Study in the USA: 5 reasons why I chose AMERICAN Universities

Hello guys and welcome to my channel Today I wan to share 5 reasons why I decided to apply to American Universities instead of going to study in other countries. Now these reasons would vary from one person to another because this is my video I wanted to share my five reasons. The first reason is being in the centre of the world. You can say so I can compare with studying in Germany When I was in Germany I thought that everything was comfortable everything was nice and easy scheduled I had free weekends when everything was closed I had days when I had to study in the university But at the same time I didn’ have a feeling that I am in the centre of events. I thought like everything else is happening somewhere else not where I am right now. When I travelled to United States in 2013 I realised this is where the centre of the world is. Every day we’re using Facebook, which is headquatered in California, every day we use Apple which is headquatered in California. We use google. Which is headquatered in California. There’s MIT. where they develop the newest thing we’re going to use in 20-30 years And I thought yes this is the place where the future is born and for me as an active and innovative person this is really important to be where things are happening and where the future is born The second reason is funding Now I know many of you are dreaming of studyimg in Great Brtain Believe me, I’ve been there when I was 14 I traveled to the UK for he first time And I thought this is the country where I want to live in And this is the country where I want to study Oxford and Cambridge are basically the best universities in the world. Then I started researching my options in terms of funding because my parents told me we’re never gonna give you 60 K in pounds to study in the UK So you have to figure out yourself I started researching The only steep-end scholarship was Chevening scholarship It was so complicated I thought I would never be eligible for it. I just left my dream of studying abroad before 2014 when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw a story of a girl who got full financial aid to study in the United States I was like is it even possible? Studyimg in the USA is also very expensive if we take top American Universities and Master’s degree the minimum tuition fee would be like $ 60 K a year and that’s just tuition fees. Then I started my own research on funding from American Universities I realised there are several funding options that you can choose assistanship when you work on American campus, University compensates your tuition fees and housing. There’s scholarship which is the best when you get money and continue study. There are fellowships and work/study programs if you guys want to see a full video on financial aid in the American Universities I’ll leave a link below I made a whole video of how I got full funding to do my MBA and Master’s in the USA. The third thing about studying in the USA which really applies to me you’d have a lot of prominent lecturers coming to your University and telling you what’s happening in the world. I got my first degree in Russia What I noticed is that we were taught economics by people who were born and raised in the Soviet Union. Soviet Union and Modern Economics have nothing to do with each other I was suprised that people who have never ever traided on financial markets actually taught us how to do that. In America it’s completely different For example, in Stanford you’d have Elon Mask or Peter Thiel who are the best enterpreneurs in the world right now. You’ll have them giving lectures to students who study enterpreneurship. You’ll have Tim Ferris in Columbia He wrote a book how to be productive and how to work 4 hours a week. I’ll leave a link below because I’m reading this book right now and it’s changing my life completely You’ll have these people who actually have real life experience teaching subjects It’s really important for any sphere America is one of the best countries in terms of having great people teaching students. The fourth thing which is important for everyone how much money will you get after you graduate If we take top American business schools, for example the average salary would be around 100 000 $ and this is really amazing. It differs from one subjest to another and if you’re a teacher you won’t be getting that much money. If you’re doing anything connected with science, business, I think there are great opportunities in America. I have a couple of friends kind of friends adult friends professors in American Universities and they live a happy life If you want to become a professor in the United States, you’d have 4 years of work and then 1 year of travelling. I don’t remember the word. If you know the word, please write it down. In the comments. They have this freedom amd they have resources to to conduct research and phD students working for them. Opportunities after you graduate from American Universities are bigger than in other countries And the last thing but not the least If you’re international student like me you’d be interested in staying in the country where you got education. and applyig what you’ve learned in real life. Now in Great Briatain it’s almost impossible right now you have to pack your bags in 3 months after you graduate. In America it’s easier If you graduated from an American University, got an American degree, you’re eligible for OPT which is 1 or 3 years. You can stay in the United States, apply what you’ve learned. If you’re studyimg STEM, subjects like technical, engeenering, mathematics. You get up to 3 years. This is great. There’s be an opportunity for you to find an employer if you want to stay in the United States. If you just want to get work experience in the States, which is considered everywhere in the world as one of the best then you have this opportunity and you don’t have to go home after you finish university. These are my 5 reasons to study in the USA. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you want to add something please comment below. I think this would be useful for people who’re deciding where they want to study. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because I post a lot about education abroad, about passing exams and about being an immigrant in the USA. If you’re interested in those topics, I’ll find my channel amazing. I hope to see you in the next video. Thank you for watching this one. Bye bye.

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  1. The debt of america rockets to the sky, so why they teach you how to fucking save money…

  2. Blue collar worker here. Dont' waste your time with the ivy league bullshit. Learn a Skilled Trade and learn how to make things with your hands. Tech while it is cool as shit is very volatile and makes us a bit weaker as a species due to dependency on certain things and forgetting the old hard and true principled methods. There's lots of money to still be made in tech before it ends up in a saturated state which will happen probably another decade from here. The concrete is still being poured on what can be achieved but eventually it solidifies and cures and the whole industry will end up like detroit. It's a natural cycle with anything new. we might actually even experience a tech rustbelt of sorts. where once great companies then went sour. But for now at least enjoy the boom.

  3. also while a degree helps it's not going to open your door to the world. Value in a free market comes with new ideas and HERCULEAN risk, Often your risk will end up in failure where someone else will pick up on that idea give it a few tweaks and BAM works like a charm. we've kinda been brainwashed by crooks in academia that real wisdom somehow comes from an institution or right to passage comes form "Mah credentials" . If we took a gander at the socratic method you wouldn't find anything of the sort.

  4. self centered girl, full of herself…smart peeps don't brag. ur whole channel is full of it and I seriously question many things u state. this channel is the way u earn dollars, I guess u have to be creative:)

  5. You re awesome and i think ur video will help us in our US study process.

  6. can u please suggest me some top universities in US that i can study for full ride scholarship

  7. If your a fan of Tech there's only 3 places to go to school..MIT, Cal Tech, and Stanford. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are only places to attend if your're only gonna do 2 of the following, either inherent your daddy's company or do absolutely nothing and just brag to people that you went to those places.

  8. If you are poor you can study for free at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires (UBA), only by taking an exams test.

  9. with that face, smile and knowledge of course i'll be your next follower .

  10. i am a 28 years old millionaire trying to get knowledge to become q billionaire, which carrer and univisity would you guys recommend to me. 'thank you.

  11. firstly I'm a India ….And now i'm 17 years old .I'm looking for full ride scholarship to study in USA after i complete my (XII) studys……

  12. If you think Oxford and Cambridge are as good or better than American universities you are brainwashed and badly mistaken. They are relics. There are thousand of accredited schools of higher education all over the US and they have the highest standards in the world in order to maintain their accreditation. Regardless of what field of study you choose, there are graduate schools that will bring you to an expert level where you can begin working at a very high level. MIT is hardly the only top notch technical school in America. Cal Tech and many others are in the same league even if they aren't as famous. Many of the best people in their field from around the world come to work, teach, and live temporarily or permanently in America. Usually this is where they have the best opportunity to fulfill their life's ambitions and more.

  13. But the problem, and you'll find this everywhere. You have not the choose what you want to maje with youre live. I am 19 years old an till today I never lived my live, cause you have not youre own area. This all is no live it is an systematic controlled live. Hate everything on this globalizated world or what ever.. my english is bad i know… So I want say..I dont know..

  14. america is the technological center of the world….europe and the uk are always behind in technology

  15. Do we understand which country you are native to? Where are you from?

  16. Hey marina! I am from Pakistan and looking to study in USA. I'm going to give SAT examination in oct or nov. Can you please tell me can I get full ride scholarship after getting a good score in SAT. Thankyou.

  17. All the brands apart from mit also have headquarters in Ireland … So it's not exactly the centre of the world

  18. sabbatical; səˈbadək(ə)l
    a period of paid leave granted to a university teacher or other worker for study or travel, traditionally one year for every seven years worked.
    "she's away on sabbatical"

  19. I bought the 4-Hour Work Week thx to you linguamarina, now I've decided to go and stay in usa, and open up my small business. thank you. I will apply to Kellogg school of business too.

  20. what are the benefits of a US citizen compared to immigrants or international students shall we say?

  21. I'm American and I don't understand why people in the comments are bashing universities in other countries. This isn't a pissing contest. This is one of the reasons that a lot of non-Americans don't like Americans. 🤦‍♂️

  22. You forgot the most important reason. Degrees awarded by US universities are considered "legit" around the world. Doesn't matter if it's State or Private. A degree from an American university ets you resume sent to the top of the pile.

  23. This is very subjective… American universities are, probably, the best out there in a way, we all know that but what about the tuition fees? They're extremely expensive.If you aren't studying in one of the top 50-75 American universities then you are paying too much for your education. For example, German universities are really good too and they are cheap or without any tuition fee at all. I understand when you say that America is the center of the world but that doesn't mean that you have to study there, you can study elsewhere and then go to America and apply all the knowledge you have learned like many others.

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  25. Young, vivacious, talented, educated, ambitious and pro US ? ……….. welcome aboard .

  26. Oxford, Cambridge, and a number of other UK Universities are every bit as good as their American Counterparts. It just that America has many more great universities do to a much larger size and population. European Universities are also first rate.

  27. Hey I have a question! As an Indian undergraduate should I move to the U.S. to get my graduation digree? Side note -the annual income in my family is about 20k so I would need financial aid too.

  28. But the work experience does not lead to a green card. It would be very difficult for an employer to sponsor a non-citizen since they would have to prove that they could not find a citizen to fill that position.

  29. Hi marina, please upload a video on good internship opportunities an undergraduate should look for,how to prepare to get into it….


  31. What about international relations in usa??? what are the careers options!!

  32. just want to add another "America is a continent not a country comment", and people really do tend to look ignorant as hell using the word "american" for U.S.A citizens, please read some history.

  33. I want to do B.tech from there after my diploma in Elex and Comm. Engg with 75%from govt college(INDIA).so would I be eligible to study out there … plz do respond to my ans. I will b really thankfull to you.

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  35. What a great video! Thank you so much for your outstanding work Marina. You're the best! <3

  36. Soviet union.. you got out from gold mine. But is united states of gold mine only good for white people? It is like white kingdom. So…

  37. You’re really so polite and so truthful.
    Thank-You So Much ! May God Bless You and America.

  38. your English is very eloquent. Good job I really enjoyed the video and found it to be quite resourceful

  39. The US is not the center of the world lol Here's a secret: no nation is.

    The desire to be in the center of events is a psychological quirk that is a farce.

    The grass always seems greener somewhere else.

  40. Before anyone talks about how Japan is the best look up and read about William Edwards Deming (October 14, 1900 – December 20, 1993) He is the main reason the Japanese became sucessful in manufacturing. Had it not been for him Japan would still be living the way they had been living pre war. It was an American who changed Japanese industry for the better.

  41. People with high-qualification from another countries are moving to USA and create innovations there. The knowledge, skills and experience they received in the homeland`s universities.

  42. Madam what is the scope of doing masters in petroleum engineering in USA or Canada

  43. Madam what is the scope of doing masters in petroleum engineering in USA or Canada

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  46. I am from India and I have a dream to study USA. So can u help me by advicing me

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  48. Center of the world – Funding – Real life experience – High paid jobs – Opportunity to stay

  49. Hi . My name is MOUNIR from Morocco . I am looking for How do I get a chance to study Master in America

  50. Britian currently has 130 universities
    USA has about above 4,000 universities

  51. It is very helpful for me right now thank you for sharing your experience

  52. hello guy do our talents provid'e much benefits for us to apply for scholarship ?

  53. Hello Marina , I want to study in US and I would like to know a lot about teaching in relation to the Masters

  54. Probá venir a la Argentina. La educación y el sistema de salud es gratuito para todas las personas del mundo y no te pedimos papeles para ingresar al país

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