Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Paul Belli

My name is Paul Belli. I’m a Sergeant with
Sacramento Count Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau. The one thing in Sacramento is it was so impactful
on so many people. Even now all this time later. As we talk to other people, we always
get the stories about what was going on in people’s lives back then. I’ve heard stories
of you know fathers essentially sleeping with guns by their bed side, shotguns very close,
things of that nature. So it was impactful for a large amount of people. And the Sherriff’s Department never gave
up on investigating that case. As a matter of fact, there are numerous investigators
that have long since retired that still work very hard on trying to, you know, make a determination
as to who a good suspect would be in this particular case. I think it’s important not only for those
reasons there but for a number of victims, but also so this person is held accountable.
Being able to do this for so long and to ruin a great number or at least cut short a great
number of lives. I don’t think he should get a pass on that regardless of the amount
of time that has passed. He’s an extremely prolific offender. And
I think that all of his offenses did have a ripple effect throughout. When you look
at a number of the sexual assaults that occurred here in Sacramento County, that takes a great
toll on the families that were involved in that. You had a number of them that were couples. So here you have essentially somebody’s
wife being raped in their home while their husband is home and unable to do anything
about it. That’s very terrorizing. That can only be described to me as somebody who
is wanting to develop that terror and create that type of fear. When you move down into the homicides, they
were brutal attacks. Sexually assaulting in the same way with the male subject there and
then very often bludgeoning both of them to death, very brutally. He was a fairly strong individual based on
the coroner’s reports that I’ve seen and the type of damage that he was able to do.
And of course that has its own ripple effect throughout families and you now a variety
of things like that. But the other thing we saw in Sacramento County
is he was not afraid to kill rather than be discovered. I think when you look at the Brian
and the Katie Maggiore, I could see Katie being a … maybe a subject that he was looking
at, somebody that he was planning on sexually assaulting. But they were out in that neighborhood
for a walk and this individual I believe was seen by both of them and he chased them down
and he shot both of them to specifically not be discovered. There is a Sacramento police case that is
most likely East Area rapist. He gets chased by an 18-year-old boy who almost caught him
and rather than being caught, he turns and he fires and he almost kills him as well.
You know he’s not concerned about human life. He enjoys the terror. He enjoys inflicting
that type of an emotional type pain on people. You know $50,000 reward is a fairly substantial
sum. And I think it’s going to generate a lot more interest so that maybe somebody
who didn’t initially—or who would not have initially—read that type of a release
will take a look at it. Plus it may push somebody over the edge of … who knows something and
kind of provide us with that one tip that we need. Just like any homicide investigation,
our lifelines are people that give us information. It all boils down to people.

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