SPAIN after a CHALLENGING 8 days at sea! SV Delos Ep.256

Stephen Childs


  1. Greatest university in the world. Real life with real risks that can kill you and your friends. Rueben you have graduated with very high marks! You have gained alot of knowledge in a short time, you have passed the test! Please continue the journey and find a way to help us trapped in 9 to 5 life! love ya mean it!

  2. Ruben, you boarded that boat as a youngster and left as a man! Kudos to you and I know wherever life takes you, you will succeed without a doubt!

  3. Such fun!! I’ve missed way too much along the way, the past two years. Many good things happening in my life, but I’ve missed my constant connection with Delos and her crew. There’s one small item I see in most episodes, however, and I feel as if I’m along for the ride and the adventure. Indeed I am, whether you know it or not!! Love these, and look forward to my project winding down, and my SV Delos time getting more of my attention. Sail on, friends!!

  4. Shhhiiiiii**! I forgot about the whole scholarship thing. Dang it's really sad .. REALLY sad to see him go. You guys chose WELL with him. I'm a little misty-eyed if the truth be told.

  5. EPIC FILM MAKIMG. Bravo. You guys are so brave. Knowing you will have to say adios. Rueben will be missed

  6. Noo….Ruben needs to be a permanent crew member. I know there's tons of 20 somethings out there dreaming about him. But being that I'm old enough to be his mom… I can honestly say I'm just truly going to miss his sunny disposition, his deep thoughts and gratitude for every new experience. You have such a epic journey filled with one successful moment after another awaiting such a awesome guy. Safe travels baby brother. You took us all with you on this one.

  7. Not going to lie ….I'm going to miss Ruben! He came on board not knowing a thing and quickly made himself a valuable piece of the crew. Cheers Ruben..wherever you are in little marble world!

  8. No! You can't send Ruben home! My wife and I love your videos and will miss "Little Brother". Hopefully he will eventually have his own channel. When you make it back to Shilshole we will meet you on the dock for a beer. :0)

  9. That was a beautiful piece of work! Really well done! Blue, they don't have tunnels like that in Petaluma do they.

  10. At last another sailing vid of SV Delos! Once my favourite Channel, anytime I see one of those "Yeah-Faces", hear one of those pathetic emotional outbursts that seem so fake to me, my love for them slowly dies and I think, this is Californication…

  11. Epic video guy's. Just watching your videos am learning a lot. Thanks. 😁👍🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🇿🇦

  12. I really enjoyed and appreciate the part about being honest with everyone watching your channel. 15:38–16:30. That’s what I call being real 100% and I thank you.

  13. Gonna miss that Ruben! What a beautiful character ✌️❤️😜 Wish you the best in life buddy! ⚓

  14. Character building Delos.. what a awesome idea. I didn’t realise it was organised like that.
    Awesome awesome awesome 👏
    Splendid drone shots ..I love the way is when’d true clouds.

    Burnt out crew need a good cocking. Obviously sometimes hard to do too but this food sounded delicious.

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  16. I love you guys..i hope to see Rueben again…and i really hope that the crew sticks together when you pick up Brian and Kazza+1(Sierrra?) Hope to see you guys out there somewhere 2022
    SV Behind Schedule ⛵

  17. a young man gets on a boat with a bunch of strangers and crosses an ocean in a sailboat is a huge achievment. when you have the chance to be stuck that close to people in stressful and life challenging ways and to see how different people overcome the challenges, THAT is growth at a different level. exponential, hyper emotional and psychological growth for anyone, much less a young man as Ruben. you're a legend mate, keep it real!

  18. I am always sad to see crew members leave the boat but it so a part of the Delos story! Enjoy the ride while it lasts because there is always another chapter!!

  19. All the best for the future Ruben its been great watching your adventure via Youtube. And thanks the rest of Delos crew I love travelling the world from my armchair with you, one day I might get sailing myself.

  20. I'm not crying. You're crying.
    There could not have been a more perfect crew member for Delos than Ruben

  21. Ruben, little bro. Until manana. I know you will enjoy life no matter where you go or what you do.
    Brady, I've never seen you so spent on camera. I actually felt sorry for you on that one watch when you were swaying around the captain's chair. Same to everyone else. You're champs.
    I've always been amazed by all the Europeans that make that passage down the Eastern Atlantic to the Med. I had already decided that I never want to do it. You sealed that decision. To heck with character building on that passage. LOL

  22. I have been following this channel long before La vagabond came into the picture … this channel has matured a bit… there was a boring lull from Madagascar to USA …but I have started watching again ..

  23. I love seeing that Bermuda Flag sticker in every episode now. Great episode and great endurance. Peace and love from Bermuda!

  24. I ordered a Ruben the other day, I was sooooooooo good yummy. Ruben you have been a delight an watching you react every time you see or learn something new, you deserve the best of life. Hoping to see more of your own journey. If every in the states your welcome to stop by we can jam a little~ be safe, be you, keep it honest ~

  25. We get to watch this stuff for free. Between Pewty Pie and epic fail vids, we get to watch this amazing journey for free. Does Delos realize how good they’ve gotten at producing? Go back to season 3 or 4. The heart is the same; but the quality is insane.

  26. ⛵ You have my thanks and respect. So many challenges, but you meet them head on. Brady you are an awesome Captain with a great Crew. Stay well and safe.

  27. Loved it, loved it loved it. Brady you mentioned being itchy. Maybe you just need a shave and a haircut. Worth a shot. Ha. Keep smiling and sail on.

  28. Awe.. Man let him come back and stay. He always made me laugh. I will really miss you Ruben.

  29. Will definitely miss Ruben. He's been a really entertaining member of the Delos crew.

  30. I’m truly going to miss Rueben. Such a humble and honest young man.
    Rueben you’re a good egg! 👊🏻👌🏻

  31. Y'all are the best and always will be! How are Brian and Karen and new baby doing? Miss seeing them and am curious as to how they are now living their lives? Ruben was the bomb! Always full of enjoying life! You need to plan an encore soon!

  32. Will you guys redo the tape wrap on the steering wheel? It looks like its got some stories under its belt.

  33. I finally did it!!! I watched every single SV Delos episode! It's taken me about two years to catch up but now I can finally hit that subscribe button and watch episodes as they are released! Thank you, crew, for so much entertainment. I've learned a lot. ❤

  34. Me: Sitting here daydreaming (selfishly) that Ruben's now-unoccupied bunk is up for grabs. I could be that guy. I'm totally bunk certified.
    Boss enters: "Are you done with those reports yet?"
    Me: "why not me delos, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
    My boss: " watching sailing again huh… so, that's a no?"

    Cheers to you Ruben, wish you all the best!!!

  35. I'd like to see a summary comment from Ruben when he's back home, after a week or two to reflect. Are you going back to Uni, or what? Now you have time to look back: how would you sum it all up? And what does the future hold for Ruben? (You could also follow-up on other ex-members of the crew – where they've got to and what they are doing.)

  36. Always, always such kind, real & genuine. So many good life lessons and frame of mind.

  37. Why don't you fish ??
    Vegan is only tasty so long.
    Protein's every where around you.
    WTFish ?? lol

  38. thanks for being real! Ups, Downs. Through it all SV Delos is the REAL thing. Gonna miss Lil Bro-ruben.

  39. This footage 🤯 vegetation is so dense 💚 hidden treasures! Ruben is so sweet and so is everyone else. Well done guys!!

  40. 11 min in and this 43 year old Viking looking tough Australian male is crying like a child about baby brother leaving, 😳😳😳🤦🏽‍♂️

  41. ohh. Ruben mate wish you all the best for your life ahead. Loved watching you interact with the rest of the Delos crew and im sure they are going to miss you but your now lifelong friends! May it be filled with Happiness and Laughter. If you are ever in LA and want to see some cool bands hit me up. From the Brit in California. Cheers mate all the best.

  42. Brady, what Garmin watch do you have? Is it the new sailing or diving watch that they make?

  43. Sad to see Rueben leave, respect! Can someone tell me why they were flying the Canadian flag?

  44. Dusty as hell in here, must need to vacuum. Peace Ruben, it's been a lot of fun watching your experience on Delos!

  45. Hope Ruben can utilize his experiences on board Delos to have a better and fruitful life!

  46. Hi SV DELOS Hope to see you all in November, Have fun enjoy wish you all the Best

  47. Sorry if I missed it, but why all the hand steering? AP give up the ghost? At 17:30 the AP course is adjusted 2 degrees starboard, and the next second the hand is back on the wheel?

  48. Have not liked any of the vids since leaving Brian and Karin to go to Sweden. Lot of young people saying " Like YeaH"

  49. Ruben was the best ,on that passage it was worse as 4 on not 5 and if he could of stayed longer he would ,will he come back at some point that is the question will little brother be aboard later !!!!!!!!

  50. Episode's with see ya laters in them are always so sad, but happy for Rueben and how he really grasped what being on Delos was about. He was such a great fit. I will miss watching him with the crew.
    Delighted to finally see you arrive in Lanzarote we vacation there so often so I can't wait to see the crews angles and take of the island.

  51. Reuben has restored my faith in this generation. What a wonderful young human being. We’ve enjoyed watching him grow over these few short months. Thank you @sailingSVDelos for things like the scholarship that gives this next generation a chance to see the world in such a special way.

  52. Ruben was such a great addition to the Delos crew, I hope to see him back on board in the future. Im also looking forward to Brian and Kaza's return as well. Keep up the good work

  53. something to be said about the energy from younger people. I find it inspiring and interesting how when the world changes, their mindset and problem solving skills change as well. I have faith in the youth of today. Sorry to see Reuben go but Delos will go on to inspire more and I love every minute of it.

  54. Wow, Ruben has flown the coop. Does NOT seem right… but maybe, just MAYBE we will see him somewhere in the future… who knows…. hope you're doing well man!! After watching you crazy buggers for 3 years, I think the crew is as tight as I have ever seen it. Everyone is SO chilled, just enjoying being alive and having good people to share it with. Can you feel the envy????

  55. Where in the world does Reuben call home? I don't think I ever caught that info. 'Just wondering.

  56. Ruben will be missed… Hopefully you guys will be able to reconnect with him when you get to Europe sometime in the near feature. sad days to say bye to such a cool guy.
    p.s. Ruben good vibes a good journey, fair seas and fair winds little brother.

  57. What an incredible video! …and saying good bye to Ruben activated the tear ducks! The editing was amazing. Thanks as always!

  58. Wow, 10:30 broke me, Happy & Sad,.. uggh., I have only shed one other tear watching sailing channels. #thumbsup

  59. We just watch the documentary Chasing Bubbles didn’t realize you were in it briefly

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