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  1. Whenever i play in your save i delete all the EA townies bc im so SICK of them and i only play with your sims ❤️❤️❤️

  2. can you pleaseee make a version with less packs. like maybe use the pack that came with the world??

  3. Love playing with your simsie save! Easy to download and use, plus soo so much better than the EA base save. I appreciate your work! 😊

  4. hey kayla, it's nbd at all, but u missed a couple households in terms of making over their hot/cold weather outfits in this save

  5. i downloaded this and it worked, then i closed out of game and most of my cc was deleted, some was put in the trash can on my desktop, and some of my folders that i made and put into much mods folder were deleted.

    i don’t know if this was because of your save file or something else.
    but a word of caution before downloading this, BACK UP YOUR FILES!!

  6. i tried to install this to my game and it deleted all my saves and idk how to fix it, help 🙁

  7. This Is AWESOME! Thank you!!! Also, does having MCCOMMAND CENTER change anything? Like your sims' stories? Thanks in Advance 🙂

  8. You should do a let’s play in this save where you play all the townies and tell their story’s

  9. what if you don't have all the packs, because I only have base, vampires, backyard and kids room. will the towns/furniture/clothes I don't have just not appear or chagne like when you download from the gallery.

  10. I will so download this file once I get two stuff packs and Seasons 🙂 The families look so much fun to play with. ^^

  11. that cat already cant wait to play himself in sims 4,
    well done hun, i just downloaded it.

  12. did u renovate the apartments? because i downloaded and none of the apartments seem to look any different

  13. How do you even download this now? Tumblr just keeps redirecting me to my dash instead of simsfileshare
    Edit: So after a bit of searching, it seems this is a problem with tumblr for some people, but the problem has been ongoing since beginning of August so no idea when they'll fix it….if ever! Would appreciate a direct link to simsfileshare if poss 🙂

  14. Been playing this save for a few days and have run into some issues — biggest one being that all the mixologists stay outside so none of the bars are tended in the venues. Other than that I'm really enjoying it.

  15. I got all the worlds except for vampires, cos I want my game to be realistic XD

  16. How could lilsimsie, a 14 year old, make the sims worlds with better and more interesting stories then every before?

  17. an appreciation comment for this save file
    I mean I’ve just come to a realization that I need to end my 12 months gameplay because I’ve already reached my goal and I was just playing in the storyline over and over again every day and I felt like I emotionally can’t start a new gameplay because I’m too personally attached to my older gameplay, So I’ve downloaded the save file right now and I feel like I can handle the pain and broken heart I got from ending a gameplay with this base save because everything is already upgraded and the townies stories are SO COOL and I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

  18. Nothing wrong with putting your simself in there if you ask me. It's not like you gave her a mansion or something, she's just a homeless townie that might wonder by…

    I haven't gotten the chance to play with this save yet, but I've been looking through and it looks great. I was just so bored of the EA default new save. There's so many things I just don't bother changing because I'm too lazy to do it every time (like giving the willow creek lots traits). So I decided to use your wonderful save as a starting point to get together a starter save I'm going to use moving forward. Your save is making that very easy since you've already done the hard work, so thank you 🙂

  19. I have some packs, but not ALL so not all of my sims are naked… Only most of them.

  20. It's been a while since I watched one of your videos and you're still as lovable as before! This is really great, thanks you so much for the effort and for letting all of us adopt your baby <3

  21. This is great — I lost all my saves due to a computer issue and this will help me start over! Thanks for all your hard work.

  22. 3 months later, I just realized that you renamed Danny Shino-Miller to Tag Shino-Miller

  23. I'm with you on better makeup! Especially for sims with dark skin tones & masc frames. Love the inclusivity, this seems like a rad save.

  24. Ahhhh I am dying trying to find one for Get Famous update. I don't care toooo much about having the townies remade but really looking forward to lots and such to be redone.

  25. Man, she must be obsessed with sex lol. So many of the houses have perverts, cheaters or thot’s of some kind in them. Nice rebuild of the world though. I spent a few hours personalizing it and removing the most objectionable sims which gave me room to make a few of my own. Thanks for the hard work.

  26. Ummm haaaalp….every time I try to pull you up on tumblr I can't find you and I really want your save file! HAAAALP please

  27. Is there any way go get the file now that your tumblr is gone? I just got into Sims 4 and the tumblr issue is doing bad things 🙁

  28. What packs are essential to this save file? I don’t have all but so long as I have the ones used the most then I’m good.

  29. this is so cool! amazing that you put so much time and effort into this and allowed us to download it too, thank you so much!!!

  30. this is amaziiiing, you suprise me so much with everything that you do, I feel so proud hahahah thanks for the save <3

  31. It just sucks that this isn’t base game (i know there would be way less options) but not everyone has ALL the packs and like we cant afford that.

  32. idk if u will see this but could u make an updated save file for get famous like makeover for the townies add more famous sims and move in the famous sims that are not in the world if u could It would be AMAZING just as amazing as this one xxx

  33. Can you still download this save file if you don't own all of the expansion packs?

  34. I don't have all the packs yet, but I can't wait to, and half the reason I can't wait is because I REALLY want to download your simsie save, it sounds awesome (also your cat is adorable and I hope he's feeling better)

  35. im v late to this lol, but does anyone know how I can download this onto my mac? i tried following the directions on tumblr, but since its directed towards windows, it didn't work. can anyone help???

  36. What could i do with all naked sims (i dont have all dlc) maybe some tip on how can i use mc command center to quickly dress them all up?

  37. I cant get to the download link from your tumblr, it just says the server is refusing the connect to that one page?

  38. Thanks so much your saves are so funny . I got bored of my sims saves, I tend to replicate somehow them. with your families and houses , even i remodel some, cant avoid it, i got more fun now. Hugs, Great Work.

  39. it says simsfileshare is down at the moment, is there any other way to download this?

  40. Can you make it basegame friendly? I love the save but I only have a few packs.

  41. I downloaded your newest save and i love it but it really breaks my heart that I have to evict sims from their homes to fit my sims in

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