Riot Police in Hong Kong for China’s National Day!

The People’s Republic of China Celebrates
its Birthday With a show of military strength And Hong Kong celebrates… in its own way The Chinese Communist Party faces unprecedented challenges. The US-China trade war. An economic slowdown. And growing criticism for its human rights
atrocities. But who cares about that?! Today’s a party! A Communist Party. October 1 is China’s National Day. And this year, the People’s Republic of China is celebrating its 70th birthday. That’s right, China’s communist government is almost as old as your grandmother. In mainland China, celebrations included floats featuring China’s happy ethnic minorities— especially the Uighurs. And…whatever this is. Oh, don’t forget the giant missiles. They’re clearly compensating for their lack
of… human rights. Plus, lots of goose-stepping soldiers. And proof that China is a leader in robotics. Yeah, that shot was creepy four years ago,
too. And there was even a portrait of Xi Jinping
waving at.. .Xi Jinping! And here comes former leader Jiang Zemin, who is…possibly alive. And oh hey, it’s Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam! Clearly nothing is happening right now in
Hong Kong that would require her attention. That’s right, the Communist Party wants the world to know everything’s fine. Especially here in Hong Kong, where people love the Communist Party. I don’t care what you’ve heard! Everywhere you look, there are signs celebrating the 70th anniversary
of the Party. Mostly around all the closed shops. And empty streets. And barricaded subway stations. Why, it almost feels like martial law. They’re just not calling it that. At this point, even being outside is a form
of protest. But Hong Kong police have warned about possible
terrorism today. Police said in a recent press conference that “some demonstrators were planning to kill
officers, set fires and bomb shopping malls.” The police’s claim was partly based on social
media groups with very few followers that have sent almost
no messages… And were registered in Madarin instead of
Cantonese. Wow, Hong Kong protesters love China so much they’ve started making their secret plans
in Mandarin. This sounds like a job for China’s People’s
Armed Police! Good thing they’ve been secretly moved into
Hong Kong. Between practically shutting down the city and warning about terrorism, it seems that the message from the Hong Kong
government is: stay home and cower in fear. Which…is a pretty appropriate way to celebrate 70 years of rule under the Chinese Communist Party. But even though the police are trying to keep people off the streets, that didn’t stop Hong Kongers from coming
out and showing how they truly feel about Communism. They feel not good. Protesters are crashing the Party. Literally. “So the Hong Kong police have made it pretty
clear that they don’t want people coming out today. Why did you come out?” “The more they don’t want us to come out, ctually that makes us even more of us will
be coming out. This is their tactics, they’re trying to scare us with violence.” “Are you concerned about what might happen
today?” “Of course, that’s why I’m covering
up myself! But, ah, there must be consequences for everything that we have to do, but then I feel like I still want to fight
for what I stand for, and I’m willing to take up the consequences.” “Our government has not been respecting
for us for so long, since June, and they haven’t heard any of our demands, any of what we want. And they have keep on denying any of our human
rights. I think this is very important for us to show that we are not afraid of what they do.” “We are concerned whether there will be
more police violence, there will be more people in jail, but I think the people of Hong Kong are ready
to fight.” “Do you have a birthday message you’d
like to send to the CCP?” “If you want me, asking my feelings, I would just: ‘Screw you, Chinese government.’ That’s it.” More than a hundred thousand people protested throughout Hong Kong, the majority here on Hong Kong island. Even though it was illegal. And after crowds of citizens marched with
defiant hope, riot police showed up to ruin everything. But the celebration wasn’t over yet. It just turned into…the afterparty. It’s dance party out here. Whoo whoo! Yeah, there’s some cool new moves on the
street. Check out the police-man shuffle. The Umbrella Hop. And the please stop tear gassing us we’re
reporters and we’re the only people up here…boogie. I bet someone in Beijing right now is looking at these celebrations and thinking,
boy, since Hong Kongers love the Communist Party
so much, maybe we should just get rid of the one country, two systems policy! As the heart of Hong Kong descends into an apocalyptic hellscape, it almost seems like the Communist Party’s
authoritarian rule isn’t much to celebrate. And then elsewhere in Hong Kong, a police officer shot a teenager point blank
in the chest. I think the party’s over. So that was Hong Kong during the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. It makes you wonder if there will be a 71st. I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time. Maybe.

Stephen Childs


  1. Democracy movement of 1989, communist regime wanted to open up. And it is admitting failure and student wanted china to change more than the regime wanted. But the regime did open up, and globalization and spread of ideas.

  2. How is this china uncensored? Just a bunch of jackass laughing at other's misery. le ji shen bai, smile and end up with a knife behind your back. Those who suffer don't understand why are you laughing and pleasuring yourselves.

  3. The missiles are not to compensate for shit, idiots. They're meant for telling mostly Taiwan, Japan and of course, THE US to tread lightly. And do you seriously consider yourselves a part of media? Can you be any more biased like the NY Times and WSJ? Any trace amount of the sound of "democracy" is like a shot of fucking adrenaline down your veins. Just taking any random demonstration that calls itself "pro democracy" at face value like a bunch of dim wits. Why don't you keep calling it "peaceful"? Where the fuck were your cameras pointing when the rioters beating up the police and random mainland Chinese tourists and reporters? Fucking disgrace of free speech. No wonder the western civilization is going down, and it doesn't need China to give it a push

  4. You can hate china or chinese but most Hongkongers are chinese too. Those who love to pay for westerners or americans to be their master or god are the most stupid chinese as they simply waste and ignore everything ranging from china, money to their lives. Who really get benefit from those protesters in hongkong? Their masters and nations. It is really a shame.

  5. Bullshit channel…fake news.nice timing of editing.only show shooting.play the 3 secs before the shooting.and people believe this bullshit channel.

  6. Hahaha thank goodness young Hong Kongers are not intimidated by the CCP.
    China sucks hard.
    Hong Kong needs support from the west. Britain went weak at the knees and deserted Hong Kong after making billions from the island.

  7. Did the protester survive or what, come on why did you miss that part, do you not care and just use it as slander to further your own agenda?

  8. who cares this little city? we have a bunch of cities to take hongkong's place, to be honestly, we don't even give it a fxxk

  9. Thank you for covering one of the most underwritten moments in our history. The protests in Hong Kong pave the way for other regions in the future.

  10. Stay strong Hong Kong, the longer this boils the more attention it will gather until it finally explodes in Beijing’s face. Thank you China Uncensored for willingly going into the fray to bring awareness to the world.

  11. i love china and this is what the real expression from the most people of china especially the mainland of China

  12. We should just air drop our ar15s over there. Start a proxy war with the Chinese. We are good at proxy wars.

  13. I tried to look for a video of Hong Kong from China uncensored without searching the channel name. Nothing, the list goes on without showing anything, worse is this video has like more views than any other of the videos posted 1 day ago.

  14. Hong Kongers. Saliva in water balloons. Not the frothy spit, you need to close your lips and suck on your lips. The clear-ish saliva is what you want. Ferment for 1 week. It turns into a foul smelling liquid. Throw it into police and watch them break formation. Non-lethal, but would have an effect much greater than any rock and probably rivals molotov cocktail, due to how long the smell would linger. Dont worry, rain will wash it away. And its relatively free. Id suggest 4 of them stored in a pringles canister and maybe carry two cans in a backpack?

  15. This media channel must be the first to be shut down and this reporter kick out! One of those very very bias media!

  16. Who cares what they think? Imma tell you lot of unthankful something.
    When you guys were under the rule of the English, they treated you guys like pests! And China made the hugest effort to get you guys out of pain and boy! This is what you lot are paying us back with! So ungrateful… of course China could have send an army to detain you but they didn’t. Why? Because they are giving you guys freedom! The freedom of controlling your own living! So ungrateful

  17. Anti china propaganda add with humor and sarkasme. The more you joke the more we laught.

  18. 🇺🇸🇪🇺🇯🇵🇦🇺🇧🇴China's National Day has staged nine illegal scenes. The International Court of Justice, the International Community, rejected and opposed this expansion. But China still despises it all. Undoubtedly, China, the Chinese regime is expansionism, despite International Law. May the United Nations, the United States and the Allies, Asean, and the International Community have a plan to effectively prevent China's expansion.🚨

  19. You should have talk the yellow paper tossing too.
    Its after life money. Often tossed in funerals and prayers for ancestors.

  20. Everybody Gangsta until Police lodged a live bullet round into a teenager's chest.

  21. Hey Chris, see if you can get on RT. They've been pushing A LOT of Chinese propaganda, I'd like them to stay the more "honest" media. Please put them in their place?

  22. Chinese leaders have accumulated a lot of knowledge and practical experience to learn and become a qualified national leader. They may not always make the best choice, but China is getting better and better with the joint efforts of the whole country.
    I am now living in the UK and have been to many developed and developing countries. In my opinion, life in China is more convenient and free than that in many developed countries. China is also the safest country to travel alone at night.
    Hope that all the people who belittle China and other countries on the Internet, please go and have a look first, experience the real life, and then post your comments. The world is very wide and people who have seen a lot of things will be more tolerant.
    Peace& love.

  23. I could not describe to you how satisfying the last scene was where they rip off the propaganda from the communist party

  24. Live ammunition has been used in Hong Kong .. people blood have been pouting on china commie 70 years birthday

  25. Clearly, shooting a teenager point blank in the chest is protecting the weak Chinese people from dangerous ideas like freedom. Can you imagine how many Chinese people would die if ideas were allowed to be discussed? More than mao killed in the great leap backwards. Minds that weak would crack under the stress of open and multisided debate.

  26. Come across the video, and what a shame to the creators of this video. Is this the western standard showing off to the world of Internet? I'm shocked.

  27. #IStandWithHongKong Kerrie Lamb should be disgusted at what she has caused, then has the gaul to go to Mainland China to celebrate the Destruction & Murder of the Communist Party. You Go Girl…

  28. Think of the contrast of the party in heaven for the redeemed
    and the lawless law party of murderers on earth. Day and night difference.

  29. Another bullshit reporting again.

    As if the US doesn't have any protesting. What about the police that killed unarmed African Americans is the US?

    If such riot were to happen in the US, the police would have shot this protesters without any hesitation.

  30. Get up stand up… Stand up for your rights. China is an oppressive government and the will has been scared and silent for a long time……i support this uprising… Yes it is an uprising.

  31. What hypocrites! The Chinese government is celebrating 70 years of "communism" when in fact their recent prosperity is entirely due to them adopting Western capitalism, free-enterprise, private ownership of property, and technology (which they steal). Oh, but they kept the oppression and dictatorship parts of communism so the corrupt rulers can stay in power. So I guess it sort of still is communism.

  32. Every year, 7,782 children and teens are shot in the United States. Here we are picking on China's human rights record? What a bunch of hypocrite we all are.

  33. The evil police shot a peaceful teenager.
    CCP and HK Police in the press conference: Everything's fine. It's about our self defense🙄🙄

  34. I'm not afraid, I'm ready to accept consequences in the name of freedom, I'm very brave, human rights ftw!!!!! Oh wait check my mask still on…..

  35. The worst crime against humanity in the whole history of the human race was the destruction of all the temples in China and the removal of their native religion and spiritual traditions, and the burning of their holy books.

    The greatest crime against humanity ever was the removal of spirituality from China.






  36. Hope those police shoot the riot. if u dont like china, please goto US or other western country .

  37. The protesters are brave. They are standing up to an authoritarian CCP. I hope this is the is how the CCP goes down.

  38. Worse yet, China invited 95 or so countries to this 'celebration' with Chinese tanks and nuclear missiles parading. Talk about being passive aggressive!
    Hey, China might have weapon deals in mind, too.

  39. Please be careful Chris, the internet would be at a loss without you and China Uncensored.



  41. Try this to any other country celebrating, especailly in US which trained your riot leader, you all could happily eat 6 round of lead warning on your head. Then they could use your death as motivation to do a film how sad solider was when he had to fuck your mom after.

  42. Long time ago, Hong Kong Police should kill these "earth trash" to protect 7 millions people.
    In US, if you hold dangerous weapon to face Police ¿
    Police has the Rights to kill you without any reason ¡¡
    Sucked HK Terrorists ¡¡
    Guen ¡¡

  43. It would be good to send all these boys and girls to work somewhere, I don't know, in Tibet? Where are the educational camps? 😉

  44. heres some highlight on the shooting of that poor boy

  45. Dear Ms. Lam: IT'S TIME for a SMACKDOWN CRACKDOWN!!!!! TAKE DOWN these COWARDLY RADICALS NOW before more damage is done!!!! These rioters would've been shot in my hometown in the US.

  46. I wonder if Hong Kong residents in the US will try to smuggle firearms back to Hong Kong like the Irish did back in the 80s

  47. Love your channel, but TBH that protestor that got shot had it coming. The officer even waited till the attack had neared completion before he pulled the trigger. A whiffed swing doesn't mean you get another.

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