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Hello everyone from Uk. for those who do not know me My name is Fernando and wellcome to my Chanel Aviaries & shows in England. Today, I have a different video. In which I don’t speak of shows or aviaries Today, we have the talk of two breeders of Borders and Judges one of them is judge O.M.J the name Simon Tamman and other is to Specialist English Judge the name is T.Ward We had a very pleasant conversation about the characteristics of the Border. sice, form of body, legs, breeding etc. I think this video Will be the delight for all Border breeder. if you like, to give it a like and don’t forget subscribe to chanel let’s begin mostly a good big one well The size, the different size, Why, there is always that question coming up all the time. why is it a big one why is the small one
small one the actual border shouldn’t big. the big one should be a nice
tiny, rounded and well balanced. well, but many time the big one win, because better shape, better position and better balance but the small one. but it is good small birds is possible win is it possible win the small one? or no? it’s very possible, because is good shape, good round and good quality, no same smoller than the fife, mediun size what do you said, it’s the big one or it’s small one. But, when the Border is good the big one is a better chance. yes. I don’t like the big one because it’s too massive I think, it is too heavy yes, well, I understand you it’s nice when they have very nice legs but I think the bordes are bit heavy it’s time to
the individual judge Everybody prefers obviously whoever is judging picks the birds that he likes and it’s only his opinion and that’s what most
fancies I don’t like the small Borders because they are similar fife yes but I think the medium side in between yes, but sometimes you see the big borders they have a big chest but no back then is out but sometime you can
see big borders, good head balance with the borders with a beautifull good position, good legs then, that will beat any birds i What do you think, is it more important thing for the borders? the body, the size, the head. the most important
things is the body, the balance and the shape, the head balance with the
body and the tail balance with the body because it’s no good having a long term
long body. You have to have the good body but the good balanced and good leg
position that is the ideal Border. but you don’t see a lot of the
big birds today now they’ve got lovely bodies, yeah! They’re as big as they
should be for the birds for the bird the bird is very small in the edge so
obviously small the birds for the balance. other question. In Europe is normal use the feeders for breeding Borders. In England doesn’t used them. why? many many breeders of Borders in Italy
only a few of them used feeders most of them use the borders to feed, because the Borders
are very good feeders anyway . some of them believe it or not, I use the
borders to feed the Parisians. yes, the borders will feed all most of the time.
it is as that we have got them so fit , they won’t sit the first round so you put your eggs and all
the feeders and then the second round you save this is that’s wrong yeah the
second round the board is feed their own a lot of people In Spain many breeder sayd the borders are very bad feeders. I had breeding Borders since 1990. and I never ever used
feeders for the borders they feeder on maybe does the England Borders feeder perfect? all the people in Spain told mem the Borders feed very bad. No – I keep the one thing that many
people don’t do because no two people use one cock with so many hens I
always use pairs, fixed pairs and you keep the cock with the hens and the cock will, believe me, helps a lot more feeding
the baby. yes that’s what’s important a lot of people make the mistake put the
hens and youngs sometimes she gets tired halfway, throws the chicks and leaves them to die. whereas the cock bird feed the end on the nest and an easy fix shoot them in
the highway she gets up a few tricks again normaly is the one cock for many
hens? yes, a lot of people do that because if you got a superior Cock bird and you want
to try and get as many chicks off that cock toward as you can right now you put
it to as many hens as possible so instead of getting three chicks you
might get 30 chicks one from one and if you go to fill Warren and pay big money
and you want to do 1 million many chicks back

Stephen Childs


  1. Buenas Fernando, enhorabuena por el canal. Soy Francisco de Mancha Real, tu compañero del CEFF. Nos podrías hacer un resumen en español del último video. No consigo pillar lo que habláis.
    Muchas gracias y suerte con el canal.

  2. Buen vídeo amigo,algo he cogido por encima pero espero tu traducción😂 el Border es una raza que me gusta muchísimo algún día empezaré con ellos suerte en con el canal Fernando!!

  3. Muy bueno ese vídeo!! ojala puedas hacer más así. Anímate a hacer más. Un abrazo

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