Stay Soft

Hi I’m GingerPale Do you guys ever like to go out in public naked that’s weird and against the law you need to cover up Well lucky for you. I partnered up with crowd mate and now there’s a GingerPale merch store Let’s all go be a little less naked and a little more legal. Yeah, that’s better So what do we got little embroidered designs always looked really nice to me? So we made two designs One on my head and one of an okay hand that are available on hats tees and sweaters. The sweaters are really soft There’s also these two graphic tees available a small boy and a small boy With actual hands all of these shirts come in a variety of colors that I picked out GingerPale where are my neutral colors the gray and the black I did that on purpose I’m a soft boy who likes soft colors And I want to see you guys be colorful and finally to celebrate the launch of the store There’s a limited time offer OOF t-shirt. This shirt is only available for the first ten days, and then it’s gone forever So get it while you can I recommend you keep checking in regularly for any new additions including other limited time items and who knows? Maybe we might be working on some pins Guess you’ll have to wait and see all the sales go directly towards supporting the channel and helping increase the quantity and quality of videos so thank you for any and all the support you guys give Even just by watching and sharing the videos Now if you guys have any ideas in mind of what you want to see you should go comment that and you might just see It appear in the store sooner or later And I’d love to see you guys wearing some of the merch so feel free to tweet pictures at me at the GingerPale on Twitter thank you so much and new videos coming soon Small box passes by.

Stephen Childs


  1. What about a shirt with a giant Mug-man holding a sign saying, "Tell no 1".

  2. Ginger pale… did you get your own merch from online so you wouldn't have to miss it out or you got your own

  3. Gingy boi you should have a figure of yourself in your animation form

  4. Its the one year anniversary of this video it was made in july,16,2018 now its july,16,2019


  6. I have a suggestion open up a place were people throw money at you

  7. You should make ginger pale posted notes

    Like in the shape of your face

    Edit: this is an actual thing like in the shape of animals and stuff.

  8. We all need need a lemon guy (From the pop culture video.) sweat shirt.

  9. 0:05 why didn’t you show his private part

  10. 1:13 getting tee KO on Apple TV in party packs and playing alone typing empty spaces for every awnser lets you make shirts and get them shipped CHEAP! cant be sponsored here since this is a comment

    and I don't do sponsors

    P.s have a purple one in the middle saying (stay soft) (•-•)

  12. I really wanna see a figure ( like the decoration kind that doesn’t move)

  13. Stay soft so u can have

    a soft spot for Ditto…so if I don't well do or not

  14. Gingerpale: no black and white t-shirt

    Also gingerpale: here's a black oof t-shirt

  15. am I the only one who wants the same soft blue sweater that Gingy had with the purple patches and a soft green on the inside?

  16. Hey you should make a patch I would totally put it on my backpack and I would love to see one

  17. Where I come from it surprisingly is not illegal to go out naked but you will probably get landed in an insane asylum.

  18. I would really like some pins in the store,I really want to put them on my backpack,just a suggestion

    Nvm they have them

  19. I think I speak for everyone when I say WE ALL WANT THE PURPLE HOODIE. The design is so good and I would buy 10. I'm dead serious.

  20. Make merch with all the diffrent kind of play buttons u Can think of

  21. When I saw the oof t shirt, I needed it. I saw it’s no longer available. Nooooooooooooooo

  22. Ooooo u have a. I idea for a merch a coloring book with ginger pale pichers that u can color.

  23. your Oof t-shirt is black even though you said you wanted your merch store to be colorful

  24. gingerpale: lets not be naked covers in between legs

    also gingerpale: puts a shirt on

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