Sesame Street: Kwanzaa

BOY: In my family, we
celebrate Kwanzaa. Every night, we light a
candle on the Kinara. That’s a candle holder. Let the candle, burn each of the
seven nights of Kwanzaa. MOTHER: Are you ready
to light the Kinara? BOY: And every night, we talk
about one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa,
their idea for how to live a good life. FATHR: Tonight’s principle
is umoja. It means unity, coming together,
getting along. BOY: Like when Tyler lets
me play with is drum? MOTHER: Right. BOY: My favorite part of
Kwanzaa is the Karamu. It’s a feast on the
sixth night. Kuumba, where my whole family
and friends gets together and celebrates. We eat lots of food, tell
stories, and then in my family, we like to dance. We always have fun when we’re
together for Kwanzaa. And at the end of the night,
we get a small present. My own drum? Wow!

Stephen Childs


  1. If that's the case why did the economy of the South rely heavily on slaves? The rich people of the South would have never become anything without slavery, unfortunately. And please refrain from comparing human beings to livestock. It's very insulting.

  2. no clue what this was but I will say this…how come ppl have nothing better to do than to criticize other ppl's celebrations. Do they go on Hanukkah oriented videos and complain. My point is leave ppl alone.

  3. this celebration would more appreciative & profitable if they move this celebration to February

  4. Wow, this is how holidays should be done. Focused on family, beliefs, and fun. One present. Not tons.

  5. Great family tradition but just wanted to share some important information with you and your viewers. Check out books by African American Author Crystal Swain-Bates which help encourage self esteem in our children both boys and girls.  Some of the books include "Big Hair Don't Care", "Supermommy", "Color My Fro", "The Colorful Adventures of Cody & Jay" and "The Colorful Adventures of Zoe & Star".  These books are a must have, check them out on Goldest Karat website and/or Amazon.com.  I can promise you will love these books

  6. Is that Chris? From everybody hates Chris? Or am I seeing things?

  7. That's Chris from every hates chris and I was just watching the episode of kwanzaa umm

  8. I find kwanzaa to be a cheap and disgrace holiday. It ruins the meaning of life and worship. I still love Hanukkah!

  9. I like how it's an african holiday but they're eating soul food lmao
    Tyler is SOO ADORABLE MAN. 😀


  11. For some reason the kids reaction at 1:52 just cracks me up, didn't seem like he was surprised at all 😛 Anyway I'm going to be the first swede to celebrate Kwanzaa this year 😀

  12. why isn't this celebrated in black history month, new years and Christmas overshadows it

  13. is that chris? or tyler is his name.. everybody loves kwanzaa! should be the name of this

  14. And its not an "African" holiday. It's a holiday (started in America) based on common African principles and cultural themes. Each family can have their own variation of it, so it's not uncommon to find people doing typical American thing (like eating delicious soulfood:))

  15. That's pretty cute. But unlike the Christians with Christmas, Kwanzaa celebrators don't ram their beliefs down my throats like the Christ .overs do. More respect to Kwanzaa!

  16. when you need to go to sesame street to answer the world's impending questions like "what the hell is Kwanzaa", in layman's terms…

  17. They didn't even eat one single piece of African food that's soul food I'm looking for the jollof

  18. I remember visiting my friend and they were celebrating Kwamzaa!! He’s half black and half Chinese. He’s Dad later left the family. Typical. Lol

  19. See a lot of people clicked on this video to find out what Kwanzaa is. It is a holiday made up in America in 1966 to connect African Americans back to there roots. Not so much a holiday as a week of learning African haritag. It is not a alternative to any holiday nor to alienate any one's religion but rather to be calibrated along side Christmas.

  20. Gotta love that little smooch at the end, the other adults hugs their kids, but not this man.he just wanna smack lips.

  21. @1:37!!!Like Watch It…I'm Dancing Here!!Lol!!But Seriously I Love The Dancing Part!!!

  22. They dress like africans, use african-like idols but eat fried chicken and mac and cheese. They can`t deny their real roots.

  23. I celebrate kwanzaa but if i heard the same person saying "habari gani" every 15 seconds i am gonna scream

  24. It is a known fact Terry Crews has never bothered to celebrate Kwanzaa afterwards.

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