RV Life ~ What you NEED to KNOW about crossing into CANADA!

Good morning from the Lake Francis
Campground here in Valier, Montana. Today we’re making our push into Canada…. The
original plan was to stay here like two nights to just kind of rest but…. By the
time we stayed two nights, we were just getting caught up on all our work. And we
didn’t have any time to relax! So we ended up staying 4! And ahh….Valier has been a nice little town! You know, we’ve been able to scoot around on the ATV and….
There’s like a ATVs everywhere! So this is like side-by-side country. You know they
have two little restaurants which cook quality food! We were very, very impressed with the fresh and local ingredients! And ahhh… There’s a meat market in town, a little
grocery store and the AT&T Internet is BLAZING hot here!! The Verizon is fairly
good…. But right now we just dumped over there and I see on that building there’s
a sign that says WiFi hotspot!…. So for 20 bucks tonight… You get 30 amp electricity, dump station, water fill up and a WIFI hotspot over at the toilets! Not bad at
all. So if you’re like making that push to Canada…. And you’re going to be like crossing the Sweet Grass or something… I would strongly recommend staying here!
This place is great! Alright guys! We just completed a
personal watercraft inspection and… We have never encountered those before. And I’m kind of wondering if it’s because we’re here in the summer months. And
normally we come down like you know the fall and maybe the traditional
watercraft season is over! But we’ve encountered three just in this stretch
between Wyoming and Montana! Okay… So there’s a change in plans. We
thought we were going to be crossing up by Sweet Grass… But when we typed it into our navigation systems, it says it’s quicker to cross up here at Car Way. But
it said it was 25 minutes shorter drive… And it was also a new route to us. But I
guess taking the 15 up towards Sweet Grass would have been a new route. But this
one’s a little closer to the mountain. So we’ll take it!
Today’s video…. We’re going to discuss things you need to prepare for when
crossing into Canada from the United States…. And first off… Let’s talk about:
Guns We carry guns with us!
Canada…. They don’t like all guns! They will allow you to transport certain guns
through their country ahhh… Generally speaking…. Like automatic rifles and pistols are
not allowed or sawed-off shotguns. But hunting rifles and regular shotguns and
22 long-rifles…. Those are totally okay! All you need to
do is go onto Google, type in: Canadian Firearms Declaration. It will be the
first thing that pops up! You fill out the form and have that ready. So when
you get to the border, all you have to do is say:”I have to declare firearms.” You
go in and you pay $25 and you’re done! Pretty darn easy, truthfully!…. The next
thing I’m going to talk about is; Gasoline…. Historically, gas has always
been more expensive in Canada! I’m not sure the whole reasons why but it is!..Ahhh… I
also know that right now Canada is on like a seven-year
historical low gas prices. So that is awesome news! And I also think the
exchange rate between the Canadian dollar the US dollar is still very
favourable. So those are all things working in our favour now and for anybody else traveling roughly around July 2017! So you also need to be carrying your
passport when you cross into Canada. If you don’t have one, they’re very easy to
get and a good thing to have!….Now Canada also has some rules and regulations in regards to tobacco and alcohol! I can’t remember
them off the top of my head… But you don’t want to come up with box loads of
alcohol or tobacco. You know, if you have a bottle of wine or two in the RV or you
know…. Maybe a carton of cigarettes, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be totally
fine on those! So the next thing is something we had already lined up… But
you need to call your credit card company and you’re bank! Let them know
you’re going to be traveling into Canada. They’re going to ask for a rough time
frame. And here’s a little tip that we have picked up and I don’t know why it
took them so long for them to do this. Because…. This is our second massive road trip around the country. We went into New Mexico, which was one of the states that
we didn’t think we’re going to be visiting… And my car got deactivated and I talked
to somebody with a brain! And they said: “You know what, you do a lot of traveling.
We’re just going to set your card up on trucker status.”…. So if you guys do a lot
of traveling or are full timers, you know… Inquire to see if your bank or credit
card company has this thing called: “Trucker status.” Because truckers..Heck! They never know where they’re going or when they’re going to be there. And that’s
kind of like us! And you also need to call your cell phone companies and
double-check your plans… For example, I have the AT&T phone in our house… Not for long! We’re probably just gonna be killing it because we’re not happy with them! But I call the AT&T today…. So the other
phone in our household is Rebecca’s and it is a Verizon phone. And that one we
know for a fact is already set up for Mexico and Canada. Because we have
business partners that we talk to in Canada all the time on that line!
So I just remembered one more thing… If you’re traveling with your four-legged
friends..Ahh you know, they always say you have to have like a health certificate.
But I’ll be damned… We and none of our friends that have
done the trip repeatedly have ever been asked for a health certificate. So…. Do
what you may! But we did it the first time.. And said “Screw it!” The rest of the time! But make sure you do have your dog’s rabies certificate. That’s the main one right there!
So we just made it to the Canadian border and took a little bit to figure
out which building to go to. But we’re coming up to the Canadian’s border station and… We’ll be checking in with them!… Good morning! How’re you today?….Good… I’m gonna get my sunglasses off I know that’s always one of the things….. I have some firearms to declare…. Yes!….How long will you be there?.. Give or take seven days…Roughly! Yeah. Heading home!…Could she come closer?…..Oh honey, come closer…. No…. What else do you have except the firearms and weapons?…22 long rifle and a 12-gauge pump… Can we party the dogs over
there and then head in and do the rifle thing?….Sure, thanks!
I have to say…..I REALLY love our Canadian neighbors! It’s always a pleasurable
experience! Now we just need to pull over and…. Go do the paperwork for the guns.
Which is like nothing to stress about. And then there’s another watercraft
inspection… But this one was unusual! They actually want us to… Both come in
for the guns….. Welcome to Canada! And you know what?
Canadians had Canada day a couple of days ago and celebrated a hundred and
fifty years! So happy birthday Canada! We’re really excited to be here and
spend a few days with you guys!… So we just got through customs ahhh… Border
crossing. And you might wonder what takes the longest when you go through Canadian customs…. Well, normally for us…It’s that we have
firearms to declare. And so you have to go inside and do the paperwork and they do
a background check. And ahh….But this time in addition to that and apparently
this is very new…. We also had to have an invasive species inspection of our
watercraft! You guys know that we carry the two kayaks. Now we have had watercraft inspections. This was the fifth inspections since we left Kansas. And apparently this is
all new because…. One of the lakes in Montana tested positive this year. And
prior to that, this area had always been low risk! But since that has happened,
they now all of the surrounding states are doing watercraft inspections as well
as Montana! And actually I guess they closed the lake in Montana down to
watercraft until they can get the situation under control!
You may already know this but the species that they are looking for that
have invaded the area… There’s three things; The first one: I think most people
know about is the zebra mussels and then there’s also the guanco mussels and
there’s also a Eurasian plant… I don’t even know how to describe it!..Uhhmm but
he showed us actual specimens of these molluscs. And they’re incy wincy tiny!..You’d think they’re big but they’re not there are little tiny, tiny things. And you can
kind of understand then… Why they’re so particular about doing these inspections.
Because they’re, they could be so easily transported! He said, that you have to use
boiling hot water to clean them off… If you do happen to get them, that they can
live up to 30 days on your boat. And that’s if it’s completely dry. If your boat is
still wet, then that can last even longer! Do you really want to drain your boat
out, dry it out, clean it off?… He also said that it wasn’t just the lakes that they
were concerned about but the ahh…There’s alot of irrigation for farming in this
part of the world! And if they get into the irrigation system, then you’re
talking like massive problems! Millions of dollars of expense I’m sure! So that’s
why they’re being so particular. And he said all of this started in 2017 because
of the positive tests in Montana…Uhhmm… The reason that came up is we mentioned
that we thought maybe it was because we’ve come down in the fall and gone home
early in the spring historically but… We’ve not had all of these water
inspection experiences… And he said: “No!” That actually this all just started this
year!…. So there’s your education for the day! Alright guys! Well I am thoroughly
exhausted. We’ve put on 450 miles today… And since we’re in Canada, I don’t know
what that converts to in the metric system without getting my phone out!
And ahh… We just pulled up to our friend’s house… And it looks like they have 46
feet of parking space for us in their driveway. So that’s awesome!Ahhh… We’re just gonna sign off for the day… Thanks for watching! Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button…..
And we’ll see you later!

Stephen Childs


  1. Thank you for the info. I will be full timing soon, and I will be traveling through Canada.

  2. I cross CANADA often in a truck never a issue going into Canada but US customs almost always are a pain

  3. Canada will run your background alaso, if you have any arests that have no disposition, they will not let you in. Like say you were at a party one time and got arested but was later released without a sumons or a ticket but never prosecuted, Canada will disallow you from entry becouse you may possably have charges pending!

  4. Ben after you declare your firearms at the Canadian border and pay the 25 bucks what do you say or do when you enter back into the USA concerning the guns.

  5. ATT has a new Mexico program. Have great experience with their unlimited data plan.

  6. A few things I could add to your informative check list- We have the Verizon unlimited data plan but coming through Canada Verizon had a "international daily data allowance of 1/2 GB before slowing" (slowing was essentially code for no internet). Banks at US towns near the border may be able to convert some of your US dollars to Canadian dollars, we used Wells Fargo in Bellingham, Washington this last time. Get a Mastercard if you want to buy Costco gas in Canada, they don't take Visa and many debit cards won't work either (next time I'll be ready).

  7. Hi – welcome to my country 👍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦. My younger son is a Watershed Ecologist in Alberta and last year there was a huge problem with whirling disease in trout in the province. Scarey. Albertans protect their rivers, lakes and fish with a passion. You might run into more marine craft inspections in the future.

  8. We too made sure to have the dogs health certificates and had to make them look at it! We spent the money and went through the trouble, by God, they were gonna look at it. Did it going to Alaska and did it again four years later when we went back to the lower 48.

  9. Welcome to MY Alberta,Canada!! You should take a trip to our Rockies- Jasper/Lake Louise and Banff- BEAUTIFUL but BUSY right now…for the 150th celebration entry into the park area is free! We find our crossing such a piece of cake…while into the USA- a nightmare! We were detained once for over 4 hours because they found an orange and kiwi that slid in the corner of our trunk! Explore my great province; stay at least 2 weeks!

  10. Welcome to Canada! We LOVE visitors! (And you know what? I'm old enough that I don't know how to convert to metric either! I still think in miles/quarts/gallons/etc and my ancestors have been here since 1810!)

  11. The website says animal health certificates aren't necessary, just rabies (pretty sure).

  12. for miles and Kilos remember 50 mph = 80 kilo/hr
    or 50 miles = 80 kilometers
    or 500 miles = 800 kilometers
    or 25 miles = 40 kilometers
    or 5 miles = 8 kilometers

  13. aren't there some border state gun storage or FFL to FFL shipping service, should one decide to cross into Kanadiastan and drive to Alaska?

    would seem like there be enough customer base to justify a whole biz model around it, no?

  14. Thanks for the info with the border crossing. The scenery is just breathtaking. I just love the area that you are in. Thank you for taking me with you on this journey. I probably will never see any of these sites so thanks for sharing. Love ya Joyce

  15. Okay Rebecca did you do the editing on this movie? At about 12:05 video flips from you to Benjamin. You begin talking about the foreign species they are looking for…cracked me up!

  16. I can tell you as an American trucker it's not bad getting into Canada. The pain is getting back into the U.S. Now one day I'll share a story on how we literally shut down the Canadian border. But I digress. Great Vid. Safe travels.

  17. our canadian border guards are AWESOME i am from bc canada, been to US many times and the US border guards are errogant and think there S*&^ dont stink hope you had a great time in Candda ..YA'LL come back now…!! LOL

  18. Is a rugar 10/22 ok to take? Can I bring 25 round mag or the 10 round it came with? What is the reason why I am bringing it? I know for protection. But what is the right answer. Does the lock have to be on it and ammo separate from gun? Also one more question I have a moss burg protector 12 Guage pump with shorter barrel. Is this ok or not?? Thanks in advance for your answers!!

  19. I've only been to Canada once and that was before you were required to have Passports (the 70's). I went with some friends who were all Greeks and had green cards to work in the US. Entering Canada was no problem but on the way back into the US the boarder patrol guards didn't want to let me in (I was the only US citizen in the car) because I didn't have a green card. It didn't matter that I had a Ohio birth certificate and drivers license he was wanting my greed card, which of course I didn't have because I was a US citizen. After going around and around with the border patrol my boyfriend finally convinced the guard that I wasn't Greek.

  20. Canada also restricts certain fruits and produce from entering the country, depending on where you enter. I once bought a bunch of apples in Sandpoint, Idaho. Later in the afternoon I entered British Columbia. They would not allow me to take the apples into the country. I sat in the border checkpoint parking lot, ate as many as I could, and threw out the rest.

  21. Whatever you do ALWAYS declare all of your guns and any mags that are over 10 rounds for a handgun and 5 rounds for a centre fire rifle. Cheers eh! 🇨🇦

  22. I enjoy your videos and wish I could travel with my wife, at this junction in our life we can't afford to do much traveling. we hope to!sell our house next year when I'm 62 and travel on our pension.Do you have a steady income , sorry it's none of my business but I'm interested how folks travel and smile while they're doing so. I would be happy with a PM even if it's none o yo business. Thanks for the info. Ride safe enjoy the heck outta Canada. p.s. I am playing the lottery.

  23. Rookie problems. I've crossed the border hundreds of times and I'm labelled a low risk traveller. You get that lebel on the computer when you cross lots. Clear sailing.

  24. yes for muscles but we have them now anyways in our lakes from the lake boats so that is a bs inspection canr stop it now?

  25. Zebra mussels, they are so bad. They are hitch hiking on boats and other watercraft and destroying the ecosystem of lakes across the country.

  26. Thank you 👍🏻for the information,very helpful.🚌🌲🌲🌳

  27. I crossed into Canada last July through SweetGrass. I had to pull into the scale because my trailer looked commercial, was asked a few questions and on my way. Had zero issues going into Alaska or back south from AK back to the lower 48. Getting ready to make another trip from AK through Canada to the lower 48 again. I might go further east in Canada this trip.

  28. Surprised you were able to keep your camera on. Every border crossing I've taken has signs forbidding camera use.

  29. I thought they searched your vehicles when you went through? That's great that you took video of it! Thanks girl doing that!

  30. Enjoyed this video! You traveled into Canada at the same place we did in 2000. Brought back a lot of good memories! Loved the dark skies and storm clouds through Alberta. Safe travels.

  31. I like your new intro logo. Thanks for sharing info on crossing the border. So true on the calling banks. While we lived in EU even though USAA knew we lived in Belgium we stilled called every time went to other countries (even day trips) cause the very first couple of months? We had one trip blocked and that was a PAIN while in a new city.

  32. If you are travelling to Canada just don't bother bringing firearms unless you are actually hunting.You do not need them for "protection".

  33. One mile is roughly 1,61km.
    So, to make it easier, just add half to make it 1,5 and add 10% to make it 1,6.
    450 + 225 + 45 = 720.
    The actual number would be 724.5 because of the 0.01. But it's pretty close.
    So, let's say you have 600 miles: 600 + 300 + 60 = 960km.
    Pretty easy, right?

  34. I told my Credit Card co. I was traveling around the US for the next six months. I don't know what the big deal is with deactivation. Call the 800 number and get it fixed. Easy peasy.

  35. The reason for the difference in gas prices is TAXES. The crude and refined product is roughly the same cost. The 30% difference is all taxes. Yeah, we hate them too except for the Lefties who love to tax the crap out of everything.

  36. I don`t know for sure the real reason why fuel is higher , but one thing might be the answer is they sell gas by Imperial gallons or metric which is more than a gallon U.S.

  37. Great information & beautiful scenery! Heading out for the Trans-Can Highway this week, can't wait! 👍 KJA

  38. you don't need to tell them shit, and you can hide any thing in a r v omg man, there to mosey for our liking.

  39. The gas is higher because of taxes. But, Canada doesn't protect human rights so I don't visit there anymore.

  40. We took a trip to Niagara Falls in Canada several years ago( coming from New York).It took us 45 minutes to an hour to clear customs. We had a Texas drivers license driving a West Virginia company truck, plus hubby has a concealed handgun license. We brought no food, no guns, or anything else. The Canadian government searched our truck and had the dogs sniff it everywhere; meanwhile others were breezing through. Fortunately for us, our next trip into Canada to Alaska was a breeze; we were hauling all our household stuff and no one bothered to check it all. Go figure.

  41. We just crossed in our #winnebago back in July- after hearing so many horror stories we were really stressed about the whole situation but it went super smooth. Whew! Looking forward to a lot more crossings in the future! Happy Travels!

  42. When I crossed into Canada from Montana and back again from Vancouver about 20 years ago, I was being asked about guns when I went North, and drugs when I went South. My camper was even search when I went into Canada, and they were searching for illegal weapons. Apparently people from Montana and Idaho have some problems entering Canada, especially when they look like they belong to some kind of private militia. Going between B.C. and Washington State is easier than passing an agricultural inspection when entering California.

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    ➕ Strong delusion
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  44. If I see a deer or other game animal on the side of the road while driving through Canada, can I pull over and shoot it without a hunting license?

  45. So were y'all freaking out over the tornado or is that just par for the course lol? Thanks for the helpful video!

  46. Not true, about automatic and single shot rifles……… They got really upset about my 155 Howitzer I had in tow……it's sing!e shot ! ! ! ! Bastards! ! ! ! ! L O L ! !

  47. to convert miles to kilometers simply multiply by 1.6 Glad to hear border is friendly to our neighbours from the south have a great journey home

  48. Why do you need to bring firearms on your vacations.Are you going to kill something?,or someone?

  49. Hate it when persons who want to connect with me wear sunglasses. Just sayin.. 😉 , happy trails otherwise. Enjoy your journey. Best, -hg

  50. One point on gas prices is that the canadian gallon is bigger than American gallon although we are using the metric system now, so litres which then 4 litres is very close to ! american gallon.

  51. When crossing the border, do you keep your guns handy for inspection or well stowed away?

  52. Unless you have a class 3 license you can't own an automatic weapon!! I think you probably mean what is referred to as an assault weapon!! AR15 or that type !

  53. Taxes that's why!! You have to remember that Canada is socialistic! And in order to pay for socialism prices are always higher!!

  54. I've traveled to and from Canada many times and have never needed a passport!!

  55. when you are crossing do you need to be on your way to Alaska? What reason do you provide them for traveling with your firearm?

  56. i am importing my wife. should i pay a tax. i like canadian blond woman

  57. I laugh when I think that this has to be stated: :'When planning to cross the border to Canada, please leave your sawed off shot guns at home…" However I am Canadian and it is an absurd idea to me to have a personal fire arms on me designed to kill specifically, humans.

  58. I am assuming you were taking Alberta Highway 2 all the way up to Edmonton in one day in this video.

  59. I did not realize you could legally transport guns into Canada. How about handguns? Where should I get the paperwork to transport firearms…? Thanks

  60. Canadians are not permitted to bring any firearms into the USA.
    Go figure

  61. I love it when I find a video and its still helpful 2 years later 🙂 Thanks guys

  62. I grew up in Canada (St Catherines Ontario) back in the early 90’s and I remember that all you needed to cross the border was a State issue ID and that was it….

  63. Cool video..I live 20 minutes north east from sweetgrass/coutts border..my wife works in coutts right at the border…im pretty sure you crossed over at the cardston crossing….If your ever coming though sweetgrass send a message and I would meet you in milk river alberta for a coffee…I watch all your videos…the wife and I are purging everything this year to hit the road….yes thats cardston…Ive got friends that live there…I go there often..

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