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Yours truly, Mahatalli. Sushanth, it is your birthday this month!
We should do something. You want to go somewhere? Let’s plan something nice. Take an off on your birthday.
Do we instead celebrate your birthday on a weekend? We can have a long weekend. Let’s do something good.
– Yes, we will plan something. Shall we take Leo and Bailey to Goa for your birthday?
– Yes, we can do that. – What say, Leo? Your birthday is in two weeks!
And we haven’t planned anything yet. Shall we go to Jaipur?
– We can do that. It is your birthday week!
Shall we go to Agra? We can do that.
– Are there any direct flights? Three more days for your birthday!
Let’s not travel to some place expensive. Shall we fly to Chennai, the tickets are cheap,
and then drive till Pondicherry? Two more days for your birthday.
Where do we go? We haven’t planned anything yet. 5 more minutes to go! I had really big plans.
But nothing worked out. How can he sleep?
It is his birthday afterall. This guy wants to engage Sushanth on phone
until 12 and then be the first to wish him? No way! Idiots! It’s become an habit
to wish people even before 12. Sushanth!
Happy birthday! It’s your birthday, how could you sleep? How is it?
– How much did this cost? Why do you care how much it costed?
Just tell me if you liked it or not. Here you go.
– Hello, Sushanth, happy birthday! – Thanks, man. ‘What do I talk about now?’
Party? – Sure. ‘What do I talk about now?’
Happy birthday again, then. Have fun. Thank God this is done with.
– I want a party! – Yeah, sure. So, what’s the plan?
– Nothing as of now. “Happy birthday to you!” Enjoy your day, bro. Bye!
– Who was it? – Someone I hardly know. Maybe he saw on Facebook that it is your birthday.
– Could be. Thank you, dad..
Mom.. Brother.. Uncle.. Aunty.. Happy birthday, bro!
– What plans for the day? – I’ll let you know. Yes, I’m passing the phone to him.
– Bro, I’ll call you back. Thank you, uncle.
Thanks, buddy. No, I wasn’t talking to you, uncle. I’ll call you back, uncle.
– Friends are wishing you in the group. Let everyone wish,
then I can thank them all in a single text. Sushanth, is Jahnavi around?
– She is a little busy. – How old are you? 30 or 31? 31. – What is going on?
– I’ll take number 3 candle and number 1 candle. Bro, I’ll call you back.
– This guy! – Who was it? It was Nikhil. He asked me how old I am.
Maybe he is getting me a cake. So, are you 30 or 31 years old?
– 31. – So, you turned 31? Or are you still 30?
– I’m done with 30. – So you are 30. Well.. I was born in 1988. You do the math.
– So, you turned 30 in 2018. So, now you are 31? No, you’re still 30 I guess.
– I planned on starting business, retiring going on a world tour before I turned 30. I did none.
– Are you saying you aren’t happy being married to me? Well, I am happy. Jahnavi, why don’t you ever answer your phone?
I had to call Sushanth and find out his age. I did well to avoid him getting suspicious.
Anyways, what cake would he prefer? Chocolate or Red velvet? I prefer chocolate. Where is Jahnavi?
– Like I said, she’s busy. Get the cake here, soon. Sushanth, I know you know we’re planning a surprise.
But please act like you’re surprised, else Jahnu will kill me. So, you told him?
I ask you to do one thing, and you screw it? Birthdays come once a year and you ruined it.
– Why is that you both answer other’s phone but not your own phone? I’ll answer that when you come here.
Waste fellow! Sashi, Shravya, Sai.. Sushanth is here. Hid this from him.
– You ruined the surprise already. – Quit pretending. What’s the point in hiding anything from him?
– I’m indeed surprised. We are inviting them all.
– So, you aren’t inviting my friends at all? I will. The list isn’t finished yet.
– Invite Siddhart, Shanmukh, Harsha.. Shravani, Prudhvi, Aishwarya..
– She isn’t getting invited. Ravi, Jones..
– Shravani? – She’s on the list already. That is a long list.
– Let’s just make a list first and then eliminate a few names depending on whether they wished him or not,
whether they’ll get gifts or not and whether they invite us
to their birthdays or not. Why are you getting too many texts?
– These all are promotional messages. As it is my birthday, I’m being offered discounts everywhere.
– See if any restaurant is offering you discounts. We’ll go there! This is the month end. So, let’s have
a house party instead. It’ll be much cheaper. Yeah, house party is better.
– You look after the food and I’ll take care of drinks.. Since, it is your birthday, you can just chill.
Now get going from here. Yeah, you party pooper.
– Yes, the surprise is out, but let us plan it anyway. Fine, carry on. Sushanth, you can do this much. Go and pick up Shravya.
– Yeah, alright. Is the video ready?
– Not even close to being ready. No one sent me any clip until now.
How long would it take to shoot a happy birthday wish? And the ones who sent,
you know what their clips look like? How do they look like?
– I’ll show it to you. ‘Happy birthday, Sushanth!’ ‘Happy birthday, Sushanth!’ ‘Happy birthday, Sushanth!’ It’s better we don’t make a video at all.
– Yeah, you’re right. I’m so tired, Sushanth!
– So am I. – How much did it all cost? Around 15K I guess.
– 15K for 20 people isn’t bad. Not bad. Just that it is the month end.
– We can manage. Sushanth, bro, happy birthday!
– Thanks, bro! – You thought I forgot, didn’t you? People try to be the first to wish.
But I, unlike everyone, try to be the last one to wish. Alright, then.
Good night and sleep tight. Who was it?
– An old friend. I’m sure it slipped his mind So, he says he wanted to be the last guy to wish.
– Oh! So is it past 12? – Yes, it is. So, it isn’t your birthday anymore?
Alright. Tell me this. Why did you feed Nikhil the cake before you fed me?
– Well, he literally grabbed my hand. I wished you first, I planned your party
and still you feed him the cake before me? You mean I’m not important?
– How is this my fault, darling? I’m your wife. I deserve to get the first bite of the cake.
– You should’ve told this right then. Because it is your birthday, I didn’t want to
spoil your mood. But now, the birthday is over. For the next two days,
I’ll be pissed at you. Hey, guys! These are the birthday scenes we often see.
Two years ago, we made a video titled ‘Honest’ birthdays. We made a similar video again
as it is Sushanth’s birthday. I’m dedicating this video to you, Sushanth.
I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, give it a like and comment
what you think is the most annoying on birthdays. And don’t forget to subscribe!

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