RMR: New From the Producers of Keeping Canada Alive

Announcer: This week on the
ground-breaking new CBC series, “Kicking Canadians Out
Of Hospital Early.” Rick:
Okay, time to go home. But… but…. I haven’t been seen
by the doctor yet. Rick: Home time! Where are my clothes? Rick:
At home. Chop chop! What?
What’s going on? Rick: Okay, I need
the front doors open stat! I’m disoriented.
Where am I? Rick:
You are going home! But I need medicine. Rick: You need
one cc of bus fare. Tout Suite! Help me! Announcer: “Kicking Canadians
Out Of Hospital Early” on CBC. Don’t let the door hit you
on the open part of your gown.

Stephen Childs


  1. Getting kicked out of hospital early? The Ministry of Health says that's their goal: quicker discharges = better outcomes = money saved = your community hospital's funding. If your local hospital doesn't kick you out, their funding goes out the door.

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