Swimming with the Liberals and Green Party | 22 Minutes

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. I’m at the pool at the Chateau Laurier where
politicians from all parties get together for a morning swim. And here’s two of them now. Federal Minister of the Environment Catherine
McKenna and leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May. Hi guys! Hi! You gonna get in? I don’t swim. Hold my hand. Whoaaa, hey! McKenna! Does Justin ever show up, or is he just a
yoga guy? I think he’s more yoga. I’m going to be like the parent at the pool,
just watching. We’ll help you out. I don’t trust you, you tried to pull me in. I know this about Newfoundlanders. The fisherman don’t swim, and they say “Them
that swims takes the longest to die” Because the water’s cold you know? Always comforting, Elizabeth May. No, come on, guys, guys. Ok fine, ok. Ok, I am super nervous now. Is this a Newfoundland bathing suit? I call this look “Hudson’s Baywatch”. Oh, that’s quite nice. If I don’t get in a pool and swim, you end
up feeling just like a kind of, you’re sedentary, right? You’re in your desk, you’re running around
but you’re not… I don’t know, if you at like politicians like
Doug Ford or Mike Duffy. I mean they’re in some good shape. They’re in fine physique. Speaking of which… Almost like an Adonis, when you look at those
guys. The MacLean’s cover of The Resistance, how
do you think those guys would look swimming? I think we should have a swim meet, a swim
off. One thing that I am a bit worried about is
you’re privy to some government secrets. Now all of a sudden you’re really worried
about learning how to swim. What do you know that I don’t know. What’s going to happen? When will Newfoundland and BC both be under
water? Are you swimming so you can escape to the
shores of Saskatchewan? What do you know? Well Prince Edward Island will go first, that
I know. Really, and that’s been confirmed. It’s receding 43cm a year. That’s worse than my hair line. And Nova Scotia will get separated from New
Brunswick long before we lose Newfoundland. How about, when will Quebec separate? That’s a whole other issue. That’s a whole other issue. You have an Olympic coach, right? Yeah! Pierre! Pierre! Does the kid have it? Can she go all the way? You know what, they’ve got so much talent
and they never give up so… What have you learned from your swim life
that can be applied to your political life? Actually, I think swimming was the most useful
training for this job. Really? Yeah, every day you get up, you put your head
down, you just go forward. And some days you’re gonna have a bad swim,
but you just keep on going. One last thing, politicians, we all know,
you can spit it out. You can talk for a long time. I was wondering. I wanna see which one of you guys can hold
your breath the longest underwater. Ok? Alright, we’re all in. Alright, ready? And go! For 22 Minutes, I’m Mark Critch.

Stephen Childs


  1. So what I got feon this is everyone should get out of Prince Edward Island because that's going to be gone

  2. Maybe there should be a save PEI campaign. Poor ol' Bud the Spud will miss the bright red mud.

  3. I wonder if McKenna and May actually do swim together or just set this up for 22 Minutes. They are miles apart on all things political.
    Barbie never misses a chance to get in front of the camera. 22 Minutes is getting way too "Liberalized' within the controlled CBC media environment.

  4. Great skit. However, according to the Canadian Lifesaving Society, underwater breath holding should not be encouraged due to the possibility of young children experiencing Shallow Water Blackout.
    See CBC News clip:

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