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Hey everybody! Tom Langland here with RVTexasYall.com and
we’re here at Holiday World of Katy. You can hear the traffic behind you. It’s right off of I-10. This is a nice beautiful cool day around 98
degrees give or take 10 degrees. So we’re out here today enjoying. We thought we’d shoot a video on some of these
RVs and this is a Super C. It’s made by Dynamax. Dynamax now is a Forest River product. And it is a DX3. It’s a 2016. Again sorry for the traffic noise behind you. It will get a little bit better as we go around
here. But this is the front. You can see it’s called a Super C because
it’s a it’s basically an 18 wheeler front. It’s a big it’s on a lot heavier chassis than
your other Class Cs. And it’s got a big diesel engine in the front. So come on around. Real nice thing it has big ol tires. They’re Michelin tires which is that’s the
best in the industry so nice tires. You’re on good footing there. Obviously just like a normal C you’ll have
doors on both sides in the front. And then you’ll always have an entry door
on the side. This particular model since it’s so big and
on a big frame there’s quite a bit of storage. Unlike in a Class A the storage doesn’t go
all the way through but the storage is still quite adequate. Quite a bit of storage. There are 3 of these in a row. They’re all storage and then there’s storage
on the other side as well. Here’s another nice big one. You could fit a lot of stuff in here. And another thing I like is my favorite thing
the outdoor TV. Nice big Samsung and a nice stereo but of
course you can take it out. They have it out right now but it has an outdoor
stereo, speakers and a Samsung TV. So for those nice Sunday football days watching
games tailgate. It’s got awnings but the awnings aren’t out. The awnings go above and they have the slide
toppers. Slide toppers on all the slides which is nice. In here they have an Aqua Hot system 400LP
which that’s nice continuous hot running water. So that’s a neat neat feature. This is a bedroom slide. Another nice storage compartment. This is probably oh another storage compartment. So the batteries must be on the other side. The towing hitch on this is pretty impressive
because it’s built on a bigger chassis than a normal C it can tow up to 20,000 pounds. Which that’s pretty darn good. That’s better than a lot of Class As even
better than a lot of Class A diesel pushers. So that gives you a lot of capacity. In the back left this one is both electric
and propane. So you have a big propane tank back here in
the back. Here’s your power but it does have a power
reel in there so so for your power cord you can pull it in and out with a power reel. So that’s a nice feature to have. And it is 50amp service too so. In here I really like this bay here because
in here you have a power reel for your water to hook your water up, easy access to a filtration
system right here that’s really nice. Your outdoor shower has got a hook in here
and it’s got a nice hose. And this one has a macerator system on it
so for your dumping it’s a lot easier. But let’s say the macerator isn’t working
or you just don’t want to use it it also has a bypass which is the old fashioned way with
the stinky slinky. So nice nice bay there and then of course
your blank tank pull and your grey tank pull right here. And that will conclude the outside and Stacie
will show you the inside. Hey y’all this is Stacie. We’re about to go inside this 2016 Dynamax
DX3. A couple of things I wanted to point out to
you real quick. First thing is you’ve got your side cameras
here for your side view as you’re driving down the road flick on your blinker switch
before you change lanes and inside it will show you from these cameras what’s on the
side which is great. Then you’ve got your keyless entry up here. If you don’t want to carry your keys around
you just set your code, remember your code and you don’t have to have your keys to get
in. Which is really nice. You don’t have to worry about losing your
keys out on a trail or something. So let’s go in and take a look at the inside. You do have 3 steps on the outside and 3 additional
steps on the inside so it sits up pretty high. You’ve got your screen door here which is
great on those nice days where you want to be able to open your door. We’ve seen a few RVs that don’t come with
this anymore. So that’s always nice to find. You’ve got your light switches right here
for your entry lights, your hall lights, your compartment lights down in the compartments,
your porch light, your step button to pull up your steps and make sure they’re not coming
down when your’re driving. And also your overall power disconnect when
you store your RV there’s your button just to disconnect the power. Come on in! So we’ll start in the cockpit. Here’s your TV which frankly we think is a
little odd. I don’t know why RV manufacturers like to
use this space for a TV because none of the seating really looks at this TV. But in this coach this is your TV on the inside
in the living area. It’s a nice size it’s just in my opinion in
the wrong place. But some folks might like it. In your cockpit you’ve got all the standard
features. You’ve got your power jacks control right
there, your parking brakes, your transmission controls. Everything’s right here at easy touch. As you come back here’s your fan connections
and your temperature connections. You’ve got opposing couches and you’ve got
opposing slides which makes this space you could dance in here for sure. You could do yoga in here. You could have a party in your RV because
you do have opposing slides so you end up with a lot of space on the inside. And both of these couches make into beds. This one is really simple. You just pick it up and it folds out right
there. It does have a mattress in it. And the other one is a little bit different
because you also have a drawer underneath it which is nice storage. [Tom: and that’s a jack-knife] This is a jack-knife
couch so you lift this up and pull it out to make the bed. You’ve got good storage up in here. These are carpeted up here which the nice
thing about that is your stuff won’t slide around as much because it gives a little friction. Okay so now we’re in the kitchen. And you’ve got your nice cabinet extension
here or counter extension for extra prep space. You’ve also got a very heavy duty solid surface
countertop. Since this is a diesel on a heavy Freightliner
chassis they can put heavier materials in it. So these are actually pretty heavy. You’ve got a dual-sided sink with covers. And you’ve got your convection microwave that’s
good size. It’s a Sharp. And then this is your cooktop. It’s going to be a 3 burner cooktop right
here. That’s an Atwood cooktop. It runs off of propane. And then underneath you’ve got drawers which
are nice and deep. You’ve also got a ton of space. You could put your garbage can in there some
bigger items. And then you’ve got a wine rack over here. If you like to drink wine you can carry 3
bottles of wine right here. And then you’ve got extra storage up in here. All these storage bays just like in the front
are carpeted to keep stuff from moving around. On your other side here you’ve got some great
windows. My personal preference would be for these
windows to be flipped and be on the camping side but if you’re in a campsite where you
just want a lot of natural light this is great. It’s a nice deep slide. Along with your couch you’ve got a traditional
dinette. This will also come down and form a small
bed. And then coming back here you’ve got a Fridgidaire
refrigerator freezer with this bungee cord to keep it from coming open as you’re driving
down the road. [Tom: that looks like a residential refrigerator
too] It does look like a residential refrigerator. It’s the right size to be residential. [Tom: I’m pretty sure it is] You do have a
Fantastic Fan here in the kitchen which is nice. And excuse us sweating our butts off. It’s about 98 degrees and this is not hooked
up to power so there’s no AC running. Sorry about that. Here’s your pantry. It is very deep. I actually can barely touch the back. And it is carpeted again to keep stuff from
sliding around. As you come back hopefully it will adjust
for the lighting in here. We don’t have a lot of light, but here’s your
sink for your bathroom. It’s actually out in the main living area
so to speak, in the hallway. You have a huge cabinet up here at the top
as well as several drawers down underneath. And then you have a place for a washer and
dryer. It is plumbed for a washer and dryer. There is not a washer and dryer in this unit
so if you didn’t want a washer and dryer you could use this as a large closet also. So now if you’ll come through I’ll open the
bathroom to show you the bathroom. So it is closed it does close off for privacy
when you’re taking a shower. It has a Fantastic Fan in it. It’s got some storage above the toilet. You do have an air vent for the air conditioner
in there. And then you’ve got a shower. Let’s see I’m 5’6″ 5’7″ somewhere in there
and it seems a little bit short for me. I can my head’s above the rim, but it’s do-able
for sure. And then we’re in the bedroom. You’ve got a Samsung TV on this wall as well
as a good deal of storage. Closets. [oh that’s a good idea. Let there be light!] And some drawers. The drawers are about a foot and a half deep. And then a big closet on this side. You’ve got a queen size bed with additional
cabinetry up above. There are no end tables or side tables in
this unit and I do not see anywhere to plug in your phone or alarm clock or anything like
that. The bed does not have storage underneath. That’s probably tanks or storage from underneath. And you do have an actual wood slider door. There are 2 ACs in this unit. There’s one in the bedroom and there’s one
in the living area. So that’s it for this 2016 Dynamax DX3. Hope you enjoyed the tour and we’ll see you
next time!

Stephen Childs


  1. Young lady I totally agree with you concerning where the television is put over the cab. They should have installed a bunk over the cab Wilfred separate television for the bunk and put a large television across from the couch. This is just my opinion I like the Super C Class vehicle.

  2. Concerning the storage shelf next to the refrigerator… Where you put your hand in it could barely touch the grill. Those slides off to be able to slide out for you don't have to reach as far in as you did with your

  3. I think I would rather a super C then a class A . We love the Dynamax we have now on our Ford E class chassis . I dont think I could get used Driving The class A. Whats your opinion on driving postilion? I know y'all have a class A. Thanks for sharing!

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