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naveregnide! Hi there everybody so today I’m here with my friend Emma Blackery. You just turn that on huh? Just like you. Excuse me? And today we’re going to be talking about the differences between schools in the US and UK cause I find it really interesting having been to both
schools. Is that a spider? Baby spider! One of the first things I noticed that’s really weird about British
schools that you guys have a really short summer vacation. Wait, really? like ours goes
from the beginning of June until the beginning of September. Oh wow. Like 3 full months. So you get 3 full months off. No ours ends at like the end of July. Yeah, I saw people tweeting me earlier this month going like I’m back in school and I’m like, it’s the middle of the summer! We have six weeks. It’s called the six-weeks holiday. That’s just what we call it. Summer holidays or 6 weeks holidays Americans better never complain
about their summer break. The only reason we have it so long is because we used to have to work with
her parents in the field back in the day and now we just play video games…
Minnesota! No! That would be in the south! Not Minnesota. Where’s Minnesota? The north. That’s like Canada. When I went to school
in America I found it really easy but I didn’t know it at the time because when
I took classes I was graded on participation so like 10 to 20 percent
of my course was just if I raised my hand serious you got graded on putting your
hand up? I would’ve failed. Yeah, so if you put your hand up and ask questions you get extra points. yeah. on your final grade. Whaaat? if you do your homework you get an extra 20% just by doing it. Yeah. You had it so easy! We have to do that for free! Then you get like 20 percent for quizzes. So any little quizzes. 30 percent for tests. 30 percent of your grade was tests?! Only 30 and then sometimes it’d be 10 to 20% for projects. Ours is like… oh projects like yeah. That’s pretty much what we’d call coursework. Let’s say you fail a test, they’re gonna average all together and with the participation,
the homework, and the quizzes you’re fine. You can still get a B. Our coursework grade like varies I think. I think mine was worth twenty percent of my grade. I think some courses’re worth like 40%? But it’s coursework and exams. That’s it. the majority is always exams. Which is stressful as heck. Yeah. Cause when I went to school here it was twenty percent coursework and 80% test so when I failed my test I failed
the course like the coursework didn’t matter no You could’ve gotten an A on your coursework and you’d get an E in your test. You’ll average at a C overall even if you worked really hard on your coursework. But the thing is when I first moved here, I thought it was gonna be really easy because I was like wait you just have to have 50% to pass I have a ninety percent average in
America this is gonna be SO easy! It wasn’t. No. It wasn’t easy at all. It was… oh my God. Well the thing is like loads of people get massive
anxiety attacks over tests now. Because it relies on that so much and getting a good grade that when they get into the exam they panic and then they do badly so the results don’t actually
reflect how good and clever someone actually is at that subject I never cheated though ok. Oh I did. I cheated my technology at GCSE Really? There was a kid that sat next to me who was really smart. Thank you, Daniel. *laughs* I’m gonna be honest, I did not prepare for one of my tests, and I came in and I was like ma’am I’m here for the test and she was like you’re an hour late. And I was like I have explosive diarrhea. *laughs* Did they let you in? they just made me go to the doctors and they told me that food poisoning and
then I didn’t have to resit. You didn’t have to resit? So you just passed test because you said you had explosive diarrhea? I remember being at school and anytime we had a male teacher, if we just
wanted a break we’d say ya know, aww can I go to the toilet and then the teacher would be like you just came back from lunch! And then all I’d have to go is I’m on my period. So I went to 2 different high schools as a teenager and the first I went to had lockers where you kind of had to put all of your stuff. You weren’t allowed to have a backpack because someone might be carrying a gun. America. Effing America, man! So you had to only carry books in the hallway and you had to keep all your other
books in your locker and because you had nine classes every semester you look
like a nerd carrying like three things of books and then people walk by and slap
them out of your hands it was literally like Glee. You guys don’t have cheerleaders. You had none of that fun stuff. Oh no God no. cheerleading. Why? We don’t have teams we didn’t even… we had like 1 I think we had like a school like football soccer team, but no one was in it. No one cared. Well like, cause whoever’s on the american football team in
high school is cool, and then the cheerleaders are cool and everyone supports the team even if they
don’t like the sport yeah you guys have like jocks and stuff. We don’t have that sort of clique. That’s weird. We just don’t have that. Question: were you graded in PE? Yes. What were you grade on in the UK? I still don’t know. We actually had a theory exam. What? Yeah, we had a test to take as well. The theory of physical education? Yes. like calories in muscle and all that stuff. Yeah. My school did I don’t know if everyone’s school did. Ours was 20 percent if you’re
wearing the right coloured clothing like our school was orange and blue so if you’re wearing orange shorts and like a blue shirt you got 20% of your grade and other 80% was just participating which was
just being there. That’s amazing. See I would’ve failed both of those Because orange and blue is not my thing. You’re one of those people that kinda just stands there and goes…I was the kid who sat there just watched everyone else run. I was the guy that was like Come on Guys! I somehow got a B and I never
in I was somehow be happy and i never turned up and I was the most unfit person. At one point
they did grade us on our physical fitness and at one point you had to stretch and see if you could touch your toes
and i cant touch my toes I’m tall as heck! So I got an F! Because you couldn’t touch your toes. And then you also have to run a mile. I ran the mile in 11 minutes. And they were like that’s ok for women. A woman would get an A, but as a man I had to get under 7 minutes to get an A and I was like that’s not fair! I have a very feminine body! Just a little bit sexist. You have nice womanly curves. I do! Have you seen these hips? I have seen your hips. They are fabulous. They never lie. You’re missing out cause you can’t see the hips. We’ve all seen what you looked like in school. We’ve all seen the photos. This is my ID. You guys have prom though I just found out. I thought it was just an American thing. Yeah we did have prom, but it’s just an imported American thing that we don’t really do right ya know. “Thanks for this” and then walked away! Thanks for the boner! We have this thing called options. we have to choose 2 subjects to carry on with at GCSE. There’s things like languages and you can take full-time PE. I took French and media studies. We had loads of those. They were called electives. We had electives. and every quarter of the year of the year so you get 4 extra electives if you had a lot of open quarters. You had to do mandatory math. You had to mandatory science for 3 years, a language for 2 years. And like English for like every year.. but then you had a lot of extra electives so I took a course called plants for pleasure and profit where I got to learn about plants. Like I said I went to a very rural school. So you were literally Neville Longbottom. *laughs* In university though, the way that school works in university in America is you take everything I’m a math major but I have courses in Japanese, German, piano, acting I did western civilization one and two. You know Japanese? I took a year of Japanese. Yeah. Because I could. Are you any good at it? *speaks Japanese* *laughs* Did you just say thanks for this is in Japanese? Is that it? I liked that because I wasn’t stressed out about all these crazy math courses the whole time I got to take other
courses in fun things I wanted to learn whereas in England, once you commit at like seventeen it’s like I am now The math guy. I am doing this for 4 years of my life. Yeah that doesn’t sound fun. that’s why I feel like people get stressed out more in England like, when I was in america I used to think people complaining about tests and stuff in England were just complaining, like oh WAH! And then when I moved here I was just like I’m so sorry. I am so sorry for you. Our education system is awful. My number 1 pet peeve when it comes to
university in england is that they give you a month period before your finals like when I finished my course work and courses in December they’re like have a fun Christmas break, but when you come back you’re taking finals so I couldn’t enjoy my Christmas break. There is no Christmas break! Eating a Christmas pudding you know having fun with friends and just sitting there like I have exams soon I’m forgetting everything slowly you have to revise
every day. In America I would wait till the last day before the exam and they’d
give you a review and say here’s the review of the exam. You memorize it. you go in
all things are roughly the same. A+ Wait, review for the exam? They’ll give you a review with like here’s what’s going to be talked about and most of the part if it’s math… you get like a hint?! Of what you’re gonna… Yeah. We just have to guess which parts of our curriculum are being plucked out. They’ll mostly put one of everything and they’ll be really explicit in like here’s a good problem that you can do this you can do
what’s on the exam later. So you don’t even really have to revise like crazy. No, you don’t. I never revised. You just get that review and then just memorize those certain. Yeah, how to do those and you’re good. I think that makes sense though because
you’re being tested on your ability to do these problems you shouldn’t have to go
memorize this entire book and then we’ll choose the one that you weren’t good at. In England you guys have a gap year which I think is amazing. Mine started as a gap year and it became like a five year gap year. I think if I was
in England I would have taken a gap year. That sounds like the coolest thing to be able to go out and travel and do something. Yeah, but you have to like earn your own money you still have to have a job and do it. It’s not a case of the government going here’s twenty thousand pounds go and have fun kids! Aww I thought that’s how it was. No they don’t just give you money. You have to like it’s just like not doing
anything. In America, you can’t do that cause once you graduate from high
school if you do not go to university the next year you lose ALL scholarship. all of it. So you have to start from… what is scholarship? We don’t have that as far as I know. I was in the top 15 percent of class so I got I think $5,000 off my next year of university and then the next year I got $8000 off. So you get money off of your tuition fees if you’re smart. Yes well, Cause I did so well in school in America I
got to do community college for free I went to school for free for my University for the first two years Please send me back in time. And to America. To Minnesota. Well I mean if you weren’t in the top 10 percent though you’re screwed. I would’ve been in at the top 10! What are you saying?! We don’t have school uniforms at any school I’ve ever been to. And I like that because I don’t know. I can wear whatever I want. You get to be you. But then they say in defense of it, they say it prepares you for the real world when you have to go
into an office and wear a shirt. I’ve never had a job where I’d need to do that. I’ve had three professional jobs and all of them are business casual I’ve worn this to work before. Serious? Every day! I can wear whatever I want. Because there are some jobs in London where you have to wear a suit But they’re very very rare. Like investment banking. It’s not like school is gonna teach me that wearing a uniform is gonna… Nah, I can wear what I want. I’m just a kid. Exactly. If anyone goes to school in the UK. You know that girl that just wears trousers instead of… that was me. I don’t wear hats. I wear trousers. I didn’t wear hats either. I wore this second-hand blazer. Oh yeah, you never had to wear blazers! Ties! The thing is, when I think of wearing a blazer, it makes me feel really fancy. And I was like yeah! I’m wearing a blazer. And I remember tweeting I love wearing blazers and someone went looks like you’re just going to school mate. And I was like… what? Pretty much. Yeah, you can’t wear blazers without being reminded of the crippling education system in this country. Oh look! Our spider friend’s back! Oh there he is! *screams* Thank you. Thank you. So in terms of going to college UNI’d to make up your mind whether or not you should go. *laughs* I don’t get that one. Uni! Oh for f*ck’s sake. Goddammit Evan! No! I am not getting back up. No. You’re on the end of the bed. Evan! You could call-edge of the bed. EVAN! There’s no way you’re bouncing back. No? It’s cool. It school. Good bye Evan. I’m shoving all the puns in the end. Welcome back Emma Blackery. Welcome backery. Oh…fff… Go away! Given the opportunity do you think you would still go to school in England or would you go to school in America? I would definitely go to
America. I would definitely go to America if you get points for putting your hand up. And wearing orange and blue clothes. I just feel like even though it was stressful for me it’s nothing compared to what people in the UK deal with so I’m definitely thinking America is better. Everyone move to America. Summer vacation everything. #Spon. Sponsored by America. *patriotic music* I LIKE PAYING FOR HEALTH CARE. Anyway, thank you so much for
watching. If you did did like please give it a big like below. Also check out Emma’s channel. I also make videos every Sunday so be sure to subscribe. I will see you guys next Sunday good bye! *sings catchy whistling tune* *swoosh* Dodie will be very upset if she finds there’s a spider and I let it live. Crush it. Oh he lived! He lived. No, he deserves to live. *laughs*

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