State of NASA: A New Era of Spaceflight

We are in truth leading
the world into a new and dynamic era of
spaceflight. The nation is proudly
behind us in this endeavor. And I am happy to announce
that President Donald Trump’s Fiscal year 2021
budget request invest in NASA more than 25
Billion dollars.On Feb. 10, 2020 NASA
Administrator Jim Bridenstine unveiled our FY 2021 BudgetThat’s a 12% increase and
it includes 3.3 billion dollars for a human
landing system. This is a 21-century
budget worthy of 21 century space exploration
and one of our strongest budgets in NASA’s history. ORION is the first human
spacecraft we’ve built for deep space missions
in over a generation. After final testing is
complete, the Orion will be returned to the Kennedy
Space Center and be stacked atop the space
launch system in preparation for the
Artemis-1 mission. The space launch system
rocket is the foundation with more than a thousand
large and small businesses in 44 states contributing
to the design and assembly. The SLS rocket is in
fact America rocket.The budget fully supports
the Commercial Lunar Payload services to deliver NASA science to the moonThis budget includes more
than 1.5 billion dollars for exploration technology
in support of the Artemis program. The 2021 budget also
strongly support planetary science including
providing funds to study the celestial bodies
around us like never before. The 2021 budget fully
supports aeronautic research that enables
breakthroughs such as our X-57 all electric
experimental airplane. We are also moving forward
on the testing of the low boom flight demonstrator
with anticipated first flights in 2022 This year we must build on
our success by continuing to devote ourselves
to the agency mission. And the science and
technology we are working on right now will prepare
us in this new exploration to take humanities next
giant leap to mars. Friends we are the Artemis
generation and we are going. Thank you so much.

Stephen Childs

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