RMR: Rick with Resident Doctors

♪ ♪ Hello and welcome to
the University of Manitoba Faculty of Health Sciences where
today I am a medical resident. It is a gruelling,
hands-on, intensive period in
every doctor’s career. And today, I suit up, scrub in,
and do the rounds. What are the six scariest
words in health care? Dr. Mercer will
see you now. (Laughter) (♪♪) I’m standing with
Dr. Leslie Anderson. Hello, doctor,
how are you? Hello, Rick. Now, residents are doctors,
of course. You’re full-fledged doctors,
but you’re doing the residency to become what? Well, we’re doing
further training in our specialty of choice.
So — What’s your specialty? I — my specialty
is pathology. Question! Can all doctors
be replaced by Google? True or false? Absolutely false. I know.
That drives you mad! It does. -Doesn’t it?
-It really does. It’s great for people
to be — Oh yeah! — aware of their own — Don’t Google
your symptoms! Don’t Google
your symptoms. Can herbs cure
all diseases? (Laughter) No. (Laughter) There is a role
for them. But no. In salads. (Laughter) What now, doctor? We are gonna do a general
physical examine. Okay. What am I
looking for? We’re looking
for a head injury. Are we worried
he’s head injured ’cause he’s acting strange? Because he’s been
promoted at theCBC?What’s going on? (Laughter) He had some — Why do we think
he’s head-injured? He had some
trouble walking, and he had some
coordination issues. I think he’s had
a stroke. (sighing) That’s my diagnosis. We’ll find out. I don’t need
to do anymore. I — I Doogie Howsered him. Touch your nose.
Good. So that would give you
an indication that the person might
have had a head injury. And they might
otherwise look normal? They could. If he — I’m gonna be doing this
to everyone in the office. ‘Cause quite often,
I wonder. Now step away. Yeah. Oh, that’s good. See, he saw that.
He saw that coming. We can look at that
and his patella reflex. So I’ll give this
to you. (♪♪) (Laughter) You’re good. Actually, I don’t think
you’ve had a stroke. I think you drink
too much personally, ’cause I recognize you
from my bar. (Laughter) (♪♪) Oh! Okay, doctor.
Why is — gosh! Okay.
What next, doctor? What next? Next, you are gonna learn
how to make a cast. All right.
So first mistake. Let’s go
the other way. So you want it
to roll — First mistake like you
think there’ll be more? No, no, I’m doing this.
Tell me. Roll it down, yeah. Have you ever
broken a bone? I have, actually, yeah. Really? How? Playing hockey. Of course. I’ve never
broken a bone. You generally don’t when
you’re in the basement making up stories
with imaginary friends. (Laughter) Give it a squeeze
to drain off. Yeah, exactly. This is my innovation.
This will make sense. Now, this is
gonna be tricky. We’ll just wait
for that to dry. We’re just gonna put this
in the oven now and set it at 350
for about 40 minutes. What now, doctor? You are gonna learn
how to suture. Yes! And this is not
a part of a person. Nope. This is part
of a cow. This is a cow’s tongue. Yes. Someone, quick! Boil some water
and chop some garlic stat! (Laughter) Do you ever get that thing
that residents complain about where people say, like,
I want to see the real doctor? Uh, sometimes, yeah. Sometimes people aren’t really
sure who residents are and what they do,
and they are thinking that we’re a trainee
that’s going to — But you’re not.
You’re real doctors. We are.
We are real doctors. The same thing happened
to Justin Trudeau in Davos. Apparently everywhere he went
they were, like, no really, seriously, where’s
the Canadian prime minister? One side and then just with your
wrist force that through. Like that? Yeah. And then you
drab your forceps, take the needle out,
follow the curve of the needle, and then I’ll just
cut this — And you could also wear
that as a pendant. (Laughter) You know what’s amazing?
When I started this, I had no experience. Now that I’ve got
three stitches in, it now takes three months
to see me. (♪♪) Oh, see, that’s… (Laughter) That’s the — You didn’t get yourself,
did ya? -No.
-Okay. It’s just the tip. (Laughter) We’ll just… You know what? We’ll just
tuck that under the patient. (Laughter) And no one will be
the wiser. We have to check to see
if the bone is set properly. That’s right. Now, what did I tell you
about using something to itch yourself? There it is. That’s no good. Sign the cast. (♪♪) Look at that. (Laughter) That’s brilliant. (Laughter) Look at that. Is that not ingenious? That’s pretty good. Have you ever done
anything like that? No, but I might
start now. And this will be used
to cut off the cast. (whirring) And it just vibrates, so you can
actually touch the skin. (whirring) There you go. Oh, look at that! You could also
make smoothies. All right.
Thank you so much. Yes. Have a good one. Oh, geez! (Laughter) One flaw. What now, doctor? We are going down
to the simulation lab. What will
we be simulating? Well, you are going to save
a life during a code blue. (♪♪) I’m now in the clinical learning
simulation facility, and I’m joined by head nurse.
Hello. What’s your name? Alison Jones. Hello, Alison Jones.
And you are? Christian Thompson. Christian Thompson.
What do you do? I’m a fifth year
emergency medicine resident. Okay. Indeed. So you’re the head nurse,
so I will pay attention to you and put up
with him. Hello, sir.
Can you speak English? [robotic] Yes.
Yes, I can. Can you —
can you help me? Okay, I didn’t
expect that. So he’s answering me? He is. Oh, I can help you.
Absolutely, I can help you. All those beeping sounds,
that’s not good. So Rick, I’m really
concerned about what we’re seeing
on the monitor there. What are we seeing
on the monitor? Okay, I don’t feel
for a pulse. Rick, call a code blue
right now, Rick. Who do I call?
Oh, yeah — code blue! I was a little slow
on the uptake there. Hundred per minute, okay? Do you really go
this hard? Yes. Where’d all of you
guys come from? Keep going! Hard, fast. We’re gonna drop
a milligram of epinephrine. I’ve never
dropped epinephrine. Is that
an oral medication? No, no. We’re going in
the IV here, okay? Right here, Rick.
Put that in there. You’re gonna
push it in there. I should have been
a doctor! Tell us when it’s in. Okay, it’s in. It’s a bit of a workout,
isn’t it? It is. Use your hips. It’s all in the hips. Really?
It’s like twerking, isn’t it? (Laughter) Oh, if you could see me
without this coat on. Can you use
other parts? Whoa, hey, hey, hey! (Laughter) Keep going
with the CPR. Really serious. Can you feel
for a pulse there? Do you feel
anything there? I’m getting nothing
on either. (Laughter) I have a pulse. I have two.
We’ve saved two lives. Thank you so much.
I think you’re gonna make it. Thank you. Thanks very much.
You’re all so wonderful. Good luck
in your future. Thank you. Thank you.
How’d I do? Fabulous. Yeah! How’d they do?
Any good? They’re gonna
be pretty good. -They’re pretty good.

Stephen Childs


  1. wow the doctor examining the guy with the head injury is so pretty!!! i want her to be my doctor

  2. I'm a med student and its fabulous to see Rick don on some scrubs and a white coat!

  3. The 6 scariest words in health care –> "Dr. Mercer will see you now" haha

  4. "I never dropped epinephrine" LMFAOOOO this is why Rick is one of favourite comedians.

  5. Why docs deserve to make $…..my son, 4 years college, 4 years med school, 1 year transitional residency, 3 years resident specialty, and one year fellowship……..13 years to become a doc. He is an eye surgeon and has restored and saved the eyesight of many.

  6. If you ever decide to do an international trip just for fun, it could be fun to check out the black Gospel choir phenomena in Japan. Most of the singers are Japanese and not black, but the Sister Act movies and their version of "O Happy Day" turned black Gospel music into a thing in Japan.

  7. Did anyone pick up that she said Nephology? Rick, didn't. I wondered what it was, myself. It's the study of clouds, ladies and gentlemen.

  8. Does anyone think this guy is funny? More importantly, is he trying to be funny…orrr… does he have a message…Why does CBC scrounge in the lower reaches of political correctness? How is being a silly clown provide insight to…ahh what was he talking about? Oh yeah, he's an intellectual humorist, thus able to mock the incredible dedication these folks have achieved which in short makes him look like an idiot and I, as a Taxpayer request we cease and desist this waste of money time and airspace! Gee, this sure is funny, applying a life saving technique, trying to amuse these professionals…with his banal behavior…CBC get rid of this guy!
    ps: apparently they did, I have no idea of the terms, thankfully this type of elementary school humor has place in the kiddies section of learning…too bad he never got past it, but thankfully we don't have to endure it.

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