S. Koreans enjoying the Lunar New Year holidays in a variety of different ways

we’re in the middle of a long break in
Korea for the Lunar New Year or sunlight traditionally this time of year Koreans
have left the big city and gone back to their hometowns to see family but that’s
not always true now our whole new takes a look at how holiday wise things are
changing Unser now the Lunar New Year many Koreans spend time with their
relatives to share their blessings for the year ahead that usually involves
many hours of traveling with the highways being jammed with cars and
buses carrying people who are returning to their hometowns but in recent years
instead of spending Sarlat in the traditional way more and more Koreans
have started traveling abroad to enjoy their holidays elsewhere during the
holidays which runs from February 1st to 5th around 41,000 people will travel
abroad which is a 10% increase from last year more than half those people are
visiting Southeast Asia followed by other neighboring countries
like China and Japan according to Hana tour the number of
people traveling abroad has been on an upward trend over the last five years
and those going on vacation during this holler holler days are mostly travelling
as a family there are also others that are choosing to relieve their stress
which often comes from the food preparation for his/her life by relaxing
in hotel rooms that are running various holiday promotions and events there
growing phenomenon of people enjoying time off at a hotel without leaving the
city is called ho Kong’s in Korea what people call ho Kang Suh is a huge trend
and since then the number of customers that visit our hotel during the national
holidays have jumped fourfold from what we usually see on normal weekends
tourism industries will continue to offer more packages tailored for Koreans
who are looking to enjoy the holidays the way they want to instead of
following two norms who knew Arirang news

Stephen Childs

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