S. Korean gov’t seeking extra budget for COVID-19 containment and relief

officials from South Korea’s ruling
party government and presidential office gathered in Seoul this morning for an
emergency consultation on the outbreak among other things they secured the
much-needed local supplies of face masks came down as the full story starting in
March a facemask will be available for purchase a 30 online shopping mall of
the Korea Post the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced on Monday that
this is a temporary event to make sure people can access a much-needed supplies
local mask producers are now have to hand over over a 50% of the masti
produced everyday to public vendors at Korea Post in the agricultural
cooperative to help the Korea Post about this shot up to a 1.5 million face mass
today anyone who logged in to the post office
online shopping mall can purchase up to one set though it’s not yet been
announced how many masks are in assets how much the cost or when exactly
they’ll go and sale elsewhere the government is moving to keep locally
produced masks in the country starting Wednesday only one in every ten masks
can be shipped overseas meanwhile Prime Minister Chung Sagan will be staying
integral from Tuesday afternoon to lead quarantine measures in the city Jeong
asked that all local organizations medical institutions and people work
together to fight the virus just like when MERS broke out in 2015 and a South
Korea is a ruling party a government and top office about to devote all their
efforts to stopping the virus pledging Tuesday to draw up a substantial
supplementary budget as quickly as possible
if approval of the budget is delayed an emergency financial order should be
invoked to ensure the funds are freed up in fact the Finance Ministry will
announce their country’s a first relief package by the end of the week
specifically the three sides will unveil unprecedented measures for small
businesses that are beginning to buckle from the outbreaks financial toll the
measures will ease the burden and difficulties faced by small businesses
like those in the tourism industry it’s also essential we provide
much-needed a 2 Peggle and the surrounding counties on book tour
province in addition the three sides once again a pledge to tighten
quarantine measures in Daegu and chungcheongbuk-do province Kim dami
Arirang news

Stephen Childs


  1. Now its time for Samsung to help the South korean locals. After they earn a lot in the past years, samsung should at least care for the country. Dont be selfish and greedy

  2. Turning challenges into opportunities is always the secret success and growth.
    Times of trials are alway a great time for innovations, problem solving, and breakthroughs.

  3. If they cared about there people they would give them away for free face protection and gloves.

  4. Looks like President Moon administration is doing a good job during this crisis.

  5. I'm from Canada and right now so jealous of Korean government and how proactive they are being. Canada doesn't know what the hell it's doing. Most hospital are always running at full capacity, if we have a bigger out break off 500 or more people our system would fold faster than tissue paper. Add the fact that our government is slower than snails to act, full of political mouth pieces not leaders, and care more about being PC than the safety of Canadians and we are so in trouble.

  6. Hope those mask was not packed in Pakistan. Just look it up to know why. If you get a mask from there you could get sick from the mask.

  7. I be scared to go out in public. I won’t go out! Other hand I don’t think these people are scared or they thinking that they won’t catch it. People who has health problems should worry more to catch it easier for them. I don’t understand why people are going around in public. Don’t u worry that u might bring into ur home. Only thing people worry about is mask so they could go around more places to spread. Number are going up rapidly. ⭐️President moon should shut down all business for 2weeks and lock down whole Korea⭐️

  8. Look to Winnipeg Canada bio level 4 lab as the creator of coronavirus. Stolen by 2 chinese scientists, working there and expelled by RCMP in July. Smuggled to Wuhan lab & "accidentally" released.

  9. to help disinfect any building businesses can put hand sanitizer at the front door…on a side note the CDC is 73yrs old 11.9 bil budget…..n it only hat 3 test kits? where did all the money go CONTROL is in your stupid name

  10. Sucks that some idiot that went to mass/service caused all this 😒 now Corea needs the help that they generously gave to China 😔 the irony…

  11. all about the money croatia confirmed 1st case and government got 232mil.euro for fighting coronavirus I don't believe the word they say

  12. Get the money from the corrupted officials.. put that chinese money you got for selling out korea you piece of shit Moon!

  13. This is china communist party's fault for lying to us since day one. Not the rest of the world or Chinese people remember the chinese govt and chinese media lying about the virus "pandemic" has been here since dec 2019 if the ccp and Chinese media keep lying we are projected to have about a billion to a billion possibly infected. The lockdown is just a delay. Instead of listening to their doctors when first found about it in Dec 2019 they tried to silence those doctors.

  14. Did anyone notice people handling masks are not wearing gloves? WTH! They are contaminated before they even get out of manufacturing facilities!

  15. That guy reporter talks like a robot. The girl, too. I guess this is how they talk, now that Korea is the worst city outside of Wuhan.

  16. I hope all Those countries Foolish Greedy Government Leaders pay dearly for persisting in keeping borders open and tourism dollars flowing instead of banning travellers.

    I think it was obvious after watching how fast it spread in China, plus one still does not know if it was man made BIO.

    Its not Rocket Science with a 20 some day incubation period and fools only being quarantined only 2 weeks is just RETARDED!

    Best to Always Err on the side of caution and public human safety and Lock travel down!

    Woulda, coulda and shoulda Fools! Now because of Chinas fukup and those Governments and WHOs incompetence allowing it to openly spread, innocent citizens must pay for it!

    Idiot foolish leaders are still sticking their heads in the sand and turning the other cheek for fear of what? Upsetting the stock Markets? Causing panic? Do your damn jobs fools!

  17. SO Every single person on the face mask assembly line was NOT wearing protective gloves! SO these face masks are NOT sterile and could already be contaminated

  18. Masks don't even protect you against the virus. The tiny virus droplets and aerosol can pass through the fibers of the mask. Plus those masks are designed to be discarded after every use or you can easily contaminate yourself just from handling them. They might offer 15% protection. Would you go skydiving and wear a parachute that only opens 15% of the time?

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