St. Peter’s hospital doesn’t stop for the holidays

Hospital is a place that no one really wants to be on Christmas especially if you’re the patient but consider the employees who gave up their holiday as well empty Em’s Jakob Fuhrer visited with some staff at Saint Peter’s health to make sure that the hospital continues providing the service that those in need it’s not where anyone hopes to end up on the holidays the array of medical devices and smell of sterile cleaning solutions are a far cry from the aroma of fresh-baked Christmas cookies and presents under the tree but the need for care doesn’t go away just because Santa Claus has come to town our business never stops 24/7 365 the staff at st. Peters know their job is just as important now as any other day very important very vital and it’s not just the doctors and nurses that are here on Christmas we have lots of other staff here and environmental services and sterile processing in the laboratory all the other areas of the hospital that have to be here to make sure that patients are getting the care that they need that there’s so there’s no difference about getting the care on Christmas as any other day of the year Julie Anderson has spent holidays in the past carefully cleaning patients rooms so they have a safe and tidy place to call home even if only for a little while these patients don’t get to go go home for the holidays like we do after our shift so to spend the day with them is I think brings well I can say for myself it brings me joy even if it’s only for 10 minutes while she cleans the room just because we’re not blood family doesn’t mean we’re not family more than 100 people like Andersen are needed to keep the hospital running on Christmas here in laboratory services phlebotomist draw blood and perform tests a critical service to have available at all times lab results help with 70% of diagnosing and treating patients so without that information patients wouldn’t be able to be treated as well others are behind the scenes chopping away in the kitchen giving patients a nutritious Christmas dinner some employees say coming into work on Christmas isn’t so bad when your coworkers are more like your family I enjoy being at the hospital or dunno just like Nami if you like that we have a great team here so even though having to work holidays it’s easier coming in to work with your work family when they are awesome in Helena happy holidays chikka pure MTN news and st. Peter’s clinics are closed on Christmas along with the North clinic Urgent Care and Medical Center Urgent Care but the emergency room is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Stephen Childs

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