Simon’s 2019 Holiday Release + Card Sketches & Cards!

– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another video
on my YouTube channel. So, today just a few minutes ago, I’m planning to have this video up right when this release goes live. Just a few minutes ago, the
brand new holiday release from Simon Says Stamp just went up. This is an awesome
release, and I wanted to walk you through every single
product in the release, and sketch ideas for a few of them. And then hopefully make a
couple cards with it as well, all in this video. So this is going to be
a very lengthy video, just a heads up. I will have timestamps
down in the comments. I’ll have a comment pinned at the very top that will give you the
times of when each product is spoken about, and also when
the cards were being made. I don’t plan to do like a
ton of cards, but who knows? I’m very inspired by all these products. I might make more than just a couple. So, the plan is at the
beginning of the video I’m going to be showing you the products that I contributed to the release. These are things that I designed. And I’m going to sketch
out some ideas with them. Just things that I had in my mind as they were being designed and developed. And I’ll be using those
sketches for the actual cards that I make. And then, the rest of the
products that are in the release, I’m gonna show you those as well. I don’t think I’ll have time
to do sketches for them, but I wanted to show you them
because they are excellent, they’re so amazing, and I
can’t wait to use some of them in my upcoming holiday card series. Which will be starting in a couple weeks. If you’ve been around in previous years, you know that this is one of
my most favorite times of year. My holiday cards series is
when I share a holiday card Monday, Wednesday and Friday
until I’ve shared 25 of them. So it starts at the end of October and runs through mid-December. So, takes you all the way
through the holiday season, up until nearly Christmas. So let’s get going here. I’m gonna start with the dies. In fact I’m gonna get my
sketchbook out over here. This is the last card that I just posted. That probably looks
familiar if you’ve seen it. If not, I’ll have it linked
up in the top corner. You can check out this card. It’s a circle shaker card. Okay, so, this is Christmas foliage, and it actually is the same designs as the Christmas foliage stencil that came out in Stamptember,
I think it was Stamptember. So you could pair these
really well together. In fact, I think I would
probably do something like that on a card. I’m gonna zoom in so you guys
can see this a little better. Okay, so I probably would
do something like that. Where I’ve got all the
Christmas foliage stencil, and then have like the die cuts on top. Maybe a sentiment coming off the side with a little ribbon end. Something like that. And I’ll figure out a
greeting when I get to them. All right, I’ve got three new snowflakes. Let me get all of the snowflakes here, so I can show you them all at once. Okay, here are the three
snowflakes in this release. I definitely will be
using these at some point. These are middle names of
people that I know, or me. My middle name’s Marie, so finally I have a snowflake named after me. If you’ve followed all of these snowflake dies in the past, I try
to design a few snowflakes every year, and in the
past they’ve been named after different people. My nieces, friend’s
daughters, just whatever. Mostly female names. And this year we have
Lea, Grace and Marie, and I just love them so much. So I will be using these
snowflakes at some point. I don’t know exactly how. But let’s set these aside for a minute. I’m sure I’ll sketch with some
snowflake designs in mind. Got two background stamps. This is Leaves & Berries, which is a really
elegant one which I think would be really, really pretty
embossed on a dark surface. So maybe like navy with gold on top. I think that would be gorgeous. And I think it’d be a great opportunity to bring in one of those snowflakes. So maybe I’ll just sketch
out that idea real quick. So maybe I’ve got, it would be matted. Leaves and berries. Darker card stock plus gold emboss. And then, a couple snowflakes. Gold snowflakes. These are kind of like
similar designs actually. And then on this one maybe
there’s a very small greeting coming in from the side. I’m just getting some idea out of my head. Okay, this one is Christmas Kaleidoscope. I think it’s so pretty. It’d be great to watercolor or color. I’m trying to think what I could do. I think it’d be cool to have a background and then have the color
blend in from the edges, and so it’s more glowing in the center. I think that could be really, really cool. Let me take this out so it’s not glaring quite as much, there we go. Have it kind of glowing from the center. And in fact maybe that’s when I could put one of these snowflakes
right in the center, and then build a greeting on top. And I want to show that it’s
like dark along the edges. And gets lighter into the center, where there’s a snowflake. This is a really bad
drawing of a snowflake. And then maybe there’s a
greeting right over the center. So die cut snowflake. Dark corner blending. All right, so I think that’s something that I could do with that one,
incorporate the snowflakes. I think that’d be really, really cool. All right, I’ve got two stencils. I have Holiday Sweater and Snowflakes. So, some of these snowflakes
will look familiar. I think this one came
out in a die last year. I don’t think this one’s ever been a die, or maybe something similar. There’s some really
simple snowflake shapes, great for layering. And I think you could do maybe
like ink blending these on in colorful, like a different selection of colorful colors, and
then maybe over the top then do VersaMark, and then emboss. I think that would be a really
cool layering technique. So, maybe, maybe it’s like this. We’ve got some color
coming in from the bottom. Like, it would be like
a blended background. And then you’ve got a bunch of snowflakes. And then metallic snowflakes over the top. And you could even, I
think it’d be really cool to not only have them stenciled on but then maybe bring in some
of these die cut snowflakes. So maybe these are die cut
out of like a foil card stock. I think that could be
really, really pretty, and add a lot of shine
to the card as well. All right here we have
Holiday Sweater stencil. I think this is really cute. If you guys can see,
all the little intricate little areas almost look like hearts. I think that’s so cute. Okay so, I think this one could also be really cool with maybe
like a dark card stock, and then white pigment ink stenciled over. So that there’s a very faint pattern. I think that could be really cool. This is Holiday Greetings mix one. So many absolutely
fabulous greetings to use. Lots of different sizes too. I like to have some variety. I was thinking that with this sweater, the holiday sweater stencil,
it would be kind of cool to have maybe it’s like
three different colors blended in the background. And then, the sweater pattern over the top blended in those colors again, so it just intensifies the colors. And maybe it’s the lightest
right across the center. And then have a greeting
right over that middle. So like this merry and bright could go right over the middle of that. And it would create the greeting area. You could also do the same with
this large merry right here. I think that would be really pretty. The peaceful at the bottom
would look really cool too. I love that there’s so many
backgrounds in this release. Not just that I contributed. I think there is maybe one,
two, three, four, five, six. I think there’s five more backgrounds. You’ll see in here in a minute. But, I love that there’s
so many backgrounds. Also, these snowflakes up
here are the same designs as this year’s snowflake dies. So there’s so many
greetings that you could do with these stamps. So I’m going to just sketch out that idea with the holiday sweater. All right so I’m going to have color coming from each end, and
kind of lighter in the middle. And then I want greeting in the center. And maybe I can die
cut a little snowflake, and kind of just have it off
to the side or something. Or maybe some sequins or something. Okay this season’s greetings box, I think that would look really well with probably this one right
here, the die cut snowflake. I think that could be cool. It’s probably just about the right size to go over this largest snowflake. Let’s check. Oh yeah, that’d be really pretty, going right across that
center of that snowflake. It’s a little bit hard to
see, but I can see in person. Okay so, season’s greetings. As you can tell, like I’m not careful with my handwriting when
I’m sketching ideas. We have a few more items to go over. These are things, let’s see, just a couple more dies actually. This one is sort of a little
bit like the snowflake, but not really. Let me take this out so you can see it. I think it’s gonna be really cool. So you can see that there’s
like pine tree design right here but then there’s the sprigs, and then the berries or the leaves. It’s a really, really cool design here. And I think it would be really beautiful cut out of foil card stock, or
cut out of regular card stock and then metallic heat embossed on top. I think that could be
really, really pretty. Or glitter paper. And maybe I’ll pair it with a couple of these other background
stamps that are in the release. So we’ll get to that in a minute here. In previous releases, these
greetings that have the words and then a box on top
have been really popular, so I did a couple more of these. Here’s the joyful frame. Obviously joyful’s backwards,
but very thin lined frame, and then the letters are cut out. So, you could actually use the letters separately from the square, from the box. You could use it on a different project. I think that could be really, really cool. That is an option, and then
this one is a merry frame. So, it’s kind of the same idea, except it’s all in one line. So those are a couple more options that I could use on my cards. All right, so I’m gonna
try to pair these up with some other products
that are in the release. All right let’s get into the other ones. I have a huge stack here. I’m telling you, this
is a really big release. It’s so awesome though, I love it, okay. So here we go. Ornamental Wreath. It’s really, really pretty. And I’ll try to put on screen what these look like when they’re cut out, because I think they look really cool. So Ornamental Wreath. Here is Leaf Branch Oval. And it does not cut this area right here. So then you can stamp a greeting on it. I think this would make a
really cool shaker card. And I think, yeah, a
couple of these greetings, these smaller greetings on the stamp set would fit right in that area right there. So happy holiday wishes
could go right there. Happy Christmas, I think
that could be beautiful. The peaceful will not fit,
it’s a little too big. All right here is Gnome. So you get the outer area of the gnome, and then you get all the
pieces that you can cut in separate colors and piece them together on top of the background. By the way, the metallic
sheets that I have in my die pockets, I just bought a bunch of metallic sheet, like
magnetic sheets on Amazon. I’ll have them linked,
I’ll have them linked down below if you want to get these. They’re thin enough that you can cut with your paper trimer,
so I really like these. And as you saw with this one,
I keep all the little scraps, because sometimes you
don’t have a ton of dies, you just have a few. All right, here is Christmas Bulbs. Lots of different sizes. So you can put a string on your card and have the dies kind of dangling down. I think that’d be really pretty. This one is prayers. It’s a little bit hard to
see just the die itself, what it looks like. So I’ll put an image on screen so you can see what it looks like. But, I think this could
be really, really great for not only sympathy
cards but for the holidays if you want to say like
sending holiday prayers, or prayers to see you soon,
or anything like that. I think there’s a lot of
greeting opportunities there. All right this one is from Cathy Zielske. Such cute little reindeer in a row. Adorable, I love that one. Okay this one, I think it’s
gonna be a really big seller. So, especially because I’ve talked to some of the other Simon designers that have received
product and they’re making projects for the release. They are all loving this one. Shari Carroll hit it out of
the park with this design. It’s so fun to color. So if you want this background stamp, you might want to like
really get on it right now, because I think it’s going
to sell out this first round. Of course Simon will
restock as fast as they can. But if you want to make sure you have it as soon as you possibly
can so you get working on your holiday cards, you
might want to pick this up sooner rather than later. In fact, I think this is giving
me an idea for another card. So, maybe I’ll do a square card. And it’ll be all the candy canes. This is gonna be a really bad sketch. Candy canes, right,
candy canes everywhere. And then, I think I’m gonna put this really long stamp, or
maybe it won’t be square. Maybe it has to be a portrait card, but put this right over the top. So it would have to be kind of
like candy cane colored dark. So like a dark background. Maybe the red shades on the candy canes. And then have this
greeting across the center. So, tall greeting heat embossed. I think that could be really,
really cool, really dramatic. That could be fun too. Okay so, here’s one that
Nina-Marie Trapani did. So pretty. In fact you’re gonna see this design in a couple other stencils,
which I think are really fun. This looks like it would
be phenomenal for coloring. So fun. Here’s another one, I think
this one is from Nina as well. Outline Christmas Bulbs. Love that, I love all the
strings going through. This will be so fun to color. So many great coloring
options in this release, you’re just gonna die. Those of you who love to watercolor or color with markers or things like that, color pencils, so many
options in this release. Here’s a fun background from Cathy. This is a Reindeer Background. It’s similar to the little reindeer, row of reindeers on the die. So cute. I could picture some kind
of really preppy looking card designs with this. Maybe like, trying to think, like a dark green background with like a lighter green pigment ink
stamped, like a tone on tone. I think that could be
really, really pretty. All right here’s another one from Cathy. Clean Line Trees. So sorry if there is some glare on these. You’re seeing the reflection
of my camera that’s up above. These are so fun, I love these. They look so much like Cathy, because she loves her trees like this. I think they could be super, super cute. All right here’s that stencil set, one of them that I was referring to. This one is actually a layering set. So you have just the flowers. And then you have the leaves. And then you have the pine
sprigs, and then the berries. So you can layer all of these together to create a really cool pattern. You kind of see how they fit together. So, what I’m going to
do, and I haven’t used this stencil yet, so this is purely like, you know, I’m doing it right
now as I’m thinking about it. I’m going to use a marker,
because these line up perfectly right now. I’m gonna use a Sharpie marker, and I’m just going to put a little dot in the top right corner of each of these. So I know that’s the corner
that lines them all up. Just so I have a reference. All right next we have Gnomes, and you can build your
own little gnome guy. So cute, they even have
different sizes for noses. Different patterns to go
on the body of the gnome. Or I guess you could
even put them on the hat if you wanted to. All right here is that Winter Floral. This is basically the same
design but all together. So you don’t have to do the layering of all the different pieces. You can use them all at the same time. All right now we’ve got
just the last few stamps. These are all four by six stamps. This is Clean Line Christmas
from Cathy Zielske. I cannot wait to use these. I love the very thin lined dainty words. Let me take this out. Hopefully you guys can
see a little bit better. There we go. I love it, the greetings
are all really good. Peace and love to you, calm
and bright, silent night. Love these. I love how dainty it is. I’m just picturing so much
metallic heat embossing, it’s not even funny. So cool. Okay before I move onto these other ones, I wanted to, there were
a couple of my dies that I didn’t do sketches for yet. So I’m thinking that the layered, what was it called? Winter Floral Layering Set. I think I want to do that one. And, layer it on the background. So, four color stencil
layering, over black. And, I think I’m gonna see if I can, I don’t know if this
little concept will work. But I’m gonna try to stencil the color on, and then come back
again and just sponge on a little bit of VersaMark
around the edges of the flowers, and then sprinkle on embossing powder. I don’t know if that will work, but I kind of want to get like
a kind of sparkly edged look on the flowers, so I’m gonna try that. Okay, I think I want to put
this merry over the top. And then that idea that I spoke about about having like a
tone on tone background. This would be a really simple card because I’m mostly gonna have
it focus on this background. So maybe I should have
a fun kind of cut out. So, okay, let’s have the background. And then I’m going to cut out a square. I’ll probably have to do it by hand. And then have the joyful
die cut in the center. So there’s some depth there. I think that could be really, really cool. Okay, and the last few stamp sets. This one is Peace, Love and Belly Rubs. There is a coordinating
die for it as well. But I just want to show you guys how cute these little guys
are, these little dogs. So adorable. So this one is Peace, Love and Belly Rubs. All right, next we have Falling For You, which is more autumn themed than holiday, but still really, really cute
with these little critters. The greetings are smaller,
so if you’re looking for some smaller greetings for your cards, if that’s more your speed, this would be a great stamp set for you. And last but not least is Christmas Globe, which I think might have a die set with it but I don’t have it on hand. So, so cute, I love this tree right here. And these are all very
thinly lined images. So, they’d work really well
for no line coloring as well. So, this is Christmas Globe. Okay so, like I said,
this video is gonna be super, super long. I’m gonna go in and I think
I’m gonna make three cards. I think I’m gonna do this one right here, I think that could be really fun. The ink blended from the
corner with the snowflake, and that other stamp. I want to try this layered stenciling, putting the gold edges on the flowers. I think that could be really pretty. And then I think I also
want to try this ink blended from the top
with the sweater stencil. So, those are the three that
I’m going to attempt to make. We’ll see how it goes. Okay, we’re heading
straight into the two cards that I made first. So, I’m going to start out by
putting some teal card stock in my MISTI stamp positioning tool. And I’m using the Leaves and
Berries background stamp. And I’m stamping that in VersaMark ink. I’m then sprinkling on some
clear embossing powder. This is actually icicle embossing powder from Brutus Monroe. And I’ll just tap off the excess, and then hit that with my heat tool until everything’s smooth and melted. Now since I was kind of doing
the more simple card design, I decided to make two cards. This other one is using red card stock with the Christmas
Kaleidoscope background. Same idea though, clear embossing powder. I then took some soft navy ink from Simon and ink blended that onto
the sides and corners of this teal piece. And that really makes a dramatic border around the outside edge. Makes the center stand out in a little bit of a lighter color. Did the same exact thing on the red piece, except I used dark chocolate
ink, also from Simon. So these two pieces are just about ready to start putting the greeting together. I’m gonna cut some snowflakes. I’ve got two separate six by six pads from Die-Cuts with a View. I’m not sure if either of these pads are still available, so I’ll try to link to some glitter paper and some foil paper down in the video
description, or at my blog, if you’re looking to purchase something like this for your own crafting. So I have some gold foil, kind of like a pale blue glitter paper. And then a silver glitter paper. So I cut out some snowflakes. I put the silver or the white glitter, and the light blue on my blue card. And then the gold foil
snowflake on the red card. For greetings on both of these cards, I use the same season’s greetings stamp from that big stamp set that
you saw earlier in the video. And on the brown one I used a spare piece of brown card stock from lawn fawn from my previous video, and
I stamped it in versamark. Added some gilded embossing
powder from Brutus Monroe. Heat set that until it was melted, and then trimmed it out. And it’s the perfect
size to go over the top of the Marie snowflake,
which is the larger of the three snowflakes. I did the same exact steps
but with navy card stock and sterling embossing
powder from Brutus Monroe for the other card. So, on the red card the edges are brown and I have a brown greeting. On the blue card, I have navy edges, or navy ink on the edges,
so I used navy card stock for the greeting. I adhered the snowflakes using some Gina K Designs Connect Glue. And then when it came to
putting on the actual greetings, I put some foam adhesive
right on the back, and then put those
directly onto the cards, over the snowflake areas. So those are the first two cards. Rather simple cards, but
very dramatic looking. I love cards like this for the holidays. And I really enjoyed
using these backgrounds. I can’t wait to use
them a little bit more. So, now we’re gonna go
straight into the second card, and this was the card sketch with the Christmas sweater stencil. And this card idea sort
of morphed a little bit. If you remember I wanted the
color at the top and bottom, and have it fade in the middle. I decided to swap that
and do the opposite, and have the colors in the middle, and have them fade to white. I thought it would look a
little bit more dramatic. And I also wanted to have the greeting over the middle area. And I couldn’t have the greeting be white over white card stock,
that wouldn’t really work. So I knew I had to have
the color in the center. So I started out with peacock
feathers, blended that. And then added some chip sapphire. I’m using live changing blender brush from Picket Fence Studios. And that’s how I get a pretty soft blend coming out from both of these colors. I then taped my piece down
to my work surface here, so it wouldn’t move. And then I placed that
Christmas Sweater stencil right over the top. I’m gonna tape this in place as well so that I can blend over the top. Using that same blender brush, I’m adding some peacock feathers
at the top of the stencil. Then I’m coming in with chipped sapphire and I’m bringing that chipped
sapphire up a little bit above the area that’s blended underneath. And also bringing it
down below a little bit. And then changing colors
at the very bottom to peacock feathers. This is going to give me a really cool kind of multicolor effect
over this entire background. I really love how that turned out. It was sort of an experiment,
and I’m glad it worked out. Now like I mentioned
before, I’m gonna have the greeting in white, so it’s
going to be heat embossed. So I wanted to test the area to make sure no heat embossing powder would stick. So I dried it with the heat tool to make sure the ink was completely dry, and then sprinkled on some
white embossing powder. Now I’m glad I checked,
because as you could see, some of it stuck to it. So I brushed off the excess,
and then dried it some more, and then it was ready for some stamping. I’m using that peaceful stamp
from the large stamp set. I’m gonna prep the area with
an antistatic powder tool before I stamp. And then I inked out my
stamp with VersaMark ink. I pressed that down onto my background, and then I can sprinkle on
some white embossing powder. This is alabaster embossing powder from Brutus Monroe. I’ll tap off the excess, and then hit that with my heat tool until
that entire stamped image is smooth and melted. I then grabbed a couple
other little stamps from the stamp set. One says wishing you a, and
the other says Christmas. And I stamped those onto
some navy card stock in VersaMark ink. Used that same embossing powder and then trimmed them down
to very small narrow strips. As far as assembling this card goes, I put some foam adhesive on the back, and then put it directly
onto a white card base. This card base is made out
of some Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 110 pound card stock. Place those smaller two greetings on some foam tape, and
there is the second card, well third I guess. I’m going onto the fourth card, and this one has that layering stencil. And, this kind of took a turn. I wasn’t entirely sure how to do the gold that I had in my mind. And this is a little
bit what I came up with. I hope you guys enjoy. I think it looks pretty cool. So I started out with some six by six black card stock from Hero Arts. And I brought in some
candied apple oxide ink, Distress Oxide ink. And I just used a blender
brush to add that ink over the first layer of the stencil. I removed that stencil, and then moved onto the next layer where I used peeled paint ink. This is another oxide ink. And by the way, these
stencils cleaned up so easy using this oxide ink,
because the oxide ink is water reactive. So the minute you put this stencil underneath some water in the sink, the ink just pools right off, it slides right off the stencil. It’s a really great clean up. I then used lucky clover
for a little bit more of an intense green for the pine needles. And for the very last layer, this is when I discovered
that I had put the dots wrong in the top corner. This last layer, I thought
that doesn’t look quite right, so I started rotating
the stencil a little bit, trying to figure out where I went wrong. And this last turn
right here looks perfect because it puts those dots
in the center of the flowers. So, in order to remove
the dot I put on earlier I grabbed an alcohol wipe and then just wiped that Sharpie ink right
off the corner of my stencil. And then while it was turned correctly I grabbed another marker and
put that dot up in the corner. I did this last layer using some white pigment ink from Simon. And I just rubbed that on there. Now here is where I started to
experiment with adding gold. I decided I better try
this on some scratch paper, which I’m glad I did. I tried a couple different methods of trying to put VersaMark
ink on the flowers. And I didn’t really like
the look of any of them. So I decided to scrap that idea and paint on the metallic color. So I’m using some Finetec paints, and I did a little bit of experimenting on that flower on the very edge. And then decided to just go for it. So I took this gold shade and with the very small paintbrush, this is a size, I think it’s a zero zero from, it’s an American Journey brush. I used the gold on the red flowers. I used a green shade
from the Finetec palette over the leaves. I then switched to more of a teal shade, or aqua shade for the pine needles. And then I finished off
with a white silvery shade to coat all of those dots. And I really love how it made the edges of the images look like they were glowing. Now while I had my paints out, I decided to go ahead and paint some gold onto black card stock that
I could use for my die cut. If you remember correctly, I am using the Marie frame die cut. And I did the words in gold, and the background with white card stock. And I ran that through
my Gemini Junior machine, and then I had the pieces all cut out so that I could assemble them. I put some Gina K Connect Glue on the back of that gold frame, and then put that directly
onto the white card stock. The thing that was
interesting about having that gold painted onto black card stock and then die cut is that
some of the gold paint flakes off a little bit. So you get sort of like
an aged antique gold look. I think it was really kind of a fun idea, and I might have to visit
that in a different card later because I think that was
an accidental kind of find, but looks really cool in person. Put some foam tape behind that Merry, and then put everything on
a five by seven card base. So those are all four
of my cards for today. Hope you guys enjoyed the sketch ideas and seeing this entire release. I think it’s such a strong holiday release with so many different things to do. Lots and lots of technique
ideas in the back of my mind. Thank you so much for watching today, and make sure you check
out those links down below in the video description,
and over at my blog. And on screen, I’ve got three
more card ideas for you. These are my most recent videos, I hope you’ll check those out. And if you haven’t subscribed
to my YouTube channel yet, please do, and hit that notification bell when you subscribe. Thanks for watching today. I will be back very soon
with another card video.

Stephen Childs


  1. Thanks for tuning in! Which card is your favorite?? Here are the timestamps for all the products shown + the card designs…

    Christmas Foliage dies – 2:11
    Marie Snowflake die – 2:59
    Grace Snowflake die – 2:59
    Lea Snowflake die – 2:59
    Leaves & Berries Background stamp – 3:56
    Christmas Kaleidoscope Background stamp – 5:07
    Snowflakes stencil – 6:12
    Holiday Sweater stencil – 7:31
    Holiday Greetings Mix 1 stamps – 8:01
    Holly and Pine Frame die – 10:39
    Joyful Frame die – 11:22
    Merry Frame die – 11:49
    Ornamental Wreath die – 12:24
    Leaf Branch Oval die – 12:36
    Gnome dies – 13:09
    Christmas Bulbs dies – 13:44
    Prayers die – 13:55
    Deer in a Row die – 14:16
    Candy Cane Background stamp – 14:25
    Outline Winter Floral Background stamp – 16:08
    Christmas Bulbs Background stamp – 16:23
    Reindeer Background stamp – 16:43
    Clean Line Trees Background stamp – 17:11
    Winter Floral Layerings stencils – 17:30
    Gnomes stencil – 18:31
    Winter Floral stencil – 18:45
    Clean Line Christmas stamps – 19:03
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