Share The Joy! Happy Holidays from Goucher College

Come Share the Joy! ♪ upbeat music ♪ Dancing and laughing with friends gives me
joy. Is it what we’re thankful for, is that what
we’re writing? What brings me joy? Ok. What brings me joy is my friend Jesse. Ok, I’m going to be really nerdy. Books!
[laughing] My mom. My roommate. Being creative. My fur and my friends. [laughing] It brings me joy to spend time
with my family. Long hikes, soft sweaters, and a really good
book are what bring me joy. Goucher students bring me joy. Snow days with my family bring me joy. My friends and my family bring me joy.>>I’m thankful for Wifi.
>>I’m joyful for my cat. Femmes give me joy. What brings me joy is, going to the movies,
seeing my friends, and my mom’s cooking. Hi mom! [all together]
We are joyful for our Center for Race, Equity,
and Identity family. Come visit us anytime! What brings me joy is, my loving support systems
that encourage me to learn, and dessert. Together we can create moments of joy, large
and small. This holiday season, share with friends and
family, with colleagues and classmates, and with those near and far.

Stephen Childs

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