Sugar Baby Uses Older Men To Fund Luxury Holidays: EXTREME LOVE

ALYSSA RAMOS: Every date, every guy I’ve seen, they do pay for everything. COMM: Alyssa Ramos has travelled all the way from Wisconsin to the bright lights of New
York City. ALYSSA RAMOS: I am really excited. I am also kind of nervous. COMM: But it isn’t just about sightseeing, she is also here to meet her date for the
weekend. ALYSSA RAMOS: I hope he looks like what he does in his pictures. He has like blue eyes,
he is really really muscular, so I am excited. COMM: Hoping to sweep this small town girl off her feet is LA-based lawyer Oliver. OLIVER WRIGHT: Of course I’m hoping for some romance, who isn’t? Who isn’t hoping
for some romance, especially New York City at this time of year, it is just begging for
romance, right. COMM: After speaking online for a number of weeks they are finally meeting tonight and
will be spending the entire weekend together. OLIVER WRIGHT: Hey, Oh my God, it is good to finally see you.
ALYSSA RAMOS: You too. OLIVER WRIGHT: You look awesome. You look great. ALYSSA WRIGHT: Thank you.
OLIVER WRIGHT: Beautiful. ALYSSA RAMOS: You do too – love your scarf.
OLIVER WRIGHT: Thank you. Thank you. ALYSSA RAMOS: I think we are going to be going, just like touring downtown and then we are
gonna get a bite to eat. I don’t really know what kind of food he likes, hopefully
sushi, I’m feeling sushi, I love it. ALYSSA RAMOS: Are you hungry? OLIVER WRIGHT: I’m starved, actually.
ALYSSA RAMOS: What kind of food do you like by the way? I was trying to…
OLIVER WRIGHT: All food, I have no… ALYSSA RAMOS: Good, me too. I love sushi…
OLIVER WRIGHT: Anything. ALYSSA RAMOS: Steak, as long it is edible,
I am going to eat it. OLIVER WRIGHT: I’m liking you more every
minute. COMM: But this isn’t your average Tinder date, Alyssa and Oliver met on the website
Miss Travel, where older men pay for women to join them on trips. And this weekend, Oliver
has paid for the pleasure of Alyssa’s company. ALYSSA RAMOS: I was always interested in older guys and I’ve always wanted to travel too.
So it’s like a win-win, why not? I definitely do it more for the travel, but meeting the
guys is really fun too. Like I’ve never been able to go to any like, exotic hot locations
that I have always wanted, because I love tropical, but I mean I could never do it.
Now I get it with the snap of my finger, I just go. OLIVER WRIGHT: Yeah, I would say the younger the better, as long as they are legal. ALYSSA RAMOS: I have been to a lot of places. I have been to Cancun, London, Ibiza, Las
Vegas twice, Miami, Arizona and I am going to Dubai soon and New York. OLIVER WRIGHT: What kind of modelling? ALYSSA RAMOS: I do, basically anything, I
don’t shoot nudes, but I do like lingerie, sports, swimsuits, basically anything you
can think of. OLIVER WRIGHT: Very nice, very nice. OLIVER WRIGHT: I do, I do this primarily I’d say because of convenience and you can filter
out the riff-raff. COMM: As well as her flights and accommodation, Oliver will also be paying for everything
else on his weekend date with Alyssa. ALYSSA RAMOS: Getting everything paid for feels pretty good, I gotta say. I’m the
kind of person who is thankful for what they get, no matter what it is. Like, if I don’t
get the exact, you know, piece of jewellery or something that I want, as long as I get
something nice. OLIVER WRIGHT: As far as paying for the other person, I have no problem with it at all. In fact,
I insist it is that way. It is, to me that is how dating kind of, I know a lot of feminists,
whatever, are going to say, “Oh, you know, you got to split everything” until you make
them split stuff. ALYSSA RAMOS: It’s not prostitution at all. It is completely different. You are not sleeping
with anybody. You are going out to dinner and having a good time, it’s nothing. I
have never slept with any of my dates. ALYSSA RAMOS: Escorting, I am fine with escorting, I mean I have gotten paid a thousand dollars
to go out on a dinner date and that was it, I just had to show up for a dinner date. I
have done that plenty of times. OLIVER WRIGHT: What have your experience been on this site?
ALYSSA RAMOS: Overall, very good. OLIVER WRIGHT: A sugar daddy to me is an old shrivelled up dude who like is, you know,
just, basically his money is all that he, it’s the only appeal he has. I don’t feel
like a sugar daddy and I absolutely, I never want to be a sugar daddy. ALYSSA RAMOS: Moose are terrible, terrible creatures, you’d rather run into a bear
than a moose. OLIVER WRIGHT: I had no, I highly doubt that.
ALYSSA RAMOS: No, It’s true. It’s true. OLIVER WRIGHT: There is no way, a bear.
ALYSSA RAMOS: I have run in to bears plenty of times.
OLIVER WRIGHT: You see the claws on the bear. ALYSSA RAMOS: I have run into bears all the
time. OLIVER WRIGHT: Oh, it’s just normal, like.
ALYSSA RAMOS: It is, it is so normal. We always carry bear spray, a gun and a gong. OLIVER WRIGHT: There is nothing I can get on this site that I couldn’t get for free
outside of it and so, it is just the convenience that I pay for. ALYSSA RAMOS: I could definitely see myself, like normally dating Oliver. He is really
cute. He speaks his mind and he is confident and I think confidence is sexy. I definitely
want to travel with him again. He is great company. OLIVER WRIGHT: I think she is very attractive, very sweet, definitely my type in a number
of ways and she has got a great great body. She is thin, which happens to be my preference.
I am glad that we found each other on that website, glad we arranged this trip and I
hope to see her again. COMM: It seems that Big Apple’s charms have worked on this globetrotting duo, but the
fun doesn’t stop here for Alyssa. ALYSSA RAMOS: I am off to Miami, where it’s gonna be warm and that’s gonna be next week,
so I’m excited for that.

Stephen Childs


  1. "I have never slept with any of the guys!"
    Really???? You want me to believe that???? I am a doctor and I know the understory. So, sweety, don't lie to yourself.

  2. How do these women live with themselves? I can't stand watching a 5 min video of these women! 🤢 Your parents must be proud! SMDH

  3. She said "it´s not prostitution at all". She is a sideliner; that´s 99,99 % prostitution. lmao

  4. God the level of ignorance in this comment section is ridiculous. This kindof thing is far from prostitution, I for one am incredibly attracted to older guys, mainly guys in their 40s to 50s, even though I'm only 20. It's easiest finding them on sugar daddy websites. Plus, I like to feel looked after. Any ex's of a similar age to me were immature and did not treat me right and one ended up beating me up badly, so I decided to find a real gentleman. The money is just a plus. I phonecall my current 'sugar daddy' every night, go visit museums with him and we have an incredible amount of both attraction towards eachother and chemistry. Most other sugar babies I know will not sleep with this until the 5th or 6th date, and that's only if they like them and want to. It actually has little to do with the money.

  5. Something it's just creepy about this guy not just that he thinks "the younger the better as long as it's legal "but him grabbing her waist as soon they meet up for the first time …and his look just very unsettling… that girl needs to realise that she can find other ways to have money to travel the world and eat at nice restaurant my first suggestion and most effective one to most of the people in the world :GET A JOB

  6. her sugar daddy is like the best I have ever seen,he’s not that old AND he’s kinda hot

  7. Stop calling these girls sugar babies. These are just expensive prostitutes

  8. She’s not sleeping with him?
    Because he’s banging her brains out!
    Appears this has happened before too!

  9. Let me explain to you idiots how this thing works: The woman uses the man as a walking ATM machine, and the ATM machine spits out the money because it likes having young (under 25) eye candy at its side. The ATM machine does not get any sex because no woman is going to have sex with an ATM machine, that would be silly.

  10. This getting a guy to pay for a woman's trips only works if the woman is 27 or younger. That is because they are paying for a 'FANTASY' = an imaginary life where there is a beautiful young woman on their arms. No these men don't need to get sex from her, they pay other 20-year-old escorts $500 for that. But an escort won't walk around with you on a vacation trip, so that is where girls like Alyssa Ramos come into the story: He travels with her during the day, and sleeps with way-hotter escorts during the evening hours when Alyssa goes back to her room.

  11. as if she never slept with any of them 😏😏😏😏 I can see the hoe in her through my cracked screen but why lie

  12. I haven’t slept with them!!!!! yeahhhhh right 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. She is beautiful and want nice travels and lifestyle,so good for her. i do hope she stay safe and gets her own room when she travel and dont have to sleep in the same bed as her date.

  14. ''Thats not prostitution''
    Oh yeah thats what a girl does

  15. 🙄🙄🙄what the hell ? It sounds horrendous.Daddy word is so pure filled with real ,selfless love.Please don't pollute this word.

  16. That girl are not pretty at all…she just sell herself to everyguy who has a lot of money for pay her life😂

  17. This is modern day prostitution.
    Meet someone for a week please them take their money move to a next one.

  18. It is enough,just see how he is always touching her or putting his face nearly her,how stupid she think we are to believe that she is not gonna have sex with him?

  19. i'm kinda jealous that she gets to travel so much, so good for her! i couldn't do it though

  20. She looks skanky nothing special about her she must suck 🍆 really good though 😎

  21. Won’t last long, the second she hits 25, it’s bye bye alyssa

  22. i mean this is cool but how about she gets a sugar daddy for her clothing…..🙂

  23. She is just a hooker.
    Please stop it girl, get your own and from others respect and do something normal with your life.
    This is really discusting and not right.
    God hates this, believe me.
    Once you have to meet Him.
    You need peace with God through the powerful work of His Son Jesus Christ.
    Ask Him for forgiveniss of your sins.

  24. Yeah that sounds great, as long as you have no self-respect or morals in any way.

  25. "i haven't slept with any of my dates" hmmm yeah sure sis so these old horny guys are just paying you for your "time and company" keep dreaming lol

  26. Yeah, but that's not extreme love, because it's not love.
    Maybe they mean the girl's love with those holidays

  27. so basically you are a hooker. your family much be so proud 😂😂😂

  28. As soon as she said Dubai all I could think about was that Dubai Porta potty thing those Instagram models do 🤢🤢🤢

  29. You ever super interested in a video but the narrators voice really bugs you and puts you off? Like why is she whispering?

  30. these sugar babies look just like simple girls, nothing special about their personality or appearance. i thought it is actually hard to become one lol

  31. Shallow girl: i don have sex with any of my dates
    Also S.Daddy: kisses her shoulder as they cross the street

    Puahahaha, the lies people tell

  32. Tbf the guy is pretty good looking so I'm kinda unsure as to why he can't get a girl without all this spend

  33. This young lady looks trans to me. She has a manly face and long neck.

  34. It sounds very innocent and glamorous but at the end of the day a guy chooses you based on your open availability, looks and possible opportunities. Just to travel? I'm afraid people who speak of money in this way are in denial of what a genuine time together really is.

  35. He pays for the simplicity, a bit of female attention instead of ground work on Tinder, but its a short term thing, no longer term. Thats why its better to do the groundwork

  36. your not that good looking honey but if u can do this much kudos to you

  37. When a rich man has midlife crisis. “The younger girl I get the better as long as she’s legal”

  38. ‘The younger the better, as long as they’re legal’ EWWW

  39. Psychopath and Narcissists' HEAVEN is this – I can just use these figures on a screen to "filter out the riff raff" with a smirk on ya face and very narcissistic one-liners and that cocky withdrawn face I mean I'd love to have some girls hanging around if I was super rich but the whole thing just kinda comes across as a bit wrong – "the younger the better – providing they over 18" or whatever sounds defo "a bit R Kelly" to me!

  40. This guy is showing major red flags that he lacks normal empathy. Could be on the narcissistic/ sociopathic spectrum

  41. If I were that beautiful, I would have found true love and I'd be happy with my hot hubby 😀

  42. we, as men are stupid. why would you pay so much money for pussy; find attractive local girl and travel with

  43. he straight up when she first saw her: ''your beautiful!'' '*looks at her boobs*

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