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g’day good afternoon good morning good
evening wherever you are in the world it’s possibly a bit late but anyway
we’re doing a little livestream just to catch up say hello explain to you what
we’ve been up to and what we’re doing not that we know what we’ve been up to what
we do it’s all it’s all a bit up in the air people keep saying well where you
going next I say I’m not sure we truly we truly we aren’t always sure where
we’re going next hey Keith how are you he can be working on a video where I
went into yeah Micheles here so I’ve been working on an edit for tomorrow and it’s
sort of walk around the supermarket is the sound okay by the way and we took
the video into a supermarket in kuta in in bali indonesia and just filmed around
the supermarket showing you order all the products and we we picked up some
some snacks let me just turn that bright like come on down excuse me I
want so we picked up all these these fantastic snacks I’m not going to share
them with you today because um we did a taste test we’d be filming a taste test
eating the snacks there’s some really fantastic ones there’s some really
shocking ones particularly shocking ones to me anyway Michelle and I so that’s a
that’s a video I’ve been working on for tomorrow hope you’ll enjoy it it’s it’s
basically the first part of a two-part series one it’s it’s going around hey
Byron g’day mate it’s going around a Balinese supermarket
and showing you all this the Indonesian snacks it’s it’s interesting I tell you
one one thing that was remarkable and I’m probably going to repeat it because
it’s in the video as well but the young lady that was in the hey Kelly how I am
sorry I got construction noise outside we’re in a particularly noisy area at
the moment there’s construction noise I’ve got the coffee percolating on the
side over here but I am very good a little bit cold it’s it’s it’s a lot
colder this part of the world than what we used to let me just get my cadence
going because I feel like I’m sort of shouting it’s probably because there’s a
there’s a pile driver in the UM in the block next door see it’s not all it’s
not all roses and what’s the same it’s hyerin’s birthday I know Byron I won’t
be able to cook you something this year unfortunately buddy but I will remember
to wish you a Merry Merry birthday you doing anything nice so what we’re going
round let me just continue with this little story we’re going around the
supermarket and this is the day before we filmed in there and I said to the
young lady in this in the shop can you show me something this particularly from
Bali some sort of food that’s particularly from Indonesia and she’s
sort of her eyes lit up and she she rushed me over the counter and took me
to stand and grabbed hold of would you believe it a kinder egg and she said are
these these are these are Indonesian and I said and I just looked at her and I
saw thought now that they’re not they’re not Indonesian because of course kinder
egg is gone guess where kinder eggs are from everybody have a little guess
possibly possibly obvious but it’s definitely not from Indonesia so it kind
of I think kind of um didn’t upset her cuz she was
she was smiling but she sort of I think she’d grown up thinking that that kinder
eggs with Balinese keep guessing Keith no I think come kinder eggs are illegal
in the US you can’t buy them they’re now got this thing again where um hey Ruby
so I actually met just about three days ago a young lad from Germany and we were
talking about this because the perception is that a kinder egg kinder
is German for children came from Germany and he said to me you know
ya know keen director from Germany I said no no they’re not not actually from
Germany they’re they’re they’re from from Italy and he said no no can’t be
from from Italy because for arrow they have the Ferrero in my town he said in
my town we have the Ferrero town so for aerostat or something and I said no it’s
um there are quite a few Ferrero stats there’s one in I think South Africa
there’s one elsewhere Thank You Keith for guessing so so he said I’ll Graham did well done
Graham so he said to me no no no he said keen director German he said and I tell
her also is German I said no no Nutella is not German Nutella 100% comes from
the the Italy during the war when there was a shortage in chocolate they used
the hazelnut to create Nutella so anyway the young lad the young lad was sort of
like beside himself I think he went off to his laptop and he’s searching away
and then he came back and said said aha that’s terrible it is from Italy and he
said I said I’m sorry to disappoint you I said well don’t worry about me said
I’ve got to disappoint a lot of my German friends I must admit I always
thought the kinder egg was from Germany but no it was invented by Ferrero and
Ferraro is an Italian company anyway interesting that the girl in Bali
thought it was can you hear that noise in the background it’s I think their
power driving no I don’t miss that comment they Michelle can you just keep
up keep me up to date on the comments if they no no I mean how are you you really
like those Swedish meatballs one day Byron won’t be this year won’t be for
your birthday unfortunately one day Wendell will go to Sweden and we’ll make
meatballs in Sweden oh well that’s good for ooh because I can hear it it’s
really loud in my ear but I think because the microphone sort of pointed
straight at me you’re probably not getting it out from the left and right
but it’s there’s there’s this high-pitched sort of drilling like
they’re drilling into stone or something and they only just started this morning
I said to Michelle I’d like to do a live show today but just hoped don’t come and
say hello Michelle just to give a little wave to everyone this year’s that bunch
of flowers over there over my shoulder look it’s a picture nice and clear sleepy we’re all sleepy we’ve had a
pretty hectic four or five days and we’ve we’ve missed out on a lot of good
sleep so we’re trying to catch up this morning we didn’t wake up till about 10
o’clock my kid used to insist that I buy them
kinder eggs Graham did where are you Graham because I know when I was in in America
they they don’t have kinder eggs over there or at least that’s that was what I
was told and we certainly had that same story told to me in the US and I think
they’re illegal in America because they don’t like to sell a chocolate with
small parts that children can choke with so they they made them illegal over
there and I think in Canada you can get them so a lot of Americans when they go
over into Canada you come back with loads of kinder eggs for their kids I will do biron it might be a long time
they just do remember we will be traveling now for quite some time and
we’re not gonna be looking for kitchens to do cooking in unless week the
opportunity presents it to us and I know a lot of people have said in the past
they do they like to see the cooking book you know Michelle and I were trying
to live our lives around our own schedules and we’re trying to entertain
people as we as we go along so we can true we did this once before where we I
think I’ve reiterated this so many times in videos now it might get boring to you
but where we traveled last time and and fought our way around the world trying
to find kitchens to film in it just ruined the experience for us we didn’t
get to see any parts of the places we spent like months in different parts of
the world where we just weren’t getting out and seeing the places because we
were constantly trying to film cooking videos so it’s it this time I’m gonna
try and share with you as much food information but also travel information
as I can and I know some of you are enjoying it and loving it in some of you
might prefer the cooking there’s a lot of there’s 800 recipes plus on on the
Steve’s kitchen channel there will be many many more to come in the future but
for the time being this is this is Michelle and I traveling around the
world just just you know trying to share as much of it with you as we can I hope
you’ve enjoyed the Barney videos we’ve got a new series coming up soon in a
different country which I’m working on at this moment but what I wanted to say
stay is tomorrow we’re going to be doing a walk around a Balinese supermarket so
that video should be ready if I get it finished completely today is literally
I’m working right up to the line on videos at the moment because it’s hard
for us to to edit as we’re going round sometimes we don’t have internet
sometimes we just don’t have the comfort to be able to do the edits but I’m
working on it it’s looking quite fun and it’s just a walk around a bottle in a
supermarket in kuta indian indonesia in bali and we’re buying up all the the
snacks the video after that michelle i gonna try those snacks and share it with
you so i’ve got to work on those two videos for this week what else we got
come on but yeah we get we’ll probably got a few
more videos in bali and then we’ll be catching up with ourselves where we are
so look forward to that how are you all by the way what else did
we want to discuss ask me some questions if you want to ask questions
throw the questions out there no we’re not in Bali we left barley we’re in a
very much colder climate at the moment I’m not gonna I’m not gonna share that
because I’ve got a video that I’m working on at the same time just to show
us leaving Bali and arriving where we are which is gonna be a lot of fun
there’s loads of new stuff some really great street food some great food in
some restaurants that we’ve been going to it’s yeah there’s some good stuff
Mimi I won’t be doing any series on cooking a Balinese food not anytime not
anytime soon we’re learning about Balinese food and I’m trying to share
that with you but Michelle and I have been travelling for years we’ve we’ve we
filmed so many recipes over those four years we will be travelling throughout
this whole 2019 and we will not be looking for kitchens we will not be
looking for kitchens we’re looking for it’s just I gotta be honest with you
we’re not looking for kitchens that we can film in if we get an opportunity
with the chef as we did do the other day in the AM Naya hotel I will be cooking
with them when we get somewhere that we want to stop for any length of time and
if we feel that the cooking will work we’ll do some but I am NOT gonna ruin
this year’s traveling just to to try and find a kitchen I’ve done it look life is
a life is a journey I feel like a broken record but life is a life is a journey
okay we’ve done five or six years now of cooking on YouTube and standing in front
of cameras and doing presentation style cooking now I could do that for another
five or ten years or we could all go to the same supermarket
every single day for the rest of our lives or we can get on and we can just
enjoy this journey and change it’s completely destroying the views on the
channel people are expecting to see cooking but you see we’re not puppets
we’re not we’re not we’re not sort of being operated by youtubers are Merritt
marionettes they’re telling us how we should perform
our lives things are changing we’re doing things I’m sharing them with you
and I hope you enjoy them and you know we’re passionate about food very
passionate and if all you want to see is cooking videos there are more than a
million cooking channels on YouTube and more than a billion recipes out there
and when when I get in a situation again where I can actually cook and and share
that with you I will but in the meantime we’re traveling and for the small
percentage of the Steve’s kitchen viewers that want to see that I know
you’re really enjoying it and for those you that only want to see the cooking
III can’t do anything about that I’m not going to change our lifestyle to suit an
audience at the moment we’re traveling is adventure time this year and man
we’re having a ball Cape Town for Wow what are you doing up at this time well barley Kelly let’s talk about
barley or then we’ve recently left barley it’s just been amazing don’t you
think I mean it’s it’s the people so so kind the weather so nice the food
fantastic I think really Kelly it’s always the people the food is is a
highlight of any part of traveling but the people is it’s like it goes people
food whether because you can kind of I like
warm weather but you can kind of cope with the cooler weather and then scenery
I’ve got scenery right down there because it’s not important it’s like
people keep saying to me why didn’t you go and see the Eiffel Tower why didn’t
you go and see the Sydney Harbour Bridge why don’t you go and see the Taj Mahal
so it doesn’t interest us in the tiniest bit to go and see or stand in queues
with millions of people taking photographs of the same thing with
shelling like foots I prefer to go and see a tiny little
village in in a city that nobody’s ever heard of and meet the people and show
you stuff there are more beautiful things in the world than those that
those four or five things you can find in that in the tourist books for example
we’re in it we’re in a town at this moment most of most people will never
have heard of I’ve never heard of it it’s a fantastic town the people here
are wonderful so yes thank you and I love taking you all along on vacation
many of you have been with the channel since we started cooking in the early
days some of you will know that Michelle and I have that had a fairly varied
lifestyle sorry I’m in one of those sort of swinging chair so I might be rocking
side to side I try not to do that you know we’ve had I think somebody
mentioned something the other day about what we’re doing and you know is it ten
years ago we were we were farming in in France we had a probably a little longer
than ten years ago now we had a farm in France and we were we’re raising ripp
rare breeds of pigs and doing charcuterie and and teaching things and
if I’d had youtube there you would have you would have joined me on that now I
think five years from now we’re back doing a small holding in Lithuania or
something like that and if you enjoy that you’ll be coming along on the
journey with us I’m not saying we’re doing a small holding in Lithuania by
the way but you know it could be that bizarre
or or you know we don’t know we don’t really have anywhere we call home at the
moment and we don’t hope to have we’re not um I mean Australia Melbourne is is
home but I don’t think of Melbourne as home at the moment which we’ve been
travelling for four years and everywhere is home hi Jen there’s anyone else out
there really I’m particular with noises Michelle will tell you this I’m I’m I’m
not good I’ve never been good with noises like vacuum cleaners or any
noises that have no real value to them you know like a song has value
bird song has value vacuum cleaner is just irritating and this noise of the
drilling next door is is driving me nuts and you guys can’t even hear it but it’s
just like I want about some some earphones on leaf blowers anything like
that I’m very sensitive to that stuff does anyone else like that I just cannot
bear exactly oh I I’ve always been like that since a young young Jarrah never
been very good with noises like those sort of more droning noises you know how come I’m not seeing these comments we’re doing it on the phone today we’re
just doing the the scraping plate some finger boards can I do that for you
Kelly no it’s lots of noise is that the congruence can great you and things I
don’t like be sort of noises this is just in the background and it’s loud and you
you can’t hear it Michelle will get irritated with me because it doesn’t
bother her it doesn’t bother her somebody could vacuum clear clean near
Michelle for a week and she wouldn’t she wouldn’t take any notice of it that’s
why we get on so well because we’re chalk and cheese what else happened with
that food thought I can’t really say too much now there’s one particular thing oh
now I’m not even gonna give you that clue because that oh yeah that’ll spoil
it for you we filmed the food the actual snacks Indonesian snack video which I’m
also working on we filmed it in a beautiful location by the way so I think
you’re gonna enjoy it it was really picturesque Balinese house
I hope that comes over well what’s super hot wasn’t it I mean compared to today
when we got these thick coats on when we were filming the other day are a
Balinese snacks stripping there was no there was no air movement and it must
have been about 3035 degrees our daring barking dogs she was laughing I had a
whole month destroyed completely in Mexico from barking dogs at night all
the way through the night they literally barked from sort of ten
o’clock at night till 5:00 in the morning and they didn’t stop in Mexico
put two it’s Escondido I was a nightmare for a month solid just a month solid I
think it was like Japanese water torture I at one point we were just we were just
I don’t know we were we was probably probably Michelle lesser than I Venus’s and try do a chocolate cake
recipe turned out amazed Thank You Vina I got no because we haven’t been in
Australia for but what is it now in Australia we’re coming home to autumns
the weather’s cooling down it’s gonna be beautiful almost anywhere in Australia
for walking at the moment but when we arrived where we were now is that
curiosity yeah when we arrived now soon I put the video up to show you we’re all
we’re in sort of t-shirts and flip-flops and shorts and arriving in it’s and and
the pilot as we were coming into land set the temperature outside is 1 degrees
Celsius we both look to each other thought oh we weren’t expecting that what is stateside Tim yes is that you
u.s. United States height probably not anytime yes sorry Tim no not anytime
soon we will be back in the u.s. I am certain of it because I love the US but
not anytime soon this year’s this year’s traveling is
just epic we don’t even know at the moment we’re
trying to work out where to go we actually want to spend some time in
Japan but Japan is really high season at the moment like it’s their major holiday
time of year and we’re finding that trying to find somewhere to stay in
Japan is it’s close to impossible because of Everywhere’s booked up for
the we’re definitely going to be taking Japan in and we’ll be sharing some
Japanese adventures with you but it might be hard to stay there any any
length of time because of the the what the collection cherry blossom season and
it’s a it’s an unusual year this year apparently for the Japanese they’re
having like huge holidays so eternal internal tourism within Japan is
is really strong so they’re not really troubled by foreign tourists coming into
the country they’re more they’re more arms stressed by the fact they’ve got a
lot of national holidays around so with possibly timing that a little bit wrong
but I would we will be going and taking you around Japan but I would like to
spend a month there but I think it’ll be struggle to do more than a couple of
weeks I’d love to I mean one day when we come to the u.s. at least we know we can
stay for three months and just tour around and do some stuff and that
that’ll probably be 2020 I think Tim hi Gloria just saw Gloria’s name pop up it
pops up on my screen on this phone for about thirty seconds where do we have
that was that in Sicily yeah it was in Sicily we were in we were in we stayed
for five months in Sicily and beautiful beautiful place we had a lovely little
apartment which we got specifically to film food in which drove me nuts because
we never got to explore Sicily as much as I wanted to because all we were doing
was filming cooking videos for example but the lady upstairs from us every
morning at about 7:00 a.m. really early she walked around on the ceiling in
stiletto heels and you could tell off the bat she was in stilettos and she
clicked clock click clock click clock around thing might have been the kitchen
above us I don’t know but she clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop
and she walked for maybe two hours above us luckily it was a biggish apartment
we’re in so there’s some rooms we could go into and not listen to her but she
walked it was quite we’ve met a lot of people from Barcelona
recently from Australia Mei from Australia but also from English heritage
so so a little bit of mix little bit of mix but if if anyways home at the moment
we would say Melbourne Australia Thank You Tim we’ve done we did explore
but because what we were there five months we did have some good time but
what one of the mistakes we’ve made over the last years is just to try to find an
apartment very expensive apartment quite often with a kitchen so that we could do
cooking videos and cooking videos for those of you that have never done a
YouTube channel they take you have to shop for the ingredients you have to
practice the recipes you have to film the the final recipe and then you have
to edit the recipes sometimes the preparation time the actual practicing
making baking can take a couple of days and sometimes on top of that then the
you’ve got to make sure you’ve got your ingredients so we can take you can
easily take four days or longer in some instances in the case of panettone in
Italy for example longer than that and so if you’re staying in a place where
only sort of two or three weeks and you’re doing cooking recipes you just
don’t get out and see anything so when people keep saying to me you know will
you do cooking recipes or not and I say no it’s not because it’s not because I
don’t like doing cooking recipes but I want to see the world eautiful both expensive places by the
way so be prepared for um some pretty high costs Vancouver Island beckons wait fishing
hmm I’d like to spend a bit of a time up in New England as well I’d like to I’d
like to do the fall in the Blue Ridge causeway which we’ve done before but I’d
like to go into Virginia South Carolina North Carolina I want to spend some time
up in up in Canada we want to go back to Mexico again South America so many
places I mean it’s endless isn’t it yeah but this year we’re hoping to do Korea
Japan we want to go into China I would like to go to Tibet it might not happen
to bet we’re not a hunts ensure we got a really really exciting big journey to do
which might take several months and the traveling and the food experiences we’re
going to get for this are quite amazing whether we be able to we’re doing pretty
well I reckon I mean I haven’t missed a beat we’ve put up a video every second
day since we set off and this last week I’ve managed to put up a video every
single day that I’ll go be going back to alternate days this week because it was
just too tiring wasn’t too tiring it was good fun but it was it’s you know I want
it I want to have some downtime I do have kids if you if you know if you’ve
been following the channel for a while or so summers seen some of these live
chats you know we have children in Melbourne Australia oh excuse me
I’m tired we had nearly three days four days and almost no sleep that’s one of
the downsides I think I’ve been answering some of the comments on
YouTube just recently and I’ve apologized on a few of them that we
haven’t we’ve taken three or four days to get round to answering the the
comments but one of the downsides of traveling is sometimes you end up in
these sort of vortexes or loops of of just never getting enough sleep because
your ivory always moving or you’re always doing something and it just gets
very tiring so I just haven’t been able to catch up I excuse me I’m yawning stope I really just wanted to make this
video to say and well because we had a free day which is which has been rare
this last this last week and when I say a free day I mean we haven’t got a video
going up today Michelle is a sweetheart she’s almost as nice as me Jen yes and I
think where we are at the moment the seafood is pretty good because the water
must be cold because it’s freezing out there yeah when would you visit Alaska we have
got we got some nice thermals in Australia they’re like thermal base
layers I mean they’re very respectful northward politically correct what is
the base layer but they basically thermal under way you know long johns
and tops but they’re actually made of merino wool so merino is like really
good and we we thought because we’re traveling a fairly light this year and
I’ve still got to do that video that travel packing and planning and things
we’ll do that sometime because we’re traveling quite light we
can only take sort of certain amounts of clothing so having fairly you know lots
of t-shirts and light sort of summer weather it’s good to have like a base
there a merino base wet leather you can wear underneath all that sort of light
thin clothing to keep you warm so I think we could just just about do Alaska
we have to get some more clothes oh yeah we haven’t got any clothes into so it’s
like close to close to freezing at the moment where we are and we’ve still got
our open sandals by the time we get there from where we’re from
3 a.m. we won’t know what time of day is anyway we we’re always take change
changing time zones so I’m gonna get off I just wanted to come on and say good
morning cuz we haven’t spoken for a little while and left you all and
probably what I will do in future I don’t know if anybody watches these
videos afterwards but I’m not gonna keep addressing the will I cook thing cuz I
think I’ve done it to death yeah we will do lots of fun to share with you lots of
fun lots of fun things to see over the next week or 10 days I’ve got some
really cool edits that I’m working on I think you’ll enjoy it every now and
again I’m going to do alive just to sort of say hello probably I should do it
when there’s not so much noise in the background I’m not feeling quite so
grouchy I’ve got a feeling on a bit grouchy today little bit yeah I’m a
little bit grouchy this is grouchy Steve good to see you too Keith take care left
you all be good and share the love we will see you very shortly
tomorrow is a Balinese supermarket tour lots of fun and the not the day after
that but the second because I’m going back to being alternate days whatever we
buy in that supermarket we’re going to be eating so sort of Balinese snack
video I don’t know what we would call these videos I keep so I think I
struggled in the video even on your name for it but a Balinese snacks video all
right love you all take care see you very shortly from somewhere very cold in
the world Steven Michelle

Stephen Childs


  1. Sorry I missed your live video a bit early for me. Loving the Bali videos

  2. G'day guys. I'm glad you're traveling. Like you said, you have hundreds of cooking vids and you want a change. Check out Kiev in Ukraine. I'm sure you'll love it. Lot's of good food, nice people and quite cheap. Keep it up!

  3. Glad your both indoors & in the warm then, seeing as you've got the wrong shoes. Lol. Look forwards to the street food vlog, in your secret location. Take care you 2, go get some more shut-eye, & Thanks for sharing. 💖🙂🐶

  4. I saw you posted on Facebook that you were doing a live stream but I just couldn’t stay awake. Lol.

    But to go back to the Kinder eggs, I live in the US and I’ve seen Kinder eggs in stores like CVS. They may not be original version with the toy. That maybe why it can be sold in the US now? shrugs If you’re interested I can snap a picture and send it to you or post it on your Facebook page.

    I’m glad you guys are doing well. Hopefully I’ll catch your next live stream.

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