Shaquille O’Neal Reveals His and Charles Barkley’s Moms Teamed Up To Fix Their Friendship

Because coming in hot he’s just above seven feet tall, one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history, number 34, shaquille O’Neal! [ Cheers and applause ]>>And a kiss for the lady. Ah, yeah.>>Hello, hello.>>Good to see you.>>Hello gorgeous one how are you. Nice to see you.>>What’s up brother. How you doing man.>>I’m doing good.>>How about thatten entrance. That happens everywhere you go.>>Nope only on your show.>>People just really, I mean, we put on a little bit with the lights but that’s how people react to you, you get out of cars, walk into restaurants.>>I just like to make people smile, they see me and see a guy that’s very relatable. Noent rauj or body guard just a regular guy.>>You’re very good on the ivory back there.>>Thank you. Appreciate it.>>Tickling the keys.>>Tickling the keys, I like that one.>>And the fashion on this guy.>>You got the plaid going.>>You know, for so long big guys never had a style, very old-school, very plaid and I got sick and tired of it. Of course I presses the envelope used to cost $3,000 for a suit to get it done. To I said big guys want to wear what guys wear. So, Amy sage. All of the top people at jc penny put together some hot designs and we’re coming out with some hot lines at a very, very affordable price. I think it finally gives big guys chance to feel sexy because sexy comes in many different forms and fashion.>>Yes it does.>>Then I says, you know what, as I’m riding, looking in magazine, there aren’t any big models so we did a big and tall model.>>Hang on.>>Wait, Shaq, you call Willa min a and you’re like what up.>>I want real guys.>>I didn’t say it like that. I was very professional. I think you guys should are a big and tall division. You know. So they came up, I think they labelled it the titan division. Because there’s a lot of big, beautiful guys. We had over 15,000 people enter.>>Wow.>>We picked three winners. There were a lot of good-looking guys. Big guys are always their shell when they came out to this they get a chance to be a model. They were coming out singing. It was actually beautiful.>>We were talking, you rocked, you’ve been rich for a long time.>>Long time.>>But we wondered had you ever made any fashion mistakes.>>Oh all the time.>>Did you ever do hammer pants.>>Yeah all the time.>>Shaquille O’Neal did hammer pants.>>Yeah all the time.>>We need picture of that.>>I used to press the envelope. I would say I’m not afraid of doing this or that. Older I got became more professional, started wearing suits, but I was gold chains, earrings, hammer pants, yeah, all that.>>Is it true back in the day you spent $1 million in 30 minutes.>>30 minutes.>>How.>>Really a million dollars?>>Keep in mind, as you all know I didn’t know who fykeo was so in my mind thought I had a million and bought a Mercedes it was 150 came home my father said that’s nice car where’s mine, I said you’re right, bought him one, bought my mother one, being a youngster had to get bling bling, couple suits, the alpine radio with the pull out deck.>>Wait we need a close up.>>Wow.>>This is, it spins. All of it.>>It’s a disco ball.>>Do you see? Do you see it spinning? Brother, you know what –>>No because you know what –>>– That would shot them down.>>One day I was feeling good about myself and had all four of my rings on and my mother said you look obnoxious, wear one at a time, don’t ever wear four. Show it off. Don’t do that baby. I said you know what I always want people to know I got four so I came up with this, put it on one finger. Looks pretty good.>>I love the relationship you have with your family, especially your mom. Tell everybody the story how she brokered the friendship between you and Barkley, you and Charles.>>Well Charles mother and my mother had been best friends for 15, 20 years, I never knew that. So the time me and Barkley had a fight, when I got to the locker room, my mother was on the phone and Charles mother was on the phone. Charles mother was like don’t you hit my boy. I said whose this. Charles mom. Hello ma’am how you doing. Y’all don’t need to be fighting, hug in the hallway you all don’t need to be fighting. I said how you know. We’ve been best friends for 50 years. Finally seen them two together playing cards and it’s the same relationship me and Charles have, arguing, talking smack. But I do not dislike Charles. I actually love Charles as an old erbrother, we’re at the point we can have conversations whether heated or not as long as they’re respectful.>>Still in love.>>Still in love.>>We were together on 40th birthday.>>40 thought you were 27.>>Thank you baby. We were out with Shaq versus.>>Hold on, sitting a little bit too close.>>Yeah your right.>>Okay. Go ahead.>>It was so funny, you and I were cutting out doing something and said you so small. That’s what Barkley said to me. Sit tight we have so much more with Shaq coming up. We got a little gift game.>>Yeah we do. You got game but we want to know do you got gift.>>I did that all the time.>>Bow.>>Thought you said you was giving me a gift.>>That too.>>Got it.

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