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  1. Everyone obsessed with the Royals here in Canada are extremely vain and shallow morons. 100% Fact. Reality – taxes are going up and so is the crime rate in some major Canadian cities. But yaay Meghan and Harry? What a steaming crock of sh*t.

  2. Education on the Monarchy?! About time. I sure wish them both the best in this mission.

  3. If they want to come here, fine. BUT!!! It is absolutely ridiculous if they expect the tax payers to foot their security bill. Let them pay for their own security if they need it or stay in England!! Unbelievable!!!

  4. Rubbish to say Meghan has been struggling with publicity she has sought it all her life . She is a social climber who will dispose of Harry and move on to another billionaire . She has been given everything. By the Queen and have treated her majesty appallingly. The biggest mistake Harry will ever make was marrying that narcissistic woman .

  5. If we have to pay a dime for these two, they will be moving out of Canada as well. I don’t mind them staying here but not at the expense of my hard work.

  6. You are really despicable people. You Don't love them, and you flap your gums to hate them and cause others to hate them as much as possible. If it weren't for this kind of action, you'ld be out of jobs.

  7. How is their decision now our problem? They want to be independent, I'm independent and have to pay my own way. How are they different?.

  8. How about Harry and Meghan are a happily in love couple, and a new child, and they are making healthy decisions for themselves, and their family. Perfectly normal.

  9. And, why would Harry and Meghan want to raise their child in a toxic country, and continent such as England, and Europe? Who are you trying to kid?

  10. Their choice to carve out a new path has increased my respect for them. This is their most regal action yet.

  11. Is not sad or the end of the world! or that dramatic. He 6 to line . Let them pay there own way and security . Like normal citizens.

  12. It’s no surprise that they come to the old commonwealth, try going to Colombia or Mexico and see if you get nice easy jobs. Try giving back all the things your royal family stole.

  13. They are not welcome to Canada. but they welcome that Huawei CFO to Canada with open arms.

  14. They are not wanted here, if we are footing the bill for your lazy entitled arses. Go play for your own crap.

    If you want to be financially independent and pay your own way fine whatever. Don't expect special treatment or Canadian tax payers. We have enough finical issues here we don't need the burden of royal brats

  15. May God be pleased to bless Harry and Meghan and Archie, and curse anyone who wishes them any kind of harm, or flaps their gums to create negativity and harm for them.

  16. Black people are woke this sort of
    Propoganda is not going to work
    With us anymore you media need
    to check yourself

  17. Princess Madeleine/Sweden makes it work, Prince Joachim/Denmark as well, both younger siblings.Times have really changed. Keeping the term Royality even alive in our western culture and democracies is becoming more and more an issue. It just makes no sence with our belief that all people are alike under the law. Harry and Meghan daring to take a step into independence is long overdue. Eventually they will be financially independent as well. Why on earth people get so finicky about this issue is beyond me, since uncle Andrew with his questionable past seem to do little for the Kingdom, yet lives quite comfortable himself.

  18. Sure send them over to Canada, I am sure Trudeau has plenty of tax dollars to make their life quite comfy, and im sure Canadians won't mind supporting their life style, after all trudeau has made Canada such a rich and prosperous nation that we don't have anyone in this country struggling to make ends meet.

  19. For months, Harry did request meetings with the Queen to discuss the logistics of changes but his communications were without response. Also, security costs should be paid by the UK and/ or the couple. They can generate millions for charities so maybe they can generate a few to cover security with their financial independence. Maybe it's also time for Canada to cut ties with the monarchy, who really serve no essential role other than being an expense. With the new king will come another huge expense to change the faces on currency. Is it really necessary? Pictures of other symbols can be printed on our dollar bills.

  20. It's a shame you didn't report on Andrew so much, now Andrew out of the lime light. Whilst you make anything about Harry news. Really!

  21. You wait until you are in front of God, striped of your clothes, your titles, your money, your positions, your status, your class, your tongues, and most importantly your arrogance, and you have nowhere to run or hide.

  22. When you are in front of God there will be no one to support you for the vileness, and mischief you have perpetrated on earth.

  23. A question to you Canadians: Is there any public opinion for breaking with the monarchy and introducing a Canadian republic?

  24. Speaking as a British subject, Harry has treated his Grandmother disgustingly. Between the Queen having to deal with in effect watching her husband slowly slip away to the great beyond, Her son being caught up in a Paedophile scandal, she now has to content with "Brand Markle" with the loss of her Grandson and Great Grandchild. Lets remember, the Queen is 95 this year and does she need this at her time of life ?
    Harry can go to the nearest cliff and jump off from me, he is no prince in my eyes, just a wimpy, henpecked, excuse for a Man, who gives any true Brit a bad name. Strip him of all Royal connection publicly and lets see him become a "Commoner" and live his life the same way as the rest of us do … working for a living instead of living off "Birthright Fame". I bet he will soon be crying back to Granny.

  25. Maybe the CBC could share some of the money that Trudeau pays them off with, to help this poor struggling couple to live in Canada, after all we know what a loving and careing news media CBC is.

  26. The sticky point no one is really delving into – is IF they are allowed to pursue commercial interests, the effect of being involved with commercial interests that are in direct conflict with the politics of UK – or conflict with official positions from the Palace who IS head of state.

  27. They are so selfish we don’t care if come Canada least they pay their own when they don’t care own parents and grand parents what expat their own children’s wait no any friends going to near them too selfish both of them

  28. His mother died, he wants to make sure his wife don't end up the same way. If his wife was not black, American or out spoken we will not have any of this foolishness today.

  29. Harry and Meghan can come to Canada as long as they can be independent and not take our tax money.

  30. We don't need monarchy and we don't need these people here as Royals. We don't need to pay for them. They have more than enough money to take care of themselves.

  31. How are they assuming that Canadians will be happy to pick up the tab?? Not my hard earned money .. we work 3 shifts a day at times and have to then pay people who are millionaires. Ludicrous.

  32. “Progressive new life”…..” financial independence”…..time to cut them loose to pay their own bills

  33. Please do not come to Canada until you are willing to pay your own bill. We cannot afford to have you who is not a Canadian citizen. You want to be financial independent, l am all for it. Canadians want to be financially independent of you. We cannot afford to pay for your security. We need the money for our own citizens especially the homeless. We do not need another foundation whose principals collect money , pay themselves first before those who need help. I welcome you and love to have you but you must let us be financially independent.

  34. I think it is very ungracious of you Canadians that you might not spoil these members of your Royal Family loI.

  35. Welcome but you MUST pay for your own security needs. This is non negotiable.

  36. They are going to be a national asset to Canada and attract more tourists. God willing when they establish they will be able to pay for their security. Please the world should support them. As parents you will forgive your children if they make mistakes won't you?
    Kate's parents live in England. Megan's mother leaves in US that's an extenuating circumstances that's the differences. I see success a head of them.

  37. The couple has enough money to pay for their own housing, security and the rest. I think royal children in the other countries with modern monarchies are beginning to work and pay for their own livings. So, perhaps that is what is happening here. They want more say so over what work they wish to do and how much control they have over that. Privatizing the royal brand is more of a sticky wicket. I think it may appear "tacky" to the royals to make money off the royal brand itself.

    So, they need to leave and go to Canada; they already have plenty enough money for their living. They need to pay for their own security and their own house and go from there. They need to live and learn and if they privatize their royal brand, see how that goes. Let them experience their choices. That may work out and may not, but they need to experience this as part of their growth. Either her and his intentions will be shown to be wise and caring and good for their family and children, or if the intentions are otherwise, that will become obvious as well. I don't think they really gave it a try in the UK, and after some time away, to think, process and reflect, they may come to that decision themselves. The first two years of their marriage was so much change, too much, too rapidly. She was foreign, had never lived in the UK and did not know much about living in a democratic monarchy, newly married to a very public figure, had to learn a job that comes with a lot of expectations, and an extensive protocol that isn't second nature if you didn't grow up that way, had a pregnancy and baby, and became the center of press attention, etc. Everything they would try, if things didn't go her or their way, they picked up their toys and left, the place they lived by Prince William and Princess Kate, the charities they worked on with Will and Kate, the refurbished Frogmore Home at taxpayer expense, etc. Even though she may not mean it, this makes Megan look as if she feels a bit entitled, only because Harry had been known for not acting entitled before, even though he was a royal.

    Megan should never feel entitled for anything and treat everyone she meets with dignity and respect, her staff, other people's staff, and others she meets. This isn't about her, it's about how she shows love, dignity, and respect to others. The sooner she learns this, the wiser she will become, and the easier her life will be. She will discover that what she gives out, she gets back, many times over. If you are a servant-leader and give out love, dignity and respect, that is what you will receive in return. When I visited the UK and Western Europe not long ago, I become very interested in studying the kings and queens who truly were in love and loyal as a married couple and worked as a true team to meet the needs of their people. There weren't many examples, unfortunately, but the ones there were are still beloved and talked about and looked up to and still used a mentors, and heavenly go-betweens on behalf of their people until this day, and some died centuries ago, and we have never heard of them outside their local area. When Megan has time, she should make that tour and study those monarchs, even if she's not in direct line to the throne, if she uses these monarchs as her mentors, she will live a full life, because she will get back way more than she gives out and Harry too. And her legacy will be one that people adore and emulate. She will make her family, her people and her country proud, and she will learn that it is in sincere giving that we receive. Expect nothing, and be truly grateful for any act of kindness from anyone that you receive.

  38. my thought might wife of prince william wife jealous of megan, they make issue to megan. only opinion

  39. hey! don't expect Canadians to pay for their security if they want to b financially indepedent. they or d queen can pay for it.

  40. They are worth more than 40 million dollars and they can't pay for their own security costs!!!!! Seriously!!!! I like the monarchy and follow them BUT this is too far. We have more than enough issues here that need more money – medical, infrastructure, homeless people, economy. I don't have any more money to give and I am sure other Canadians don't either. They said they want to be financially independent – then pay their own way.

    If these two people can't live comfortably on that much money then go somewhere else. They are welcome here, but grow up and pay your own way!!!!

  41. If they're really care about the poor, changing for a better world, etc… Then, would they please stay in Frogmore Cottage. Where they spend millions tax money to fix it. And save for Canada millions/yearly to save lives of its street people. who were being forced out from their own homes, by the present "Green-economy"

  42. A little honoured they love Canada so much. However I do NOT want to be on the hook for their security!! We have quite enough to pay for!

  43. None of our business, let's get a life or put our mind on missing people's. Let's think about Repentance and getting ready for the coming of The LORD. How about that

  44. Megan is transgender, so where did the baby come from?? They have joined up with the deep state

  45. They a trillion airs, plain and simple " pay their own security no matter where they go and no matter where they live.

  46. Meghan is hard working. She doesn't want free lunch. For the first time a Prince find a job. Henry is so smart to use all his youth energy helping those who need him. Power to Henry.💝💝🎈🎈🎁🎁.

  47. I think its embarressing that Canada still have the Queen as our head of state. None if this fit in with the Canadian way of life. Cuts the ties and kick these two whiny overly indulged babies out the door.

  48. The comments here are so negative. No wonder why she want out. Who wants to be treated like some ones property just because you pay taxes for their security. Let us not go deep into racism now. Respect her choices.

  49. I don't care where they live as long as they pay for everything themselves and add NO EXTRA COST to Canadians. They have more than enough money to support their own needs…Set a good example for your kids and pay your own way.

  50. For heavens sake! Independence MEANS independent in all aspects. Having said that, its been reported that the Prince of Wales (father) will continue to provide some financial support that they'll likely use for safety and security purposes. The media and its insatiable need for 'stories' have latched onto this 'news' that is likely happening at this juncture as a way to overshadow Prince Andrew's escapades.

  51. I think this is utter madness. The pair have not even been married for two years, for a start and surely it had been thoroughly explained to her what would be expected of her once she married Harry and that the marriage, inevitably, came paired with a job that would never be easy. It was never going to be all parties and carriage rides. Canadians will be on the hook for their security but what's next, a house for the couple as well? Where will they live and how will that impact the people and the communities that surround them and what will it cost this country to accommodate everyone in a manner that will afford the couple privacy and security while at the same time not negatively impact the people and the communities around them. I cannot help but feel Canada is merely a stopover on the road back to America and that all of this will end in tears and leave both the Canadian and the British people wanting to pull their hair out and a massive amount of money having been spent with absolutely nothing to show for it. We will be paying for this alright, to think otherwise strains credulity, but the question is, just how much will it cost financially and otherwise.

  52. This is just news hype! Harry and Meghan have never even discussed their security in Canada. They are not asking for support! This is not news! I don't blame them for wanting to move to Canada

  53. Meghan is NOT going to live in Canada…she is going to live in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and NYC…that is where/who she wants to rub shoulders with = Hollyweird celebrities.

  54. Royals are a waste. Please do not come to Canada. I do not want to support you or pay anything for you. Go back home!

  55. who cares about a pedophile moving to Canada or has everyone forgot about him being at epstines island he should be lynched

  56. Fergie was crucified by the British media, Diana was crucified and one could argue killed by the media, Harry has grown up with that experience. Megan has been criticised unfairly and I don't blame them for saying enough is enough. I hope that they are not unwittingly going from the frying pan into the fire!

  57. He's been sent by the lizzy to run the family slave farm personally. CBC is owned by the crown. All propaganda

  58. Just keep Harry and Meghan OUT of the USA ! We DO NOT want nor need them here ! They are BOTH Deep State !

  59. to honestly understand what is going on here you first have to educate yourself on the royal family and the one thing that is a big no no is never become political and it is a fact that these 2 want to be woke. pity but hey if that is what they want so be it but they should now become separate from royalty and pay there own way. and neither the UK nor Canada should pay anything.

  60. Welcome and I admire your will to make independent lives apart from the monarchy. As long as we don't have to put out ANY money, you have just as much right to immigrate to Canada as anyone.

  61. If you fools are getting the news from america you are sorely MISINFORMED ! Major league propaganda going on here on CNN, MSNBC, ABC. CBS. NBC, and MSNBC !! Watch One America News Network or Fox in the evenings !

  62. If they become "financially independent" while also working part time as a Royal, why can't all the Royals get private jobs.

  63. Pay their way…that's all I ask. I'm not paying taxes so they can live their entitled lives off my dollar.

  64. 2019 CARBON TAX / 2020 MARKLE TAX. (somebody has to pay for their living)

  65. Harry is 7th in line, God forbid anything happens to the Royal family and he has to go back to be king..but I'm glad they got out!
    They have a lot to do with their own foundations and charities..they will be busy enough!
    Security is not going to be as bad as people think..worse in England or the USA.
    Knowing Harry, they'll chip in.

  66. She was an embarrassment to the Royal Family. We don’t want to pay for her in Canada. She’s not a Royal. It’s so obvious!

  67. I agree there where some bad decisions made when it came down to them wanting to much privacy when Archie was born, they should not have kept it as private as they did because they are like movie stars & royalty. The tax payers frowned on them not showing Archie & his God parents. I believe they should apologize to the Queen & tax payers & keep their Royal status as is and grow a back bone concerning the UK media & show off by continuing their work for the charities to the tax payers like the Stars they are 🌟 because what they are asking for now is to busy, complicated & will make the media hound them more in Canada, UK & USA.

  68. Its time to end the monarchy
    Their wealth is stolen period !!
    CBC is pure propaganda

  69. Welcome to Vancouver Island! I only see a benefit of having them here on the island.

  70. Honestly canadians are as bad as the British so I don't understand why one would pick Canada either 🤦🏾‍♀️…And who to say Megs asked for security not likely.. England's Queen maybe.. Just bashing her for no reason for the past 3 years..This marriage was just a mistake…

  71. Get lost we don't want you here. The royals are free loaders living off the backs of hard working people.

  72. Independent but wants his cake and eat it too !! We are all our own security each day we live with watching our backs from nitwits with guns coming blazing into our schools, churches, etc. Royals have lived off you all long enough its 2020 turn a new page completely! Best of luck Blessings..

  73. I think they should renounce their titles. As royals they are in a privileged position where they are taken care of financially by the United Kingdom and the sovereign, meaning that they can’t be compromised by someone or some corporation offering them to pay them to do something or say something or be seen with something. Them being taken care of financially and living in palaces allows them to be non political and completely loyal to the Queen and commonwealth.

    If they’re being paid by private corporations I don’t want to hear a single word they have to say about anything as royalty because I can’t know who’s making them say it or whose interest they’re representing. I know the queen is always going to look out for the interests of the commonwealth, because she’s is not owned by anyone, her survival is tied to our survival sand that’s reassuring.

    I am all for them being independent, I don’t care what they do but I am not comfortable with them continuing to be titled members of the royal family doing the job part time continuing to use their titles when it’s convenient or to profit off of it.

    They might be upset at the treatment by the media but they’re punishing the great citizens of the Commonwealth for the behavior of some of the media.

    Just quit completely and give up all the perks and pay your own way.

    I was a Rachel fan on suites, I grew up watching William and Harry but this was poorly executed.

  74. They can live in Canada IF they pay for their own way. We are racking up deficits of 25 billion/year. We have added 100 billion on the debt with this current gov. I don't want my tax dollars to pay for an American actress who is completely irrelevant to our country. She wants to be in California, MOVE there and please go away

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