Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings | The Daily Show

America loves guns. (screams) Hell, I love guns. But I also hate guns. Another mass shooting
in America. -Another mass shooting.
-Yet another mass shooting. KOSTA:
So I was wondering, what if there was a world where
people could keep their guns and have no mass shootings? Welcome to Switzerland, a neutral country most known for its cobblestone streets
perfect for skipping, its clocks,
sophisticated pocketknives and guns. Turns out peaceful Switzerland is one of the most heavily
armed nations in the world. And, like America,
they love their guns. Yet they have
almost zero gun violence. How the (bleep)
is that possible? Luckily, I ran into an expert. Is that a gun in your pocket
or are you just… Oh, no, that’s a gun. Meet Mikko. For 20-plus years
he’s been a firearms instructor for law enforcement personnel,
military and special forces. He also happens to be
one hunk of a man. So, Thor, tell me about Swiss gun culture. We respect the guns because
we have a mandatory service. Every man who goes to the army,
they get training and a rifle, um,
in case of invasion. KOSTA: Which, to be fair,
is a real threat, since the last time
Switzerland was invaded was in 1798
before color was invented, so of course
they have a militia. The culture
is a little bit different comparing to some other country. You’re familiar
that I’m American, right? You can just say these things
to my face. You don’t have to say
“other countries.” I think the gun culture
in America is getting out of hand.
It is a joke. There should be
common-sense gun laws. Common sense.
That’s not our strength. Yeah, I’ve noticed that. Yeah, well, I can say that, -but I don’t like it
when you say that. -Okay. KOSTA:
But what we do have is that good old American
gun freedom. God! You know how easy it is
to get a gun in the U.S.? I just go to Walmart,
give them the money, gun. -I know. It’s crazy.
-My Uncle Paul, out of his truck,
he’s got a bunch of guns. My brother Todd has a gun. You want to use it? Boom,
borrow it for the weekend. -That’s nice.
-Not really. In Switzerland,
you can get a gun from your grandparents
or from your father, but you still have to do
the paperwork. Even if I get a gun
from my grandpa, -I still got to tell the cops
about it? -Yeah. KOSTA:
That’s crazy, because in most states
in America, you can buy a gun
almost immediately without any background check. But not in Switzerland. You apply the permit
from the police. You provide clearance
of your criminal record, that you don’t have
any convictions. -Wait for two weeks.
-What if it’s a small crime? What if you got caught urinating
in public? You got caught for sleeping
with your cousin ’cause you didn’t know
it was a cousin ’cause it was
at your family reunion and she looked like she worked
at catering? -I mean… -What if it’s, like,
assaulting a police officer, but really you were
just tickling him? If you can’t be responsible
of following some other simple rules
in society, to behave, why should you have a gun? You don’t need to raise
your voice over this. Was there even a payoff
to all these rules? -How many school shootings
have there been? -None. -What about malls? Are there
many people sh… -None. What about, like,
major holidays? -People get shot up at
major holidays here? -Nothing. KOSTA:
Come on. With all those guns, they had to have at least one
mass shooting somewhere. After weeks of research, I discovered there was,
in fact, one mass shooting in the Swiss Parliament
in 2001. But they haven’t
had one since?! C’est incroyable. You had a mass shooting
17 years ago. We have one every 17 minutes. This is something that I’m having a hard time
comprehending. You learned from a mistake, and you made an improvement
in the law. That’s so Europe. And while Switzerland’s
last mass shooting was in 2001, America has had…
No, keep going. No, more. More. Yeah, there you go. Over 1,900 mass shootings
since 2012, averaging to about one a day. Which is why Mikko felt
I needed to be properly trained before I headed back
to the States. We have the talk
about safety first. Can I, like, like…
with this one? -Yeah, just leave it alone.
Don’t-don’t touch it. -Don’t… How are we gonna shoot it
if I can’t touch it? Well ,let me explain you
the rules first. So, number one thing
that you have to remember is that you always treat
the guns as if they’re loaded, because probably most
of the accidents that happens happens with “empty” guns. -All right, so this one here,
this… -Don’t touch it. Don’t touch it. I think you don’t pay enough,
you know, attention -to what I’m saying.
-Okay. I’m listening. So, you just have to follow
four simple rules. Number one: you treat the guns
always as they’re loaded. (distorted): Number two:
you never point anything… Number four… I got a feeling that
you’re not paying attention. What? No, I am. Let’s do it. Let’s blow some shit up. Mikko,
when you load these things, you ever get a little bit
of a… (whistles) …erection? -Do exactly what I say, okay?
-Okay. -All right, pay attention.
-Pay attention Okay, and slowly press back
until the gun goes off. Jesus! This scares the shit out of me. I’m glad we had
that safety instruction. This is the dream. Shooting guns without the fear
of getting shot? This is where
America should be. All we need to do
is keep ammo separate and have universal criminal
and mental background checks, have extremely strict
open carry laws, justification for ownership, send written requests
to authorities, and…
(sighs) basically just change
our entire gun culture. We can do that, right? It’s not really that fun
when you keep shitting yourself. You’ll get used to it.

Stephen Childs


  1. Trevor Noah is leftist cuck a living contradiction in terms. Half white but claims all black

  2. In Switzerland they don't have a bunch of left-wing lunatics that like to beat up people cuz they have a different political opinion and that's the reason why 99% of the people in Switzerland own more than one firearm and that they don't have mass shootings.

  3. I'm pretty sure if Switzerland had a bunch of left-wing nut jobs running around punching people and attacking people because of a political difference then they are gone call Sherwood go completely out of control just as much as we have that in the US.

  4. so the logical thing would be to get rid of the the concept of the left wing lunatic in the United States and then we would never have another mass shooting

  5. Statistically speaking and this is a fact most of the so-called mass shootings in the US happen buy a handgun in inner-city areas that are usually controlled and ran by democrats and those left-wing lunatics. You can look at Chicago quite literally there wasn't one weekend which was Saturday and Sunday there was over 14 homicides that was quite literally like for mass shootings just during a weekend and most of the people that committed those mass shootings committed them with handguns not a single AR-15.

  6. And this video is the prime example that I was talking about when it comes to the left-wing lunatics. You have this retard Trevor Noah and The Daily Show thinking that it is okay and somehow Justified to turn gun violence it was a joke good job disgusting vile piece of garbage that you are Trevor Noah and everybody that contributes to The Daily Show.

  7. Funny video. Really. Most of his facts are wrong but we're used to our delusional left. They're like a puppy.

  8. I really like background laugh because i am too stoopid to know when jokes funny 😀 ty, smash like, and check out my mixtape

  9. Switzerland is small, very wealthy and the Swiss are very pragmatic and well organised. The country is not gripped by religious psychosis, or divided deeply along racial lines or wealth inequality. America's gun culture is driven by a 'God given right' to bear arms' and not driven by actual need. Everyone is obsessed with what they believe their rights are, rather than what actually may be better for them. The Swiss way of thinking is more in line with "You have the right to deliberately shit your pants, or paint your arse blue, but it doesn't automatically follow that you should do it because it's a stupid thing to do, ergo, you make the informed choice not to do it"

  10. I had the pleasure of working and living in Switzerland
    Even then everyone had guns, hand guns, rifles etc.
    You had to be properly trained and certified.
    During my time there NOT ONE MASS SHOOTING, nor since then.
    Amazing how our US Media reports on single mass shootings like the sad ones in El Paso etc.
    BUT what about the weekly bloodbaths in LA, Chicago, Baltimore, Phila.
    Even if US banned guns, which would never happen with out a major revolution, all you do just like demorats did for Prohibition, allow criminals to have them.
    Criminals will always have weapons, they do not follow our gun laws never will.
    Sorry close the loopholes fine,
    There is 150 MILLION LEGAL GUN OWNERS IN THE USA….we are the largest civilian army in the world.
    Be careful, demorats, independents, rhinos….

  11. If Switzerland has the gun laws and culture you so adore, MOVE THERE! We are not Switzerland. We are America. We have the constitution. And we have different founding concepts. We have a more diverse population. We have a much more vast and diverse goegraphical landscape with very different considerations. The "facts" presented in this video are ludicrous and skewed with sick liberal interpretation. The sad part is, many viewers will look at this satire as if it were gospel. Annnnddd….cue triggered ignorant liberal responses now…!

  12. Mikko Leinonen? Judging from his name he or his family is definitely from Finland 🤭

  13. I'm all for better background checks, screening, and registration. So long as people are still able to legally purchase and keep firearms to defend themselves, I'm happy.

  14. These demoncrats are so messed up mentally insane nobody can just walk into a gun show or Pawn Shop or Walmart and buy a firearm without a FBI Federal Back Ground Check, the back ground check loophole is another fabricated idea to eventually restrict every American of their most basic and universal freedoms one day you will all wake up one morning and all your rights are gone that's their plan.

  15. The white murder rate in the United States is identical to European murder rates. It's not the guns. It's the people. The Swiss are Germans and French. It's not culture. It's people.

  16. Hey y’all wana know the difference between Switzerland and the USA?

    Demographics. In America, 80 percent of murder by firearm is committed by just 6 percent of the population. Guess who that would be? Go ahead. I dare ya.

  17. What an idiot interviewer. He has clearly only fired a gun once in his life or never.

  18. I am German, we don't own guns usually, but the Swiss take their Army rifles home, that is really true. I lately had a conversation with a befriended guy from Switzerland and asking him, why there are almost no mass kilings there. The simple answer was: "… we do not have this much morons living here.. " Perhaps America should think about this…

  19. Switzerland pontificating, joke, considering the amount of drug/guns/nazi gold they've got stashed away. I think that the UK and Germany should invade the Swiss, via France (about a week) then nick all the wealth.

  20. Well there you go. Mandatory 2yrs military service. Something that should have been enacted as a standard in this country long ago for more reasons than space for this reply.

  21. It is harder to get a gun than these twits think. Illegal guns are easier to get, but then, we have congressmen who think illegality is fine.

  22. So many myths about guns in America. All guns bought from a dealer their is a background check! America has not had 1900 mass shootings since 2012. I do agree that Switzerland has a better culture then we do. The military service helps too teaches people respect of weapons.

  23. In Switzerland, everybody is a cop, also your neighbour. 😎 Seriously: The social insurances work. You get help. Ppl won't let you fall in general.

  24. To be correct: In Switzerland, there were more mass shootings after 2001. Up to 2004. But yeah, almost not existent.

  25. The interviewer is an idiot, he takes a serious issue and makes a mockery of it. He's an embarrassment to American gun owners. Granted that we're not perfect but he's a piece of crap.

  26. The fact USA does NOT have these laws in place in 2019..We have ..still get mental people getting guns..no sane people with guns kill others..

  27. don't understand ive been buying guns for 50+ years ive always had to apply for the back ground check.

  28. Like the Swiss gun instructor in this video, unfortunately I can't unsee this stupid shit.

  29. There is some dumb ass bitchs here saying you can get a gun just like that and it’s bull shit!! You go though a fucking back ground check and that’s through the fucking FBI!!!

  30. Uhm America is HUGE compared to Switzerland.. We have 100’s or millions of people. And most is black on black crime. I know it’s going to be “racist” but Switzerland is mostly all white European males….. comparing those kinds of statistics are one sided the problem in America is not enough people shooting back and making a statement. Most mass shootings are in gun free zones explain that…..

  31. You can't buy a gun without a background check in most cases, why do they keep it up with that nonsense?

  32. Lots of lies in this.
    The largest of them being that there is no background check in the US? What's that? I keep hearing this lie being spread by people on TV who should know better. You have to pass an FBI background check to buy a gun in America. Period. It's the law.
    Yet, some people (private dealers) are STILL selling to anyone.
    Common sense gun laws do not stop common sense criminals, they empower them.

  33. Switzerland is a traditional ordered society in which compulsory military service starts at age 10 and law requires every household to possess a firearm of military caliber and train with it yearly they even carry swords to the polls on election day to signify that they are voting as free men!

  34. Not true. It’s very complicated to get a gun in the US. Liberals really think it’s as easy as buying a gum🤣

  35. Let's take it back to the "you can buy a gun without a background check in america" ILLEGALLY yes… any FFL that transfers or sells a firearm without going through the LEGAL process, is already BREAKING the law. So how would more LAWS fix the problem?

  36. I could spend the entire day debunking just about every statistic in your video. Your misinformation campaign is disgusting. "1900 mass shootings, and 1900 injured or dead" are extremly different. While disgusting and sad, compare this to the how many millions of Jews slaughtered by a tyrannical govt and there is no competition. You cannot protect me from the average person, and I will maintain my right to keep and bear arms, and the federal govt has NO right to take what was given by GOD. My NATURAL rights are ENUMERATED in the constitution, but they were granted to me in the womb!

  37. I wouldn’t have a problem with some of these changes. Maybe a trial period to see how much of a positive impact they have.

  38. That American dude is so annoying. You can tell the Switz (is that what you call them? I'm American so I'm geographically retarded) was so serious about the situation and the reporter dude was just trying to make it a jokefest.

  39. This is a joke …. people reporting without the Do diligence of checking their facts and information before spewing crap 200 and thousands of people wax believe their crap all those rules in the end of the video our current rules to get a new kind of gun permit you ignorant blabbering ass roto. Smh!!’ This “it’s on the internet so it’s got to be true ” culture is driving mankind into the ditch

  40. Too bad this is more propaghanda dobt expect anythibg less from liberal news . there are other videos of actual people in switserland who said this video from daily show is incorrect . abd they talk about actual gun laws . not just that but i bought a gun the other day and therexwas aback ground check lol .

  41. 2:20 "In most states in America, you can buy a gun immediately without a background check." Wtf are they talking about? OOOOOH. It much be those gun show loopholes I keep hearing about yet can never find.

  42. Essentially, bring the Swiss laws to the U.S. Criminals will be sure to follow the laws. SMH

  43. #1. The 4.46 death rate per 100k capita number includes gun suicides along with Crimes. You take out the suicides and the number falls drastically, except in Chicago.

    #2. Switzerland was invaded in at least ww1. They pioneered Alpine Troops.

    #3. Go actually buy a gun. Multiple Reporters have tried and failed and even disproved the Walmart Myth.

    So much misinformation in the first minute and ½

  44. we literally have 90% of those systems in place. however i get the feeling trevor noah and his audience dont do their own research.

  45. The US per capita murder rate by whites is very similar to that of Switzerland's (2/100K). The US per capita murder rate by b|acks is 17/100K.


  46. All mass shooters reported by the media are white. Mass shooters in America are 22% by white, 27% by brown, 50.8% by blacks.
    But the media does not report on brown and black shooters.

  47. If you have ever bought a gun here in the U.S you would know that 98% percent of the things stated where wrong just plainly incorrect, yikes, liberals are really just sheep to these crappy “comedians”

  48. Curious how many African immigrants live in Switzerland? Pretty sure not many. You want to see gun violence come to Switzerland bring in black culture. They will start killing each other all the while blaming every other group for their failures.

  49. So, there are a lot of white people in Switzerland…they have a lot less firearms crime….ummmm, just saying.

  50. Oh yes, and Switzerland is an almost 100% all white country with only one culture, they don't encourage women to have kids without a man in the household and they don't drug up their boys with prescription meds just because the boys want to play with a truck instead of a doll.

  51. Switzerland has a MANDATORY service

    Meaning they are all trained

    So of course they have respect for a gun and have no violence they're all soldiers

    Side note it is not that easy to buy guns

  52. It's not true that you can just walk to any Walmart give them money and walk away with a gun, you have to undergo a NICS Background check everytime. If Walmart is selling firearms without a background check, then the ATF would have shut them down ages ago, or taken their license away.

  53. This video is not a great comparison. U.S. has an estimated population of383 million compared to a population of 8.3 million. Also Switzerland has super strict immigration laws.

  54. America loves FREEDOM! The second amendment protects all the others. You soy boy homo cucks can move to Sweden if you love it so much.

  55. All I know is our country (USA) can have less gun violence. But the solution isn’t taking away guns. Guns in good hands not a problem. Guns in bad hands means problem. Both have guns but only one does bad things.

  56. So disrespectful towards others. It's not funny! Use your laugh track. This is an important issue. Trevor has lost his wit! Never watch the leftist shows. Hypocrites! Can't stand when celebrities tell us how to live and what to think. Look at low ratings!

  57. Who is this moron. We have more illegal immigrants into the US in a year than Switzerland has population.

    If you love it so much there, try to move there. Good luck with that.

    And that is only one of the dozens of differences between that country and ours.

    But we could talk about how the Swiss helped the Nazis both before, during, and after WW2. They are so moral!!!

  58. 1. With all those guns (and a majority,military weapons) in circulation in Switzerland, they prove that guns, nor the type is the problem.

    2. How about the MSM in this country stop making celebrities out of the shooters. Many are just seeking the notoriety and the media is giving it to them.

    3. Bans don’t work. Criminals don’t care about bans and will still get firearms. The UK banned guns and London is the stabbing capital of the world.

  59. Doesn't Switzerland have cities like "Detroit" and "Chicago" with that type of ratchet behavior? oh…
    that's right they don't. many factors at play here

  60. So what's being said is "it's not the guns that are the cause of the mass shootings. it's the Culture".

    Amazing gun support statement for the Daily Show.

  61. My SIG is of Swiss descent. 🙂
    I've been in Switzerland several times when I lived in Italy and I always loved how clean, tidy and peaceful is.
    You could notice the difference as soon as you get back to Italy, like entering a Third World country. LOL

  62. As usual, you Daily Show fucktards mock, cherry pick facts, and take data out of context to support your own narratives, but you fucked up here because you are actually making the case for those of us that already recognize gun violence is not a product of merely having guns. It's a multifaceted issue rooted to many sources including a mental health, cultural desensitization of violence, the disappearance of the nuclear family unit, and growing secular influences in our culture… They should have also mentioned that the demographics of Switzerland are about 95% Caucasian, well-educated, non-impoverished, Christian, Europeans… That places a HUGE onus to examine the "culture" aspect of the problem…Keep virtue signaling instead of addressing the real issues that might actually make a difference you fucking idiots…

  63. Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings, no blacks….no Latino's… no Diversity… no welfare stanks….

  64. America is like 200 times larger than Switzerland why don’t we compare Alaska statistics to get a better reference at gun control.

  65. The Swiss people are normal because they sent all their Psychopaths to live in America. It’s a loony disposal custom in Europe that they’ve been doing for 500 years. Why so many shootings in America? Most people here have a severe mental problem. Some Americans have a psychosis to be like everyone else.

  66. The only good part about all these crazy people owning guns in America is that half of the gun violence is Suicide. Thanks for that part, nutjobs.

  67. Miko looks like he wants to punch the guys face every time he opens his mouth heck I wanna punch the guy every time he opens his mouth..

  68. This is filled with lies. There NO gun show you can go to and buy a gun without a background check. Now..hers the rub.. the gov is the one who they do the check with..these are the same people who said Chemical Weapons were in Irag. Trusting them is like giving pearls to a swine. And or watching this shit rag of a show again…Garbage bag full of lies and shit .

  69. you are bit intellectually dishonest here. First off, you can't just go into WalMart and give them money and get a gun, you should read the article about the journo who set out to prove how easy it was only to go through a several day struggle just to find a location that has a authorized seller in the store and then failed the background check becasue her info wasn't up to date(didn't match ID). Second off, you are making it seem that not enough people are trained to use guns here which maybe true but its not the reason we are talking about gun control. You try to make it seem like mentally ill people over there can't get guns but they could the same way most do here, steal one from a friend or family member. Face it, Switzerland people have a much happier society and don't have a mental illness problem. That is the reason. Way less criminals and maniacs.

  70. Gotta sprinkle those LIES in there. Even when the story doesn’t suit the anti-gun agenda,

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