Russia, China, United States race to deploy ‘blazingly fast’ hypersonic weapons

[Music] It’s a very sobering thought that
hypersonics weapons, for the most part, can not be defended against right now. You could
certainly see a launch of a missile booster rocket carrying a hypersonic weapon, but once
that weapon–say it’s a glider–releases from that rocket you lose track of it. Currently,
there are three countries that are vying for the lead in hypersonic weapons development:
China, Russia, and the United States. Let me start by talking about China. They recently
tested the hypersonic weapon called the Xingkong-2. It’s a hypersonic cruise missile. This weapon
was released from a rocket high over the sky of northeastern China. It then glided through
the atmosphere going at Mach-6, six times the speed of sound, bobbing and weaving, riding
the shock waves that it was emitting. Another variety that China is pursuing is call the
Dong Feng-17, East Wind. It is a hypersonic glide vehicle. What’s important is that it
doesn’t just simply release and glide to a target, it can be maneuvered. And that maneuverability
at such high speed is what these countries really prize about hypersonic weapons. Russia
tested what’s called the Avangard, and the Avangard is a hypersonic glide vehicle. According
to the Russian sources, they claim that this hypersonic glide vehicle glided 6,000 kilometers
across the country to the far east, the Kamchatka peninsula traveling upwards up Mach-27. So
that’s amazingly, blazingly fast speed. The United States also very long standing interest
in hypersonics. They have several programs in active testing now. All branches of the
military are pursuing hypersonic weapons, both the glide vehicles and the cruise missiles.
The hypersonic cruise missiles, they are called air-breathing; so they propel themselves through
the air. Now I should say that these hypersonic cruise missiles, for the most part, they are
released at high speed from either a booster missile or from a jet–when they’re released
they’re traveling pretty fast. But then they propel themselves using what’s called a scramjet
engine. It’s basically a tube where the air comes in, fuel is injected, they mix, combust,
and that provides propulsion. Scramjet engines have also been described to me as the most
challenging engine to get to work because of the extreme conditions that they’re operating
under. And the reason is that when air is moving so fast at hypersonic speed into this
tube molecules have fractions of milliseconds to mix with the air. There are other problems,
as well. That has to do with the boundary layer of air that the vehicle is traveling
through at hypersonic speed. This boundary layer actually thickens the faster you go
at hypersonic speed. And in this very complex, kind of physical environment turbulence causing
spikes in temperature, and the spikes in temperature can heat up the skin of the vehicle to very
high temperatures. Traveling at very high hypersonic speeds, high Mach numbers, air
around the vehicle ionizes to the extent that radio signals have trouble getting through.
So let’s say these hypersonic gliders that can go upwards of Mach-25 to 27, you would
have this problem communicating with them. Testing vehicles at these hypersonic speeds,
it’s extremely expensive. So there’s been very limited testing, and because there’s
been limited testing you have a pretty patchy success rate. Russia is already deploying
hypersonics; they beat the U.S. to the punch in that way. It really is a competitive “space
race” in a way. [Credits]

Stephen Childs


  1. How do we know that???? Cause you say it with no proof????? We are just suppose to believe what the media says?????.I question everything now. Even videos can be misleading and faked.

  2. What the hell is the nose cone made of to not melt at Mach 27 due to friction through the air ?

  3. Russia mach 27…China mach 6 but can control the flight….US still testing…what happen. Busy in Iraq, Syria,Afghanistan and sanction here sanction there. If this is the case it take one angry Russian to get the US blow up before they even realise what is comming.

  4. Don't worry folks, it doesn't exist. Since we faked going to the Moon to beat them, they're just getting us back. #shadowpuppetry

  5. I look at this way the Retard on Capitol Hill announced that there wasn't enough Patriot missile defense systems to go around and they had absolutely no Patriot missile defense systems protecting the air bases in Iraq that basically tells you that they aren't putting any of the military funding towards anything to protect the American people only Republican sector military contracts for ships submarines and military vehicles that's it and this is unexcusable I mean all of our military were at Jeopardy at the air bases in Iraq when Iran sent missiles over none of them had the capability to defend against incoming missiles that's retarded and President Trump last year's speculated that he was going to make sure that the military was protected in Iraq so another lie and another 700 800 billion dollars wasted on Military contracts

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  7. I liken this to bungee-jumping…the elasticity of the rope/cord trying to pull you back from whence you moments ago came. The speed with which we increasingly must try to kill each other faster with hypersonic weapons creates a dialogue of : "I can kill you faster than you can me"… "You can Not"… "Can Too"… "Not"… "Too"…, seesawing back and forth almost endlessly but most certainly with a definite End…like the bungee back & forth, up & down, and up again…with life and death in the balance at either end as though nothing matters but the thrill of the ride…

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  11. Time go without human. Look like here won't be one human who will celebrate year 2100.

  12. stupid poeple if we go at war with each other the only things thats gonna happen is we wilkl eventually nuke each other and kill our ozone once that happens us plants animals it all goes with it basically everyone and everything but the tiny germs at the bottom of the ocean will die

  13. What Russia says and what they can do are 2 different things …. Russia has a history off not telling the truth because they always have to play catch-up to the US and 2 other countries


  15. "We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us." – Anonymous

  16. the US does not have a operating hyposonic misile, and thats a fact haaaahaahaaa

  17. How bout some blazing fast help for your people . Always some destructive means of help . The help we don’t get

  18. This is why bad acting Nations will almost certainly take over the world, because unlike "good" nations they will not hesitate to strike offensively once (not when) they develop a weapon strong enough to guarantee their victory.

  19. They're creating these to fight the Most High God when He brings them down to armeggeddon to demand his land and for them to o let His ppl God who are negro and scattered to every nation, not the khazars who call themselves Jews and are not per Jesus's revelation

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  21. China can’t make one that works. Russia can’t produce more than one at a time. The USA already produces them but denies it.

  22. shrug We, humans, have been perfecting ways to kill each other off for thousands, no, tends of thousands of years. I'm sure the same paranoid "the world is going to end!" reactions happened when someone figured out how to make steel weapons, and gunpowder, and crossbows, etc.
    In short, "Nothing to see here. Move along…move along…" 😉

  23. Little puppet men going against the will and decisions of peoples in the world,they have always been problems through the ages with these unsound minds of leaders and the disrespectfull nature of their neglect for the love of people all over the world,your idiots,book a place on mars and do as you want to each other,we do not care just get as far away as possible from us living souls in happiness.

  24. China's junk probably doesn't even work otherwise we would have seen North Korea with it. The United States and Russia probably had this technology 20 years ago.


  26. It is unusual when you include US joined the race in the Hypersonic missiles. The very reason to it was, US didn't perfectly created rockets that could send their astronaut to the space. Now, their going to create a hypersonic missiles? Was it sounds real? The same story US said that they have the best Fighter Jet that could avoid radar detection, when they don't have the best most effective radar system. lol They said the the aegis, the most sophisticated system, yet easily disabled by Russian electronic jamming device ?! lol

  27. No. No one beat the US to it. Ask any one who lives around area 51 if we have hyper sonic craft. Difference in U.S. and the rest of the world…. We do not put our best stuff on display. We keep it top secret until we need to use it. Like we did with the stealth bomber. We can also track them via satellite and shoot them down with space based lazer. Yea…. we got that too.
    Good thing no one will believe me. I would hate to reveal top secret shit to our enemy's. Later on I will be able to say I told every one so. Once we use the stuff and it becomes known.

  28. Yo no se por que pinchi carajo hacen las guerras si todos son de la misma raza

  29. USA going on 19 years of warfare.
    Spending $1.4 trillion on defense yearly when you add CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, + $ 40 billion for nuclear weapon maintenance in the Dept. of Energy

  30. Homo Sapiens was doomed to begin with it, it's just a matter of time. If you look at bird species they don't attack each other over territory but primates, now that's a different story. Adding more brain capacity just meant more killing capacity.

  31. I didn't know that "Black Project" info was publicly available!!? I know that the USA's aren't!!! 🇺🇸👍🏻✌🏼

  32. So if Russia have these type weapons all ready to go and we behind that don't sound to good at all be afraid!

  33. Now we know why Russia is not afraid of the U.S., hence they buzzed our aircraft and ships yet all our military could do was show the video to the world and cry foul.

  34. If one was logical one might assume humans are an infestation that should be eradicated from the Earth.

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  37. US is trying to catch up with Russia since they built their famous hypersonic weapons….

  38. China and russia need to win the race. Its the only language the west understands. They must protect the people from both military and economic terrorism from the US so their countries dont end up like the middle east

  39. weapons that are great in technology but is devastating
    "i no not what WWIII will be fought with but WWIV will Be fought with sticks and stones

  40. In the event of a war nobody wins so will be better and cheaper to seek understanding and unity among the leaders of the world.
    Don’t let your pride overtake you. Remember that our heavenly God govern over all situations we face in this earth. Let’s reason together and find a común ground so we can live in peace and harmony through Jesús.

  41. Human! lets be proud to know how fast we can destroy ourselves and everyone/everything on this plant.

  42. They do not come near their targets yet due to not perfecting that. Fast, yes! Not perfected.

  43. You can call me a lie okay but I'm not Jesus 💯 is on his why black if your faith is not 💯 in him today tomorrow maybe to late take this anyway you like but this is the truth

  44. I told them just do what the Hillary's are good at and that's making people disappear

  45. This is what I be watching in class im jus using my tablet bc I got my phone tooken so yes sorry for all that…

  46. lol. The US has had the ability to shoot down Hypersonic missiles since the 80s. Nothing is invisible. and NOTHING is faster than light.

  47. Listen.
    Regardless of what Russia and China have, the U.S. has had both ramjet and scramjet operational since the 90s. The SCRAMJET tech ESPECIALLY qualifies as HYPERSONIC.
    Russia's expressions about its weaponry is therefore just propaganda and dezinformatsiya.
    One need not suppose that, since that time, these technologies have not been improved and enhanced by the U.S.
    So with all of the commentary that there will doubtless be on these topics, let's not get overly excited. Remember, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

  48. I got to steal one for myself.
    Now I just have to figure out where I stash this bird,,,

  49. Russia already won, and this is a half truth video. Avangard is in service, flying @ 21,000 mph. The US should fear the tech Russia's not showing. The ability the knock out all power (grid), while thousands of Sarmat missiles pulverize America/900 military bases/strongholds/allies trembling for their sovereignty. The US should back off, spend that war money on America, but they won't.

  50. They call this " Evolution " …… i call it Mass Murder Paid For By Us, For Us. See how generous we our to ourselves? Neat .

  51. We spend so much time, effort, money on ways to kill each other everyday…
    Imagine we used all that on making the world a better place instead…

    You can download the file here:
    2018-06-23 22-13-19_1578383986979.MP4

  53. lets make something clear, the USA does not have hypersonic weapons that are usable at all, China is only getting their feet wet in it. its only Russia which is the #1 country in the world who has mastered the technology and is the #1 military power in the world right now because of that and many other things.

  54. ROSJA już dawno pokazala swoje rakiety ich start itd. a usa nie ma takich rakiet

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