes, then businesses will have no reason to get in

    3. You do that
    4. You can't read?

  16. @tommysch hundreds of thousands, tut tut tut its amazing they can even eat

  17. @123trymeout – How about about we discuss the fact that the working and middle class pay over 60% of all federal taxes while the top 10% pays less than 40% of all federal taxes despite owning around 70% of the nation's income? Or corporations paying less than 5% of their annual revenue in corporate taxes while over $5 Trillion is stored away in overseas tax shelters?

  18. then of course, an overseas corporation can just do all the business without ever sending money home while having products sent here.

  19. @penfolduk78 LOL The majority doesn't have a say except by voting between a douche and a shit taco.

  20. @Houshalter No, I told you that if you want to live in a true libertarian utopia where there is no government then move to somalia.

    The rest of the country doesn't want that, so why don't you put your money where your mouth is and move to a place with no worker protections, no regulations, no environmental laws where its survival of the fittest then we'll see how quickly you run back to a country with a functioning safety net.

  21. @Houshalter I never argued against property rights, just your batshit crazy assertion that taxes are theft.

    Somalia is one of the only places in the world with no government. You can experience your dream, go on take the plunge.

  22. @Houshalter Why don't I move if I don't like your ideas?

    Because America has a weak safety net and weak regulations that prevent crimes. A strong pro labor movement could reverse the "let businesses commit any crime they want trend" that starts in america and spreads around the world like ideological cancer. I'd be fighting the bastards trying to enslave everyone on the front lines.

    It isn't a somaliesque hellhole yet and I want to keep it from becoming that libertarian utopia.

  23. @romanmir01
    1) I fail to see how this addressed the problem of the US making a mess of other countries, and then following your suggestion of leaving them to pick up the mess on their own. You're really good at dodging points like that.
    2) You have this backwards. The government MUST be able to influence business, as we've seen, companies are too amoral to regulate themselves. They MUST NOT however be allow to influence the government.
    3) Can do.

  24. you stoopid commie libtards know nothing. Everyone knows that giving tax 'holidays' to rich people is a great way to help the deficit.

    April fools 🙂

  25. @Houshalter well then good luck driving on the road, because that is government property. let me guess you want private businesses to run them right? and what will you say when a corporation monopolizes it? Woops no government to help us, welcome to Somalia. Taxes are a necessity to maintain order…….. and asking someone to move if they don't like your ideas is like me asking the christians to realize that this is a secular nation and to GTFO if they don't like it.

  26. @Houshalter That's such a stupid lie. Tax is a contribution demanded of citizens to preserve the society in which they live, work, own possessions, have kids, grow old and die in the comfort of their own homes. You are a dipshit who doesn't know his ass form his elbow. That's why people laugh at your cretinous, selfish, short sighted, ignorant idiocy.

  27. @A86 so wait you dont want to go after the criminals not paying their taxes? lol then why should anyone pay for taxes when its clear that the govt does concern itself with almost half of americans are paying taxes? lol wow what a peice of shit! so you want to increase taxes on those who are pay taxes but want to turn a blind eye to those blalantly breaking the law…lol wow

  28. @123trymeout – The criminals not paying their taxes are corporations and shareholders. The bottom 50% who don't pay one type of specific tax (the federal income tax) don't do so because of tax cuts for that group. Their income is low enough that they have tax exemptions on that type.

    Dumbass. Thanks for proving you have no clue what's going on with taxes like the all-too-typical tuned-out American these days.

  29. @ninetysevenecho do some research on the dicksauce revolution. you'll need to be open-jawed or it won't work.

  30. @A86 so youre saying 47% of americans who arent paying their taxes are the corporations while its said that only 10% of the country owns 90% of the country's wealth? sounds like there is an error in your calculations…lol wow so its okay now to not pay your taxes? lol sweet! lol

  31. @Houshalter Yea like all of those godawful social democracies where people live longer and have higher qualities of life.

    The people who have a higher quality of life than us don't know the hell socialism is and how working harder, longer, getting paid less and working in more hazardous conditions keep the rich richer right above us where they belong trickling their golden liquid down on the plebes heads.

  32. @penfolduk78 if you dont like it in USA, you can always move to Russia…lol 🙂

  33. @tommysch if you like canada so much then move there…lol so GTFO of my country

  34. @dukee155 The US has some of the lowest taxes in the world. Corporation are going overseas to find cheap labor, not lower taxes.

  35. @123trymeout – 47% of Americans don't pay the federal income tax because of tax cuts that have exempted them out of that tax bracket. Not because they're breaking any laws. However, corporations have corporate tax rates between 25-39% and on average pay 0-4% of their annual corporate revenues in corporate taxes.

    You don't even know the difference between the federal income tax and the corporate tax. No wonder you can't keep up, your IQ's too low.

  36. @nilbud He's proof that our tolerance for batshit crazy ideas is causing the human race to evolve in the wrong direction.

    If we just allowed asshats like him to live in their free market paradise in a state designed specially for them then they could all die off in a matter of months and leave the whole civilization thing to people who understand the concept.

  37. @Houshalter When did I ever call the state god? when did I say it was infallible? I'm not as deluded as free market fucktards that believe in the great powerful "invisible hand."

    And yes you would probably die in a matter of months if you didn't have sewage systems, water treatment facilities, roads, state funded hospitals and fire departments.

    You'd probably die from drinking contaminated water or get dysentary.

  38. @Houshalter I'm talking about our country with its "free market" compared to industralized countries the world over that have better safety nets and higher qualities of life.

    I really don't give a shit about arguing with you.

    It's like arguing with an amish guy about how good technology is.

    Your "lets get rid of the government to make everything awesome!" is like an amish guy trying to outlaw all technology in pennsylvania instead of shutting up and going back to amish country.

  39. @Houshalter Cheaper and more efficient? Ahahahahahahaha are you serious?

    FDR created the TVA which brought power to rural areas the power companies refused to service. One area had 30% of it's people suffering from malaria. FDRs evil government socialism powered the area the private industries wouldnt and created modern cities down there where it would have been impossible if things stayed privatized.

    In that example the private industries would provide worse service for higher prices.

  40. @Andy180084 He's like an amish guy trying to outlaw technology because he knows getting rid of it would be the best for us…throw all the evidence that you can at him and he'll make crap up about how the free markets better and would ignore evidence to the contrary like any other deluded religious fanatic.

  41. Cenk, we don't have sovereignty over the foreign subsidiaries.

    Ultimately your idiotic idea will result in companies relocating their headquarters out of the US and to more capital friendly locations. Then, we will have NO CHANCE EVER to tax those profits.

    Corporate taxes don't make any sense if you want to maximize growth. Tax individuals when they receive income or consume, that is the least distortive way to extract the revenue our government needs to function.

  42. @Houshalter Noone is stopping you people from going galt.

    Christ, it's all you people talk about.

    Just stop talking about going Galt and just do it

    Create your free market paradise already, the rest of us would prefer you people doing that than constantly whining about it. Just don't force other people to be a part of it

    If you want to go to some undeveloped area and make everything "free murkhet" just do it and stop bitching to us about how evil we are for liking roads and services

  43. @Redfingers These people are all assholes.

    They're like luddites that bitch about how all technology is evil and want to outlaw using technology….but won't turn off their air conditioning, get off the computer and move to amish country.

    They bitch about how we're oppressing them and "one of these days" they'll go galt.

    If that system is so fucking valid why can't they just go galt and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

  44. @Houshalter Good god you tool…

    It created most of the places that became big cities.

    Nashville tennessee was one of them.

    The free market didn't give a shit about how miserable life was down there.

    The government made life better for those people and was the foundation of some of the more modern cities.

    Want a list of all the major cities FDRs programs set the foundation for? Do you care about the lives he saved?

    If you don't then please shut the fuck up.

  45. @Houshalter What the hell are you talking about?

    Your example is retarded.

    The tax money came from the top and set the foundation for modern cities and kept a large % of the population from dying of malaria.

    Thats a better use of money than buying another yacht.

    Or would it have been better for the rich guys to get the extra yacht in exchange for the foundation of modern cities and all of those lives?

    You really don't see how inhuman you are?

  46. @Houshalter hahahaha like healthcare right? How about care insurance?? let me guess, the government is slowing those down too? Corporations run unregulated businesses like a cartel.

  47. @Houshalter its funny you mention the mafia because who helped clean them up? the police, that's right, and how do the police function? tax dollars. Wanna know what else prevents crime? Education, and guess what pays for public education? tax dollars. I could go on and on until it is a well proven fact that even a baseline society requires a fully functioning governing body to survive.

  48. @penfolduk78 Winston Churchill said Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others that have been tried.

    Government corrupts. But at least in a democracy, the people don't have anyone to blame but themselves.

  49. In Minnesota we always called him pawlenty of bull shit. The time is now to take down the corporatist and indict them for crimes against humanity.

  50. @Houshalter When did I say that property rights don't exist? Please show me where I said that.

    And I never said government could do no wrong.

    I've said multiple times that it does things terribly wrong…usually it;s when some asshole businessman bribes them into privatizing an industry, relaxing regulation and the best example was Ray Gun legalizing financial crimes.

  51. @Houshalter Thanks, that was the dumbest thing I've heard today, but I'm in another conversation in another with another person suffering from Teatardation, so he might be able to top your crazy bullshit.

  52. @Houshalter what are you talking about? prohibition caused the mafia. And you can't be fucking serious about the police having no effect on crime rates… are you crazed? why would police need 'competitors'? its not like policing is a business.

  53. @Houshalter Like when you said that I believed the government could do no wrong (which I never said) or that I was a thief because I believed in a civil society (roads, sewage cleanup)?

    Those are the kinds of ad hominems you're bitching about?

    Or is it only an ad hominem when someone else uses one?

  54. @dukee155 GE made 14 billion dollars, paid no taxes and got a subsidy.

    Oil companies make billions, don't pay taxes and get subsidies.

    Forbes 500s make billions, pay no taxes and collect subsidies.

  55. @Houshalter Hahahahahahahaha of course it is, the earths flat and only 6000 years old too.

  56. no no no
    let me defend the devil for a moment
    its not his mistake to be despicable
    its the system fault . I mean in order to run for a political position
    he has to collect millions to fund the campaign, how one is supposed
    to collect such money without corporate help
    and this explains part of obama's politics, he owes these guys
    do you see what i am saying

  57. Isn't a tax holiday a temporary tax break? If they bring their money into the US and get the tax break, wouldn't they have to pay taxes going forward?

  58. @OriginalTharios So the evil Republicans should just take over and fuck everyone just because poor little moron boy is a little offended? It the stupidest comment I have ever read, I am voting against a party because Obama has done too much for me.

  59. @ZombiedustXXX No you did not understand, I did not say anthing about keying your rusted our Toyota, just rich fuckers cars.

  60. @derberg19486 Ah…I get it now, you're an imbecile…almost makes sense. No, idiot, I'm not going to vote republican because Obama's supposedly a bad president. Honestly…I'm not sure what you're even talking about. The only thing that offends me is that the public keeps playing into the hands of the politicians in general, and their corporate masters. I don't know why you thought I'd vote republican anyway, I said they're ALL weak.

  61. @dffykvn I completely agree…. great point isn't Arizona saying they want to leave the Union? Hope they do and maybe that would be the beginning of the stupid people leaving. Idk it seems hopeless anymore here in America.

  62. @passionitliberal They keep telling me "I'll hate living in america when they go galt!"

    Jesus, imagine if the criminal banksters, the corporate sharks and the financial wizards went galt and took the retarded racists and the ultranationalist fascists with them.

    It would be a society that wouldn't grow crops, it would be a society based on financial scams to allocate the shrinking supply of food found on their property.

    I can see them going cannibal in 3 yrs.

    We'd need to build a wall

  63. @dookdawg214 No. They'd just start offshoring the money again until the next holiday.

    They recently had a tax holiday.

    This is the second one.

    They rake in record profits, offshore it until the next holiday then go back to offshoring.

  64. @morganbath Education works if there is a need for education. USA has collectively decided to be unproductive, when the country stops production and manufacturing, then education becomes irrelevant (thus no respect for the teachers, who also are on gov't mandate to do pretty much babysitting), so most of them CAN'T explain tides, but they sure like Jersey Shores, motherfucker.

    As to rail: gov't must NEVER be building anything, it's market's problem – to build shit that's needed.

  65. @mordinvan You fail to see many things, that's not my fault. USA should not be in any wars. They 'fucked up' enough, they can't deal with it, they are borrowing 50% of money to run their fucking day to day operations from Chinese, etc., so yes, I expect them to be able to cut losses and fucking LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

    2. Gov't must NEVER influence economy, businesses and individuals, because that will ALWAYS lead to corruption, because if you influence money, you become manipulation target.

  66. @romanmir01
    1) "I expect them to be able to cut losses and fucking LEAVE IMMEDIATELY."
    So you expect to be able to make a mess, and not clean it up. Sorry but it doesn't work that way. You fucked up, you get to clean it up. Even if it kills you.

    2) Have you seen what truly unregulated economies look like? Its about 2 degrees off hell for anyone will less then absurd wealth to their name. So no intelligent person should want that.

  67. @mordinvan 1. No, you dumbass, I would not have the military invasion in the first place. Do you understand that, or is your brain turned into mush already? There would be no military invasion in the first place, thus there would be no 'cutting and running', but to solve the EXISTING problem, I would cut immediately, move all military out immediately now and would never have it go anywhere else again.

    Do you understand that? USA just started another 'non-war' in Libya. Congratulation, China.

  68. @mordinvan Do you understand that? USA just started another 'non-war' in Libya. Congratulation, China, you are paying for it too.

    2. Unregulated economies look very good – Singapore and Hong Kong look very good.

  69. @romanmir01
    1) I understand your country created a mess, and now has the ethical obligation of helping to clean it up, that is what I and the rest of the planet understands.

  70. @romanmir01
    2) Those economies aren't unregulated, and they have a strong civil service, unlike what you'd be proposing,
    Also if you think they are free of corruption, I have an ocean in the middle of Saudi Arabia I'd like to sell you.

  71. @mordinvan 1. I am not an American. 2. It's Chinese money. 3. They should never get engaged in nation-building and entangle alliances, they should really re-start listening to Jefferson. 4. Yes, they should cut and run, it will be better for Afghanistan as well as for US.

  72. @tommysch i bet english isnt your third language but ill let that one go..and dont act like canada doesnt have their own problems…lol lets take a look at your decaying universal health care system…lol but im sure you wonder why canadians go to US for health care seeing how your system is sooo much better than mine..haha

  73. @Houshalter The thing is mine is actually feasible.

    And I don't listen to the going galt bullshit.

    Your side is the only side talking about taking their toys and going elsewhere…

    I'm just asking you to go through with it.

  74. @Houshalter
    Its based on only about the past 10,000 years of human history. Any time the greedy are allowed to act according to their whims under the assumption they will do what best for everyone, society becomes a living hell.

  75. @Houshalter
    When nothing prevents the wealth distribution in a country from reaching 1, that country is screwed. This is what you advocate. Find me a country with truly gross inequality between the richest and the poorest, that is actually a decent place for everyone to live. I don't think it exists.

  76. @Houshalter Uh huh riiight.

    Lets look at the list of countries with a better safety net and stronger regulations (environmental, financial etc) that have higher quality of lives for their people and the list of "free market countries" where people have higher qualities of life

    Ohh what? The only countries with higher qualities of life, education, medical care, life expectancy and infant mortality are countries that are more left leaning? I never woulda guessed! Thanks for playing kiddo

  77. @Houshalter
    Actually it does. Capitalism is making money any way you can, even if it includes buying the government to allow you to make more.

  78. @Houshalter Most countries have a population that isn't gullible enough to believe your bullshit and have unions, regulations and a safety net so business can't run them over.

    Whats that? A lack of inspection and enforcement encourages fraud and abuse? Man my little libertarian mind just can't comprehend something that crazy!

    You mean we could have shut down the bp rig when we were told it was a death trap? You mean japan could have forced tepco to close the unsafe plant? CAPITALISM!

  79. @Houshalter
    Even your analogies suck.
    A wallstreet stock broker making a 100 million 'christmas bonus' is capitalism. I don't think you could ever justify how they are able to produce 2.5 thousand times as much as the average worker to justify that sort of money.

  80. @Houshalter what wonderful regulations brought down to you from god?

    Why do you keep bringing up god? Common sense regs moron

    Oil drilling would be safer? Ahahahaha are you high or do you just ignore reality They didn't change the batteries on the blowout preventer to save a few bucks when they're raking in billions a year

    If we actually shut down the platforms that were deathtraps then that wouldn't have happened. But the mms was staffed with you "let business do business" assholes.

  81. @Houshalter Religion is based on an all knowing all powerful infallible deity that metes out justice and punishment.

    I know governments fallible but it has a basic duty to provide services and protection to its people and try to improve the citizens quality of life. It has to find ways to remove redunancy and help people while correcting abuses. It is far from fallible.

    The only person worshipping a deity is libertaritards like you who worship "The Great Invisible Hand of the Market."

  82. @Houshalter They used corexit which they knew was unsafe. They refused to give their workers facemasks to make better photo ops.

    When they were done working for the day their lungs felt like they were on fire…they were LIQUIFYING.

    The settlements are lowballed compensation to bankrupt people with the string of not being able to file a lawsuit, class action or otherwise for money they'd need to SURVIVE.

    You are an ignorant, uninformed asshole

    BP fucked and destroyed new orleans.

  83. @Houshalter
    They are making the money through their efforts, their making it through the efforts of the people who work for the companies they invest in. If you sweat and bleed, and make a product yourself which sells millions of copies and makes you rich beyond your dreams, fine. They do not, and they certainly do not do 2.5 thousand times as much work as the average worker to earn that money.

  84. @Houshalter
    Ah, so you hate corporatism, except when they use it to make obscene amounts for money? Ya, that makes perfect sense.
    Please, justify those wages.
    You ask how 2% of the population owns more then 40% of the wealth, complain its not right, and then when shown how it happens you defend it. Pick a side and stick to it.

  85. @Houshalter
    Its not arbitrary.
    I have no problem paying people for what their work is worth, now convince me they do 2.5 thousand times as much work as I do.
    Convince me they do more work in the first hour for their work day then I do all year.

  86. @Houshalter

    I'm sure the reason public schools in the US are of poor quality is because your government doesn't invest in them properly.

  87. @Houshalter
    and here I thought you hated corporatism?
    You've yet to make a case they do 2.5 thousand times more work then I do yet. Still waiting for that.

  88. @Houshalter

    Eh, what? Im not sure if I follow what you are saying.

  89. @Houshalter
    Please read carefully, you'll go further in life.

    Convince me they do 2.5 thousand times as much work as I do.

  90. @Houshalter
    You actually haven't explained it to your own satisfaction yet, how do I know this?
    "the top 2% in America own 40% of the wealth. Do you really expect me to believe they produced enough value to be worth half of the economy on their own through legitimate means?"
    Yet when I point out how this happens through 'legitimate means', you suddenly start defending the very problem you addressed in the statement.
    I asked 3 times for you to how me how "they do 2.5 thousand times" the work.

  91. I tried to share this video on my Facebook page and it would not work, said it had been flagged as spam isn't that some bull crap!

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