S. Korean tourism, petrochemical industries threatened by COVID-19

with the outbreak grappling the global
community one of the industries slammed hardest by the spread of the kovat 19 is
tourism and aviation sectors and that’s no exception here in the nation on top
of that it’s oil refiners are also hurting as well or kim jae hee tells us
more the coronavirus is sending shockwaves through South Korea’s tourism
industry flights are being canceled and the demand for travel has fallen sharply
South Korea’s travel industry has seen new bookings fall by a whopping 80 to 90
percent this month travel agencies say the situation is
almost as bad as the IMF crisis even the biggest travel agencies in South Korea
have taken a blow Korea’s three largest travel agencies are all going into
emergency operating procedures Hana to our South Korea’s largest travel agency
said L began implementing a three-day workweek for two months starting in
March with employees taking a 20% pay cut the second largest agency mode to
tour is offering PV for up to two months with the maximum of 70% of usual pace
starting next month employees of the third largest agency yellow balloon tour
have already begun adopting a four-day workweek airlines are also seeing
massive losses in revenue with flight routes being cut due to concerns over
the virus the shipping industry has been disrupted as well along with the tourism
industry the shipping industry is also suffering because the exchange of goods
and parts with China has not been smooth recently the drop in demand for aviation
and shipping fuel along with lower oil exports to China has her oil refiners in
chemical firms South Korea’s biggest oil refiner s key innovation lowered its
first quarter operating profit forecast to 71 percent of what did that forecast
a month earlier South Korea’s third largest refinery
soil also size forecasts fall to around 82 percent of last month’s forecast and
for the first time since its foundation s all decided to carry out voluntary
redundancies amid poor performance experts say with more coronavirus cases
raising uncertainties more companies may consider carrying out voluntary
redundancies kim daehee arirang news

Stephen Childs


  1. Coronavirus COVID-19 💀☠️Undercover investigation indicates real death 💀☠️ toll in Wuhan

  2. The devil 👿 can make anything happen including making people work for Less money 💰 or even no money! This trick is working for ————!

  3. I am going wrap myself in Saran Wrap, put a hazmat suit on, in an in closed bubble, buried 10 feet in the ground

  4. I think this whole thing was planned intentional This will collapse the economy of the planet that's what they wanted

  5. Fucking incompetent Chinese government, now it's pulling the rest of the world with it's obsession with its image. Oh the irony, in trying to keep a good image so they can remain in power, it actually backfired and now their image is destroyed.

  6. Oh my god! As of right now the number of infected people in South Korea is already 770!!!!! Please impose travel ban for SOUTH KOREA NOW!!! Please do not let these people enter any other countries as of the moment!! im worried for my countrymen!

    여기 오지마!!!!!!!

  7. Who else wants to guess the people behind the leak of the virus, also were climate activists. I feel like we avoided world war 3, just to try to survive the plague. I can foresee an uptick in global violence this year.

  8. Makes me realize the lack of economical preparedness for such epidemics ….this is not the first epidemic in the world, gov have learned nothing from the past

  9. Where's the western media? Busy with LGTB issues and the black lady who destroyed peace in the British royalty!

  10. Soon they'll announce drinking a cup of petrol will cure you of the covid-19 virus

  11. Hahahhaha now yall know what it feels when the government does give a fucl about us.

  12. Forget about economy for bit,,, it gonna be a end of the world if we don’t be careful.

  13. USA is responsible. Virus on china after hit 2 place as world global weapon dealer. Virus in south korea near to enemy north korea. And virus on iran. Mmm. Might russia an china going to start biological attacks soon. Thanks vile USA for kill humanity.

  14. if the economy stop.. there will be much more people died…. not only just food but also everything. A simple example the mask and other medical facilities and products that more than 1 billion people need everyday. The world is a whole now and each assembly line is together with many many element of the other part in the society and the world. If the economy stop several days, the world will face the supply shortage immediately and have much worse result…. so the gov has to keep the balance… but I saw China has made a flood of sacrifice for this virus and some of my Chinese friends told me that the issue in China except hubei province has become better and better these days both on the statistic data and their feeling, but I also afraid that many other counties may not have such willing and central power to control the virus… hope everyone safe!

  15. Ever wondered why North Korea is still not affected by COVID 19? They simply execute all suspected cases.

  16. That's all I hear about is how its going to affect the economy. Why not worry about how to prevent more cases and heal sick people rather than money..

  17. Hello, I am a 14 year old boy living in Korea. We are not well on the news right now, but we are suffering a lot from the corona virus that originated in China. In other places, I misunderstand that the corona virus originated in Korea. We are now economically hit by China's corona virus and we have lost our precious family-like people. Please do not forget that the corona virus started in China. We hope to get rid of the corona virus as soon as possible.

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