Sneak Attack Squad Capture The Bag! Hide and Seek Vs The Babysitters!

(footsteps) – Is it clear? – Yeah. – Hey guys we’re back
at aunt Jenna’s house, because last time we were
here we forgot our bag. – Yeah and Dara Collgenson
said we’re never gonna see that bag again. – Come with us guys sneak
attack squads gonna get that bag back. (chiming music) – Good job. (drilling) – That was too easy. – Yeah I know she wasn’t
even expecting us. Let’s just get the bag
and get out of here. – Well I don’t see the bag. – Isn’t this where you left it? – I left it right there. – Well it’s not here anymore. So she obviously put it somewhere else. – We gotta find it. – All right here’s what we’re gonna do. You got your walkie talkie? – Yeah. – All right we’re gonna
split up and look for the bag in the house. – What’s all that noise on the roof? – I don’t know. There like doing construction
up there or something. It’ll just help us with the noise. – Okay we can mask the noise with the construction noise. – Exactly I’ll search downstairs and you search up here. – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – I hope there is something in this room. (laughing) Nic and sneaky that’s for sure. Stickers. (beep) – Ethan. (beep) – What was that? – Oh I need to get out of here. – I heard something. I think it was coming from over here. (suspenseful music) (crying) – I guess I’m hearing things. Are you ready for a nap? Let’s go take a nap. (beep) – WHat’s wrong with you,
you almost got me caught. – I found the sneak
attack squad store do you want anything from here. – No keep looking. – I don’t know where else to look. – [Ethan] Try some other rooms. Hurry up. (drilling) – Maybe it’s here. Ah ha. Cole, Cole. – What? – I got it. – You got the bag? – No I got a unicorn. Yes I got the bag. – Awesome. Where’s aunt Jenna? – She’s putting the baby
to bed in the other room. – Okay meet me by the
backdoor where we came in. (beep) – Ten four. I got the bag. Okay where’s the best way out back. – Hello anybody home? (crying) – I hope she will go to sleep. – Oh there you are. – Well hey what are you doing here? – I just came to see the baby. – Oh I just put her down
but she’s not sleeping very well ’cause of all the construction on the roof. – Awe that’s no good do you have any thing to eat though. I’m kinda hungry. – Yeah let’s go see what we got. – Oh great now aunt Jacey’s here. – Well how are we gonna get out now? – All right go downstairs
and cause a distraction, and I can see what I can do up here. – Okay. Hold this I’ll be faster without it. – All right. – That baby is not going to go to bed. – Just go get here. – Yeah I guess I’ll take here out. It’s so noisy in here. (suspenseful music) – Where is the peanut butter? – Big squishy bread. (crying) – It’s okay. I’ll be right back. Find something to eat. – Yeah. I’m just gonna have a sandwich. – Okay I put the baby in the play pin. (sneezing) – What is this? – Uh bread probably. – Very funny. Ha ha ha. – What are you talking about? – You’re fake bread. It’s hilarious. – Okay. – I have an idea get ready to blast. – Standing by. – I expect this from
your, Kyle but not you. – Now what am I going to eat>- Well there’s always fake bread. – Ha ha. Very funny. – Do it now. – What is this? (screams) – Why’d you do that? – Do what? – Oh Yeah? – I’ll shoot you in the teeth. – Ow. Oh yeah? Well you missed my teeth. – What should we do now? – This. – Let’s go. – So you’re saying you didn’t blast me? – No I didn’t. Not until you blasted me. – So if you didn’t blast me then who did? Oh, I know who did. – It’s the boys isn’t it? Ethan and Cole are here. – Oh no the bag. – Aunt Jenna’s about to find out that we have the bag. She hides nerf blasters in her closet. Hand me the mask. – They got it. – Don’t you have nerf
blasters in the hall closet? – Yeah. Let’s get them. They’re in here. (screaming) – We got the bag, we got the bag. So easily. – Hey guys, comment of
the week comes from… – Nobody. – Wow I’d really like a
comment. It says a lot. Yeah Youtube’s been
changing some stuff so we don’t have a comment right now. – From now one there is
no comment of the week. I’m really sorry. – But there is Instagram
comment of the week. Follow us there will be a
link in the description. Send us an awesome comment. – Picture of the week comes from… – Troy and Tyrone. – They’re from Japan. – I wanna go to Japan
it looks awesome there. – And that’s a cool costume. – Check out the extreme toy
store, we got wristbands, that’s a wristband, that’s a hat. We’ve got tons of other stuff anyway. – Shirts coming soon. – As always Thank you all
for watching we’ll see you next time.

Stephen Childs

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