Ride Thunderbird with Lauren & Leah

[Lauren Crosby]
Hi, guys! I’m Lauren! [Leah Koch] And I’m Leah and we’re excited about
taking you for a ride on Thunderbird! Leah and I are going to try and provide
a dignified narration as we ride. So we can point out all the
cool elements and near misses. [Leah] Ready? [Both] It’s launch time! [Lauren] Here we go! [Leah] We’re heading into the launch room where we’re going to launch from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds! [Lauren] Just check out all the lights and cool effects! And here comes the fog,
I think we both know what that means! [Both scream with excitement] [Lauren] There’s a chimney! [Leah] Upside down for the first time! [Leah] 14 stories high!
[Lauren] Coming back towards earth! [Lauren] Going upside down again! Oh, my gosh!
And there was the Voyage! [Leah] Look at that tree! [Lauren] Back up again! [Lauren] Oh, my gosh!
[Leah] Another tree! [Lauren] Ah! Tree!
[Leah] Upside down for a third time! [Speaking at the same time]
[Leah] Here we go into the barn!
[Lauren] Oh, my gosh! A barn! Ah! [Lauren] The barn again! Woah! [Leah] Upside down for the fourth time! [Lauren] And that, my friends, is Thunderbird. [Leah] We hope you’ll join us for LAUNCH this season… we know you’re hungry to ride! [Lauren] Do you want to ride again? [Leah] Of course! Let’s go right side this time! [Lauren] Okay, but only in the front.
Right now! [Lauren] You know, I really don’t know that I need my coffee this morning… This is kind of a major wake-up call! [Leah] Best way to start the day! [Lauren] Are we rockin’ some, like, major
Thunderbird Hair right now? [Leah] For sure. [Lauren] I’m sure it’s really lovely.
[Leah] I know.

Stephen Childs


  1. Just imagine being able to ride this coaster whenever you want like this family.  I'll be riding Thunderbird more than working.  LOL.

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