Stretch your glue, foiling and stencils for custom holiday decor!

welcome back to crafting with Arteza
segment and today I want to bring together a few different techniques that
I’ve shown you recently into a really fun videos so I showed you last week how
to use your glue as a paste and they gave me some ideas because I saw Beth
Kingston crafting with some tree cookies which we did a few weeks ago and we use
the our teaser glitter and but she was using foil and I thought well that’s
kind of cool but I haven’t got all the tools she’s got but how can I create
that same effect that’s always what US crafters are thinking right you know we
love an effect but we don’t have all those supplies and we don’t necessarily
want to go out and buy all of those supplies so how can we create that at
home well I’m going to show you how we can recreate that foiled effect on our
tree cookies on our canvases on mixed-media projects without having to
buy a ton of new supplies so we can take things that we use already and create
fun foil things down I’m already thinking about the holidays
I love customizing things whether it’s a piece of jewelry people have been using
these wood slices or tree cookies as fun kind of medallions and customizing them
with outfits I’ve seen them used as really cool ornaments as we did a few
weeks ago we’ve did them with pattern paper and if you want to check that out
you can check that top right hand corner for that fun video and I’ve seen them
last year you may have seen I did a really cool way if I customized wood
slices with people’s names and put them on my Thanksgiving and holiday tables
and I loved customizing things like that whether it’s to my decor whether it’s to
my color theme for the ear lots and lots of fun ways they’re really inexpensive
and people love to have a little token they can take home and hang it on the
tree or maybe make a kid’s tree and get the kids to decorate some of these so
lots of fun ideas but today I want to show you how to foil them so it’s really
really simple you just take one of these tree slices and for these ones that I
created here I used a stencil this is a Hedgehog hollow stencil it was in our
December kit last year and we do still have some of them available I love this
firework stencil the rest of the kit was a pretty pink posh kit I’m actually
gonna put the dry side down because it still
likely work from where I created these that’s how quickly you can make them
that my stencil still wet whilst these ones are finished so all you do is you
take your Nouveau deluxe adhesive and if you want all of my tips for using this
as a paste and how I created this really cool card you can check again that top
right hand corner but literally all I had to do was squirt out some glue on
top of my stencil look how simple that was and take my silicone spatula and
spread it out and you want to spread it out all over
pixie spray would be great but I didn’t have any to hand and you want to cover
as much the area as you can it doesn’t matter if you miss a bit because you can
embellish with glitters I’m going to show you on the ones that I’ve already
finished so just kind of grab as much as you need to of course you could always
go back and add some dabs more to super simple
I like the Nouveau tonic adhesive it’s just a nice thick one and it works
really well for foiling techniques not all adhesives do work for foiling but
this one happens to work really really well so you just do that and peel off
your stencil that’s how easy it is so from water and you are done okay so
that’s part one now you’re going to leave this to dry
till it starts to go cloudy clear not all the way to clear then you pop your
foil on top and then leave it about 20 minutes also you can if you’re an
impatient crafter like me use your heat tool to give it a helping hand and then
you peel off your foil and you’re done now this one here was a little bit
patchy so all I did was I took my foil and you can see some areas I did this I
just kind of went over an area gave it a really good press again and it picked up
some more foil and I found that that kind of filled in some places so if you
have that effect it’s really simple you could also use that and do maybe two
toned effects and different colors and foil comes in so many different ways it
comes with the shattered glass there’s watercolor effects
there’s sequin and blistering effects there’s so many different ways to do it
but you don’t have to just leave them like this you can make the double sided
or here I wrote Teddy’s name with the certain glue pen and then put the foil
over the top of it that was really good fun I had to do two coats the precision
glue pen just to make sure it was sticky enough but then what we’re done so here
for instance I can now do some really fun extra embellishments so I could take
in the center here I could add an extra dart and then I could pick out maybe
some of these and just add some adhesive in whatever your favorite glue is that
this one does do nice round dots so you can see how this is going here or you
could write out a name for instance if you’re doing it for a nice holiday table
or you might want to add a nice adhesive die-cut something like that
and then over the top I can take my favorite box of glitters we did orange
so perhaps I want to do something we could go Halloweeny or force and we
could add some black in the middle and add some fun accent doesn’t that look
like a super cute little Halloween trinket now there is some glitter stuck
elsewhere I’m going to wait for that to dry and then what I’ll do is I’ll just
use my surface sweep to polish it up and dust it all off it does include the
string in the package as well so you can hang them up or string them you can make
a nice little garland with them as well when they make a super cute little
holiday garden to do happy holidays happy birthday happy Thanksgiving happy
Halloween to your theme of course and I think that looks really cool for a
little Halloween decor as well so really fun things you could do you can put them
on cookie bags Treat Bags and party favors wedding favors so many different
things you could do and I just wanted to show you how you can incorporate
techniques that we already know and have as well lots of it we all have addy
serves lots of us already have the foiling supplies and of course now you
can do it on 3d items as well whether it’s tree slices like these whether it’s
your canvas pillow your mixed media projects lots and lots of ways you can
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well thank you so much for joining me I’ll see you again tomorrow happy
crafting bye

Stephen Childs


  1. Thank you for sharing. Every year I make all my grandkids a personal Christmas ornament from grandma and put the year on it. My husband then drills a small hole in them to hang on tree. Something for them to cherish (I hope) when the are older. You can probably stamp on them and color with pencils a gamsol or maybe markers. Then when they have a family of their own or move out they have ornaments for their own tree.

  2. Where did you get those tree slices? I need them to use in church. I do crafts with the children and this would be great for Christmas ornaments.

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