(Sikh Temple) GURUDWARA IN USA | My Hitchhiking trip 2018

We are near Miami This is a Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) in Ranches This is going to be my first visit to a Gurudwara in USA I visited a Gurudwara in Malaysia Now I am going to show an American Gurudwara This is Ranches We are in Florida state of the USA over there is the Gurudwara I am happy to see a Sardar ji (Sikh) A lot of kids wearing a turban Always cover your head while visiting a Gurudwara You can use anything to cover your head a kerchief, cap, scart, anything… Rahul is holding the camera now. I feel at home when I am in a Gurudwara It feels like I am in India He says, the food is smelling so good you can use these kerchiefs to cover your head He has already taken one from here You also have to wash your feet while entering a Gurudwara Though most of you must be knowing about this Even while entering in Mosques we have to wash our feet Every Gurudwara in the world hosts a religious function on every Sunday I have seen this in Shillong, Guwahati, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc.. Though in the big Gurudwaras such activities happen daily The biggest Gurudwara, The Golden Temple in Amritsar operates a round the clock community kitchen Today is a Sunday Its 3 pm The function must have started around 11 am here This is the worship place Thats the community kitchen, The Langar Hall Rahul has already started eating Kadhi and Rice I love Kheer Especially if it is offered in a Gurudwara i had a very tasty Kheer in Tat Khalsa Gurdwara in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia I really love to offer ‘seva’ in a Gurudwara We are going to clean the hall with this Vaccum cleaner Both of us helped the Gurudwara people in their daily jobs Where are you from? He is Rahul from Atlanta I am Varun from Delhi I have come here as a tourist We just finished the cleaning You can do several other jobs I have done this in Bangla sahib gurudwaa in Delhi I get positive vibes in a Gurudwara I hope you can see me Lot of noice by trucks I am at a Truck stop its 10 pm We are near Jacksonville still in Florida Rahul will drop me at a certain point, from there he will go to Atlanta… I will head to the highway going towards the Texas or West Coast According to Mr Preet Singh I should use a Truck stop for hitchhiking Rahul said me to try and ask the truckers I am going to approach them now The place where the drivers sit in a truck is very high from the ground level So you can’t peep inside to see weather the driver is inside or not! I dont want to disturb the truckers who might be sleeping at this time I just asked 2 truckers, Both refused One of them told he was going to New York. Other didn’t spoke at all This is TA. There is a Pilot This is Baldwin travel centre Going to ask the truckers My bags are still in his car The cashier was a wierd person I said him Hi I told him that I am a Hitchhiker from India I have travelled so many places in USA till now then I asked him is it ok to ask the truckers for a ride at this place? then he replied… My security guards will arrest you if they see you asking for rides this was his way of talking! Now I am moving to the other Truck stop This is ‘Pilot’ truck stop He was alone, so I thought he will give me a ride its drizzling Like Bharat Petroleum, Indian oil and other companies… probably these are also different companies operating truck stops and fuel stations This is called Pilot Pilot is a company This is a private space Shall I ask him? Let me ask those people now let me ask those people now Thanks Rahul for letting me keep my bags in your car otherwise they are so heavy it would have been a problem to carry them and ask everyone like this HItchhiking is not easy in USA People are sleeping in their trucks with putting their AC ON I am finding someone who is still awake so that I can talk to him Some people talk in a strange manner though they are the owner of the trucks, so they can refuse however they want! Oh god! What should I say now! Now I am feeling embarrassed its tough Rahul is asking me to ask the person in the Green truck He is about to leave now Rahul !! I dont want to bother him now I am going to stay here now I am asking Rahul to leave, but he is not going He has to attend his office tomorrow He is very caring Some truckers are not behaving properly I am not feeling good now Should I really ask some more!! Even he has started asking now Oh! A small truck!! I learned, hitchhiking at night is a bad idea Only once I hitchhiked during the night it was in Thailand Its not safe to hitchhike during the night but the way Jerry and Allen helped me during the night, I got a confidence They helped me to travel from Virginia to Atlanta a long distance I got confident to do this again at the night but i was very uncomfortable while doing it today now I am going back to his home in Atlanta

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