Talking to Canadians about Canada Day

Hi everybody, my name is Alykhan Sumar, I’m
an international student from Tanzania. Today we are going to interview Canadian students about Canada day. So, let’s go! Hi there can I ask you a question about Canada
day? Yes for sure! What do you normally do during Canada day? On Canada day I normally celebrate my pride for
my country and go watch some fireworks down by the lake with my family. That’s great, it must be a spectacular view
there! I’m from Tanzania and normally in Tanzania we celebrate two holidays on the 9th of December which is Independence and the Republic day. So we actually have a lot of fun during that day. How do you guys celebrate it? I celebrate it by relaxing, obviously the
day off work as well. Maybe fireworks with family and friends, and dinner. Yea it’s just a nice day to spend with your
family and friends and usually cities have things like festivals or parades going on
so it’s really nice to go to those and just enjoy the environment, like the happiness
that everybody is sharing that day it’s really cool. Hey in Columbia it’s pretty similar too, we
just relax, everything slows, no stress, no no work or nothing. There’s parades, there’s
fireworks, there’s ceremonies, festivals, and just spend time with the ones you care
about. How did Canada day come about? Umm Canada day came about because originally Canada was just a British colony and in the late 1800’s well Canada became a country
because they basically asked for their independence from Britain, and then became a separate country. Oh well it seems that we have similarities
between Canada and Nigeria. Because we were colonized by the Britain as well, and then
we got our name from the river Niger, and so they just called it Nigeria, and that’s
how we became Nigeria. Intercultural dialogue includes both international
and domestic students. We build our own student experiences. Our experiences are better when
we engage with our peers from different cultures, traditions, and countries. Now that we have
taken the time to learn about Canada day, we invite you join our “Let’s talk Culture”
series and engage in dialogue about interculturity. And we wish you a happy Canada day!

Stephen Childs

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