visual of the museums here in Santa
Claus Indiana and we’re getting ready to check out a few things so hope you have
a great holiday and a great Christmas we’re going in to the old post office and they say you can write a letter to
Santa Claus as well think I might try to do that yes the old Santa Claus post
office baby little mailboxes it says the elves are busy at work and this is I guess where you mail your
letter you know school this yeah I think we’re
gonna write a letter I want y’all to see that don’t push it they put name to the museum doing a little walk-around village out of ten what you think it’s a wonderful thing to be able to
keep that relation that walking around in the Christmas spirit you’re saying big memory sitting around our dining
room table he would bring letters home and very very people had a beautiful
crochet tablecloth I know my mother that I appreciate it but my brother was on
another table caught back because we would like to answer these letters so I
started when I was probably 12 or 13 helping to answer letters then another
time the early days in Santa Claus Lane the
leader of the community to world we’re here at Santa Claus Indiana going into
the church thought I’d let y’all see something I know a town called Santa
Claus Indiana it’s a lot the lowest nut we’re inside of the
church is Indiana but if you can really see that Christmas tree and giving you a little look-see it’s a little-bitty Church there’s the
upper balcony said Johnny and statue of Santa Claus and there’s writing all over the side of
it I just thought I’d let y’all see Santa Claus out who after I just got the
right number letter and it’s giving you the historic sailor
statue there’s a giant star at the bottom we’re getting ready to take on a
venture again let you know we’re entering Santa Claus Candy Land
the castle tell me what you think I want y’all to see this is castle first yeah it’s Santa Claus candy castle you already know this is CJ – traveling
man I’m out here exploring there’s all kinds of ways to get in we’re on the out
section of it you

Stephen Childs


  1. GREAT video – THANK YOU VERY.
    Let Santa bring you a full bag of Happiness and comfort for the heart
    Although I am not Santa and I do not bring presents, this one I will give you a warm smile for you ❀️ELA πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for taking us on the tour ! Cool museum ! Love the castle ! Thumbs up #10 Hope you have a great weekend !

  3. Nice. I like those little museums. Not fancy. The best kind. Thanks for the tour.

  4. OH NO!! I'm seeing that you unsub'd from my channel. I am sorry to see you go, best wishes to you and yours!

  5. merry christmas bro you did a good job on this video…..catching up on your new videos keep rocking on bro….

  6. Merry Christmas. Loved the tour of Santa Claus Indiana. Thanks for sharing

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    πŸ€ I always return support to channels who support me!⭐❀️Thumbs up ! πŸ‘

  8. Ahhh this is my favorite video so far!! I've always wanted to explore the little town of Santa Claus more but haven't had the opportunity yet. Very cool!! πŸ˜€

  9. Thanks for visiting Santa's Candy Castle. I work there. Hope you can make it back. From the first Saturday night after Thanksgiving til the Saturday before Christmas we have chestnut roastings in the backyard in the firepit. It's a free event we have during the Christmas season.

  10. Did you go to Holiday World?? It’s like the best to do in Santa Claus, They have some awesome roller coasters and free soft drinks for some reason..?

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  12. Wow, never knew this existed!!! O have to go and visit soon. Thanks for sharing, from a new subscriber!!!

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