Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Borders & Butts

Burnie: you got to watch out with what kids say We went RvB TO last summer and I took my kids with me and we were crossing from Canada into America and the guy was just kinda grilling us a little bit and I was just like “uhh you know we’re just going back to the US” “to catch a plane and go back to Austin” But we were actually gonna come back into Toronto to catch our plane back outta there It was one of those things where I just said it because it was easier to say so I said “uh we’re just gonna go down to New York cuz we’re gonna catch our plane and go back to Austin” and my kid from the back seat goes “that’s not true”
[laughing] Gus: oh my god so we actually we actually had to pull over on the side of the highway had the “look” “you… shut your mouth around cops”
[laughing] We had that conversation It was like a scene from Goodfellas where it’s like “look” “you just shut your mouth” [laughing] Geoff: yeah
Burnie(accent): never rat on ya friends
[laughing] Burnie: Rooster Teeth dinner
Gavin: Hey! people like crepes Burnie: people like crepes
[laughing] Burnie: ah so I went to the doctor recently I said “I have a history of colon cancer in my family” I should get a colonoscopy and that’s like if the patient brings up “oh that’s a difficult subject so” “here’s what … oh we’ll do this or whatever” The guy wouldn’t do it I had to ask like 2 or 3 times that I wanted to schedule a colonoscopy and he kept saying “nah. You’re too young just don’t worry about it. Just wait a little bit longer” it’s like I feel like I’m the weirdo now
[talking over each other] Gavin: so did it get to the point where you keep hinting at it and by the end of it you’re like Gavin: “SHOVE SOMETHING UP MY ASS! DO IT!”
Burnie: yeah pretty much

Stephen Childs


  1. Doctor segment – RT Podcast #211 at 27:17
    "People like crepes" – RT Podcast #206 at 1:29:59–1:30:35 (more context-1:29:07)

  2. Actually the doctor is right, they can see sonthing that looks dangerous (but not) and operate on you
    This happens all the time for tgese things

  3. I don't get that 'too young' bit . . . I mean, I'm 19 and i've already had like 35 colonoscopy's in my life.

  4. It wasn't relevant at the the time, but while i was slightly triggered by it at the time, looking at the current president of the USA, im just laughing now. If Canada sucks, the just how much does the USA suck now that there is a moron in the white house.

  5. One time my family was crossing back into the US from Canada and when we were at the border, my brother who was like 3 or four at the time yells "You're not my mom," while our mom was talking to the border guy.

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