Rainbow Six Siege: To Win It All Documentary | Ubisoft [NA]

here live from Atlantic City. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
It’s just my passion. It’s what makes me happy,
it’s what I love doing. LEO DUARTE: I bought
my house, I bought my car, I’m going
to get married, just because of the game. The most important thing is
that I’m doing what I love. NICLAS MOURITZEN:
E-Sports and video games always gave me that
happiness factor. It was like the sole reason
why I wanted to wake up. ANNOUNCER: We’ve been
all around the world with the incredible
Rainbow Six Pro League. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
It’s definitely a lot more strategically
deep than other shooters. NICLAS MOURITZEN:
It’s five attackers against five defenders. A lot of strategy is involved. LEO DUARTE: We’re not embodying
the sport with our bodies. It’s literally just our
hands and our minds, and they work together. We come from
different backgrounds, from different parts
of the world, even. But we bleed the same
color, we bleed Siege. ANNOUNCER: Let’s see
who’s really got it in them to win the title. EG has always been the
monster of a team that they are. But they got second
place at invitational. Penta is definitely
their biggest obstacle. ANNOUNCER: Probably one of the
most interesting rivalries. ANNOUNCER: Penta Sports,
ladies and gentlemen. The reigning world champions. We’re the kings. We can say that without
sounding too arrogant. ANNOUNCER: Pengu running
out of time, two seconds. Sending Evil Geniuses home. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: You’re
going to run into something that you’re not used to. NICLAS MOURITZEN:
They’re a strong team, but they can be beaten. They’re human. ANNOUNCER: With
the way that Liquid is looking right
now, potentially, we could see the very first
Latin American championship. ANNOUNCER: Liquid
are here having fun. ANNOUNCER: Will we finally
get the upset against Penta? ANNOUNCER: ZiG has
to carry this here. This time we’re going to win. I’m sure we’re going to win. ANNOUNCER: Team
Liquid, they survive. ANNOUNCER: Can they win? Liquid! ANNOUNCER: Penta have
been finally put to bed. [MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: Season 8, our
first ever six-month season of Pro League will start soon. LEO DUARTE: When we won Pro
League in Atlantic City, that was the most proud moment
of my life, I think. Every day, I watch something
from this day, like photos or videos or
something like this. It was a real good day. I want to repeat
more this feeling. It was all amazing. I live with my
fiancee, we’re going to get married in five months. I proposed to her at
the Storm, and after we won this match, because
it’s two things that I love. First, I love her, of course. And I love the game. And I was proposing,
and she was on the phone like tweeting or
doing something. And she stopped, oh my
God, [INAUDIBLE] yes! And she runs. It was real nice. I don’t talk too
much with my father. My mom lives in Australia. So, I’m basically alone. But it’s good to have
someone close to you that supports you, that loves you. And that’s her. What a beautiful pancake. She’s someone that I want to
be together for my whole life. I’m from Petropolis. It’s calm and quiet. I really enjoy to be here. Oh my god, you were so cute. I’m still cute. OK, I know that. LEO DUARTE: That’s my
aunt, another aunt. That’s me playing soccer. I love to compete. So it’s in my blood. And I love video games. So I just mix these both
things, competitive feelings and playing video games. Without Rainbow Six, I really
don’t have a backup plan. Everything that I
got today is because of Rainbow Six, professional
career, this house. Rainbow Six is my life, man. The first time Anne ask
me what I do for a living, I said I’m a businessman. Because I knew that she was
not going to understand. So a friend of mine
helped me, oh he plays video games for living. And she didn’t believe. But we were on the streets
and people, oh hey, Leo can I take a picture? Hey ziG, can take a picture? So she starts seeing
what was this world. In Brazil here, it’s so hard
to get a good job, you know? It’s not like other countries
or maybe USA or in Europe. We struggle to have a
good salary, good money. And here we’re just
happy to do what we love. Sometimes I just stop, and I
think, how many people want to be playing in Team Liquid. So that’s why you have
to be humble, always. NICLAS MOURITZEN: Before Seige,
I didn’t really go places. And now, we’ve gone to
multiple continents, and multiple countries. I never thought in
my wildest dreams I would ever get this far. But now one of the best teams
in the world, most feared. And I’ve been fortune
enough as an individual to make world records, or
moments that will go down in history of the game. But I’m only as good
as my last game. That’s what drives
me to keep going. When I lost against Team
Liquid in New Jersey, I tried to value, like
justifying that we lost. Did we put in the
hours that we can see that we should have
gotten this victory? And in all honesty, we didn’t. It was one of our
sloppiest seasons. We got so stagnant,
we got so comfortable. That was the last tournament. And it still haunts me today. I think losing is
fine, but if we lose because we
didn’t do enough, that’s when a team falls
apart internally for sure. Now the pressure is on them. [MUSIC PLAYING] I was raised with a single
mother of two children, working two or three
different jobs. My mother was never
close to her family. She was kind of, cut off
early as the black sheep. Upon losing my father, I lost
that entire side as well. So the family was
mother, brother, and son. That was it. Being raised with
that, I learned that we support each
other, no matter what. And I think that
was a big reason why I was comfortable doing an
absurd thing such as E-Sports. But, we didn’t come
from much money, so something like a
computer or video games, that was, to me, the difference. I had great friends. Nikolaj, also known as
“Prixie”, he kind of provided me that safe haven. I could play on his
computer sometimes. I found a really great
picture of you guys, sitting in the study. Sitting with your
faces up in the screen. Big Tron screens like this. A big IBM. We always have at least three
or four PCs, gaming PCs. It’s like the home
base, where everybody can come and be together. But it always has
been your second home. Always. No, I think it’s, no. I’m very proud of what
you have achieved until now. And to be honest, we are
sitting at home or at jobs, watching when you
are paying games. You do have a skill of
being really good at the game. And that doesn’t really
matter what kind of game it is, because you’ve
always kind of been good at, or try to be goo at. Very competitive, yeah. And then I feel like, ah! You know? So the whole approach
into E-Sports, it was very, very set on specific
time frames. And I had, four, five, six
months worth of rent saved up. And once that rent
money runs out, I don’t have a home anymore. I usually pay my
mom to live here, otherwise she can’t make
the bills go around, so that’s fair. Going to the very
first tournament, I was more worried about winning
for the sake of getting $5,000. ANNOUNCER: Penta have already
shown some strength today. It could have
failed miserably. But if you don’t
take a risk, there won’t be a reward, or
a chance for a reward. ANNOUNCER: The diffuser down,
with 30 seconds, [INAUDIBLE] gonna find four,
but Pengu says no. NICLAS MOURITZEN: Thankfully,
we won the first tournament. ANNOUNCER: Penta are your
first Rainbow Six PC Pro League champions. I mean, I’m definitely
not surprised that you have grown as much as you have. And Prixie, you’ve
helped me out as well. He pushed me into playing Siege. He showed me the trailer. He was like, if you
buy the game I’ll buy the game, kind of thing. Played it together, and then
I left you behind, actually. That’s a terrible part. I left hand behind
to play with my team. And then we became Penta Sports. And he was like, all the
way out here, I’m over here. We’re like, so
how are you doing? Do you still play Seige? And he’s like, no, because
you’re left me behind. Like, oh sorry I
play like every day. So we started together
but then I kind of forgot about him a little bit. I feel so bad about it. Yeah in hindsight, I
feel so bad about it. But no regrets, right? No regrets. Time goes by so fast, yet
the changes are not subtle. We realized when I could make
it more than just making it by, was after the
first invitational. 140 grand, each
player, that’s crazy. I got my mom a car for
her birthday, which was my way on to
invest back in her, and thank her for all the
things that she’d done for me. And together we managed
to pay off her debt that she had for many years. It kind of scares
me a little bit to look at how
much you achieved, because in the same aspect, you
can see how much can I lose? It’s my family, it’s my
income, it’s my life. It’s something that I try not
to think about because I’m afraid of losing it. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: So
I was a bit surprised at Atlantic City, the
results from the last season. We definitely want revenge on
Penta after losing to them. They were definitely
our toughest opponent. Obviously, they beat
us in the match. ANNOUNCER: Unstoppable
in an apt word to use to describe Penta
in their current form. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: Coming
in the new season, we’ll expect to get to the point
where we feel like we can win, because we’re not
satisfied otherwise. As far as like the
next specific goal, we started to really
buckle down, and focus on practicing and a lot
more, for the beginning of the season. I kind of am obsessive over it. It’s just I guess my
competitive nature. Troy was, he just loved
sports, he loved kids, he loved the fun of the game. Oh yeah, look at
that dapper guy. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
I remember that. You remember that, yeah. That was a great moment for me. I loved going with you guys. And then hockey, I
showed you here’s how you shoot, and do
this many reps a day. And you did like triple
that, quadruple, every day. I wouldn’t care at
all about something, or like I would put
literally everything into it. Like there is no
in-between at all. When you played for the Kings,
when I was coaching there, we had six days a week,
that’s all you knew. It was nuts. That was 9 years old. And then that year
you got hurt, right? You hit your head. I don’t know if you recall it. Yeah. You were skating from the
far end, and lost an edge. And then I’m out in the stands,
and you plugged your head right into the boards. Then I went, oh
that’s my kid, shoot. And you got up, and realized
you had been concussed. At first, I wanted him to quit. He said no, I’ll be OK. Then you another one. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: I had a bunch. 11. I think you had 11. Something like that,
11 concussions. After the last one, you came
out of the dressing room, you gave me the nod. I didn’t say anything. And you knew, like I’m done. And I thought, wow. I remember he drafted
up the note to the team. And they were all
thinking that we’re sad. I was happy. I got a book to read
about what you do when you’re not that person anymore. But there’s nothing
that you can read to get you through it faster. You couldn’t have a gym class,
you couldn’t ride a bike. You have to re-find yourself. There’s no quick method. How did you feel on it? I don’t want to talk about. Look what it is! I found this. You wanted me to
throw everything away, I’m glad I kept it. Look at this, number nine. You’re taking that home with
you, that’s a keeper for you. No. No? No. OK, OK, cool. Anyways, maybe we shoot the
puck today, and the tennis ball. We have the orange ball, too. You got the sticks, right? TROY JAROSLAWSKI: Just
a couple years ago, where I can’t remember
the last time I woke up and like felt really happy. FATHER: All right,
off we go, right? TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
I did get lucky that I came across
something like Seige. And just how drastic
of a change that was. That kind of light-bulb
moment, where it’s like, I really like this. I’m going to make this my
passion, and eventually my career. FATHER: So this is
Meadow wood Park, this is where we
would shoot the puck. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
I definitely think it means more just
because like, of my past. That kind of
camaraderie of like, when we have a good round,
my team is right beside me. And they all have my back. And they care for me. And it’s the same
for me towards them. I don’t think a lot of
other teams have that. And I’ve actually heard
Pengu say this on a stream, he said, my teammates
are my business partners, and I can’t consider
them friends, because like what if I have
to cut them or something? And like, I understand
where he’s coming from. FATHER: Nice. But like, no, I want all
five of us to be the best. And yeah, I don’t know. And it means a lot to have
guys that are so close. [BIRDS CHIRPING] LEO DUARTE: This career,
people think it’s just having fun all the time. But it’s a job. It’s hard to balance between
my fiancee and Rainbow Six. The game or her. It’s just hard for you to
have everything, you know? Being away from my house,
from you, it’s not easy. It’s not easy at all. Yes, for me too. That you support me,
that’s the best thing I got. Yes. It’s really stressful. But I know it’s worth it. I want to be with
you all the time. LEO DUARTE: I know. ANNE: But I know
it’s your dream. And I don’t want you to give up. LEO DUARTE: I won’t. ANNE: I want you to conquer
everything you want to. LEO DUARTE: I told her
once, you can tell me the date that we stop playing. You just have to say, ziG,
stop playing, come back home. And I will. Petropolis, that’s
a really good place to rest, and to
visit my fiancee. But I’ve spent the most
of my time in Sao Paulo. The whole team lives here. And that’s the place
where we train. But I prefer to be at
home with my fiancee. But it’s necessary, no? I spend the most of my
time inside the house. You guys say team housing,
Brazil we call a gaming house. It’s a different
atmosphere, you know. I just play Rainbow
Six the whole day. I spend more time with my
teammates than my fiancee. Before big tournaments
and important matches, we practice like eight,
nine hours per day. Right now we are
training for Paris, that’s a couple weeks ahead. We prefer to focus on
quality, instead of quantity. LEO DUARTE: The most important
thing is we have to have fun. It’s a job, but we
love what we do. We love to play Rainbow Six. LEO DUARTE: After Atlantic
City, we get this pressure. I told the guys that it’s
easier for you to be a champion than to stay on the top. The most rational thing that
we have here in the gaming house, it’s our trophy. The World Champion from Berlin. LEO DUARTE: There’s no shortcut. You have to be patient,
and you have to work hard. It’s not easy. But it’s always good to improve. And I know that the
team is improving. [MUSIC PLAYING] TROY JAROSLAWSKI: Typical day
at home is probably, I get up. The gamer schedule, so
around like 11:00, noon. And then once the
team is on, discuss how we can improve
on a specific map, or a specific aspect of our
play or anything like that. We would play Penta in either
quarters or grand finals. The start of the season
we actually kind of had a rough start. And I think we found
our stride and started to feel more comfortable
after putting in more time. And I see us just
only improving more. So we’re feeling good
for Paris, definitely. Salads, as well. Yeah, I got
Cesar, and regular. Make it look like I made it. JARRETT JAROSLAWSKI: Hi. My brother always
played video games. And I was always competitive. So like, I’d watch my
brother play all the time. And then I wanted to be as good
as him, or better than him. So, you practice
Jarrett, today? No, it moved. Oh, did it? To what time? Two. Oh, so it’s earlier? Good job, Troy. Thank you. It’s nice and even. Retire and become
a salad chef. That’s good you
have a backup plan. Are you all ready for Paris,
you got all your stuff? Uh, no. You got to pack? Yes. I’m disappointed I’m not
gonna be able to see Paris, but I’ll be watching from home. Every single game. I appreciate it. Do you notice it? You probably don’t notice. I just play. You just play, I know. I like to know that you’re
watching, that dad’s watching, anyone’s watching. It’s nice to know. It’s nice to know, yeah. It’s always fun to watch,
and it’s so exciting. It is cool how
you’ve done so well. When I was at
invitational, when people had your jersey on with your
name on the back, oh my God. I remember when
you first started and it was out of nowhere. Yeah, I needed something
competitive to do and that was like, what I really
found I guess that I liked. Well and even your
social circle, right? Because I mean,
there was times when you weren’t really
able to go to school and like you
developed that whole– Yeah because again,
I lost basically the friends I had from hockey,
and baseball, and all that. So I didn’t have that
social circle anymore. And then I was like,
well what do I have now? And to be able to go in into
something totally different, and build up a whole new network
of friends, like that’s hard. And they’re such good friends. Like I know at the
invitational when I was talking to Ammar
when you guys lost, and then you took some time
before you came out to see me. And he went back and got you
to make sure you were OK. Yeah. They’re good guys. Yeah. I know, I’m
always so happy when I know you guys are all going
to be together because I know you’re gonna have so much fun. Now I’m making you cry. Troy and I are so, we’re
so emotional, honey. You get that from me. It’s exciting,
Troy, so exciting. Hope you guys do good,
at least beat Penta. Gosh what’s the
prize pool for Paris? It’s huge, isn’t it? TROY JAROSLAWSKI: I
think it’s $375,000. It’s big. We always do feel that if
we’re on the top of our game, that we are the best team. Liquid’s doing really well, but
outside of them, it’s Penta. So by the time
Paris rolls around, I want to beat
them I wanna prove we’re the best team, period. ANNOUNCER: The Paris Majors. Our biggest event outside
of the Six Invitational. [MUSIC PLAYING] NICLAS MOURITZEN: Four days
before flying out to Paris, G2 approached us and said,
we want to buy you guys. We want to give you a
chance to play for us, and we want you guys
to present the brand. It’s like that final
step, and now we have it. And we promised them
that if they did pick us, we would do them proud. So we cannot lose. ANNOUNCER: Welcome
to the group stages. Now today we have Team
Liquid against Obey for you in just a bit. LEO DUARTE: I got this charm. It’s a present, a
gift from my fiancee. And it’s always with me, near
the bench when I’m playing. So that’s just like
to give me good luck, because I look at these charms
and I know when she’s present there. ANNOUNCER: Our game is starting,
let’s head into map number one. Obey Alliance versus Team Liquid
to fight for their position in the quarter finals. ANNOUNCER: This looks– might
be a rush game with the Ying, because there, they are all
set up to that big window. ANNOUNCER: Everything is
going in, and will Liquid die? They need Nesk to go in
and get kills after them. Paluh gets the
kill here, my man. Who runs up, Benji
getting one more. It’s 2V2. VSK is down on the floor. All on to ziG, and he gets
sick and Obey Alliance will take round number three. ANNOUNCER: At the moment, it
seems like Liquid stalled. LEO DUARTE: Did not do
great in Paris, but I really don’t know what happened. ANNOUNCER: That’s now
Obey on map point. Sometimes you
gotta make a tactic, and you’re going to win with
this tactics against G2, and you’re going to play
with the same tactic and we will lose. ANNOUNCER: PSK is just
holding off on his own. Last one alive. But now there’s so many angles
for PSK to play against this. Basco will land and
absolutely demolish Team Liquid in map number one. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: Liquid
didn’t look all that great. I think they actually had
a really good first half of the season. So I was expecting them to
come in playing really well. But they looked disjointed
and kind of separated in what they were doing
from my perspective. ANNOUNCER: I hate to say
it, but Liquid is not playing as a team. ANNOUNCER: Not the team play
we saw at Atlantic City Finals. ANNOUNCER: Obey on
map and match point, the reigning Pro
League Champions. They need this, if they lose
this round again, they’re out. They spotted the
diffuser and Adam finds that hatchet on the
bullet, two alive from Team Liquid. ANNOUNCER: Their tournament
life is on play here. SexyCake will
reveal his position, it’s two guys against one. But it turns into 1V1. ziG has little time, he needs
to stick to the diffuser here. This guy should be able to
hear him in the meantime. Guys running in from
the side goes in. Obey Alliance survive
by taking down literally the Pro League
Champions of Season 7, Team Liquid. This is the big upset. ANNOUNCER: Honestly,
I am flabbergasted. I am surprised. I am mute at this point,
at what has just happened, the destruction of Team Liquid. LEO DUARTE: We played
very badly today. The communication
wasn’t so good, and our head was
outside the game. What was the point to this? I come to Paris, I didn’t
see the Eiffel Tower. I really don’t want to see
it, I just want to go home. I wanna be with my
fiancee, I wanna be home. ANNOUNCER: Time for our
first semifinal of the day, it’s a big European clash. G2 vs Secret. ANNOUNCER: Stevie gets a
kill with diffuser down, no it’s Pengu, the
Danish superstar, who’ll give G2 the win. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: To
me, I guess for Pengu, he puts in so much
time into the game. ANNOUNCER: G2 are
your first team to make it to
tomorrow’s grand finals. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: The guy
like practices for 15 hours straight, and like,
he’s one of the best, if not the best
player in the world. So I want to beat them,
then I’m the best, right? That’ll be exciting. Fun fact, two weeks ago
[INAUDIBLE] based on strategy, he predicted a G2,
EG final, where it would be a best, the
5V4 is going fifth map, so I would very much like
to see that, for sure. ANNOUNCER: This time
is semifinal number two between Evil Geniuses
and The Rogue. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: I think
I can fight him off, just fight him off. ANNOUNCER: Deal coming down
into sight, got the dual kill. From Eclipse, the grenade. Oh my gosh, I
am so much better! Ya fucking noodle. NICLAS MOURITZEN: what
kind of Canadian is? We’re not that close, but
I always watch from afar. ANNOUNCER: Evil
Geniuses, they secure it. And we’ll have us a rematch
from Six Invitational. EG versus Gamers2. So we call him “the Woo
Troy” because he goes Woo! Woo! NICLAS MOURITZEN: When you watch
Troy, you feel the intensity, you feel the passion, 100%. Playing against Troy,
it means a lot to me. It would be the most honorable
team to lose against, because they are the second
best in the world, statistically speaking. Welcome to my crib. COACH: EG really likes
to run the visual. NICLAS MOURITZEN: I think
our dominance comes primarily for the preparation
that goes in. Know what maps we’re playing,
and what [INAUDIBLE] and then what their strats are. But that doesn’t
come out of nowhere. But we’re not going
to play over there. They have won 11
times in a row, it’s their strongest map, stat wise. We have stat guys. Stat wise, has
that lead I guess. NICLAS MOURITZEN: I think a
lot of that goes unnoticed, because that’s
behind the curtains. But it’s one of the
biggest impactors of why we’re so strong, I think. ANNOUNCER: A long story
still continuing for EG, as they’re looking to try and
take their title back from G2. Listen boys,
same as last time, we got absolutely
fucking nothing to lose. They have everything
in the world to lose, that number one spot, right? Best in the world,
that’s ours today. PLAYER: Guys, he’s alone. He’s alone. Help each other,
help each other. ANNOUNCER: We have
all come down to this. Next rocks, well that
is one thermite charge, he is now on the hatch,
inside the admin office. That is a risky place. ANNOUNCER: It’s
such a great story. These are the best
two teams in the world consistently for a reason. ANNOUNCER: Goes in for the
spray, and nVK will go down. It’s Goga, being lost by Yung. Holding the angle, extra gas
canister shot in the back, it’s Joonas again. A second kill. One more out there. He finds him. Pengu gets the kill on Necrox. ANNOUNCER: What is happening? ANNOUNCER: We’ve seen it
all, and it’s literally round number 2. ANNOUNCER: You can’t get a
better final than the two titans clashing off. Pengu will win it,
[INAUDIBLE] on the second G2. ANNOUNCER: They claw
things back, yet again. I said it, there was the
delay, there’s no response. Say you’re doing it, though. We aren’t saying
what we’re doing. ANNOUNCER: I think
at this point, they’d like to see
a new champion. ANNOUNCER: Map number one
with a 6, 2 scoreline, will go the way of
our European squad. G2 Esports. Devastating here
for Evil Geniuses. There’s a
disconnect, all right? Just think about it. Everyone chill out, we got this. It’s one match,
the best of five. ANNOUNCER: Will get one kill
on a G2, one last alive, Joonas gets sprayed. Round number one for EG. Boys, everything they have
is set up for CO attack. We play into them, we
need to be smarter. ANNOUNCER: G2 tied at 1,1. G2 take the round. The round to go for G2. ANNOUNCER: Head shot
running from Pengu. They’ll deal with one man,
the Canadian goes down. And there you go! ANNOUNCER: G2 secures
map number two. ANNOUNCER: I’m a little
nervous that this is going to be one of
our shorter casts here. This is not looking good at all. ANNOUNCER: There we go
Canadian, with the surprise attack on Pengu. ANNOUNCER: From
above, Pengu, again. Right, right,
right, right, right. ANNOUNCER: The crowd going HAM. CROWD: Let’s go G2! ANNOUNCER: G2 on
map, and match point. ANNOUNCER: Fabian will
find the first kill and it is on Canadian. Fabian with the
second one on Necrox. 5v3 advantage for G2. Getting closer to the win. Fabian with one
more, Goga with one. nvK last alive, the hope
of North America on nvK. ANNOUNCER: But his
position is revealed, close to getting the victory. And he goes down. G2 will take the win. A 3-0 absolute destruction. EG failed to find the
opener, not a single map. I hate to use the
words unstoppable, but G2 are unstoppable. NICLAS MOURITZEN: Kind
of, coming to realization that we actually won, and
I’m going to wake up tomorrow with the trophy, with the title. It wasn’t just a
dream or whatever. The only team that can
beat G2, is G2 themselves. Another big thing that didn’t
really hit us till recently is that, because we
won this tournament, we’re actually qualified for
Invitationals in February. And it releases so much
stress, because now we can skip multiple qualifiers
and we’re just guaranteed to be at the next major. And that’s where we want to be. We’re going to put our
eyes onto Rio in November, and that’s going to be
the next step, playing on a Olympic stadium
with between 12,000 and 14,000 people
in the audience. That’s going to be
a big win for us. It’s super emotional
because it’s not something that you can
experience otherwise. A lot of parents, they
know their sons and daughters play video games. But they don’t understand
the impact or the influence that it might have. And the reach, like friendship
or you know social interaction. You can be yourself. NICLAS MOURITZEN:
He’s got silencer, so. It’s an easy kill, there you go. You going to take Vip
with you when you move? No. I don’t have the space. NICLAS MOURITZEN: No,
I was going to say. So Prixie, my best friend,
we’ve been together since we were basically newborn. He’s the one that
got me into Siege. He’s been behind me every
single step of the way. That’s where it started. And I think the love of
the game came via a friend, because I had no
interest in it prior. And it was a bond of
friendship that got me there. I think it’s amazing, like
what you’ve managed to achieve like over the last two years. You’ve evolved a lot,
not only as a player, but also as a person. I’m really proud of seeing you
achieve that, because I know you’ve always envied people– well not envied, but you know– No definitely,
you can use envy. I think it’s a
good word, envied. Yeah. No but it was basically
only because you started it. Yeah. But it’s been a pretty
good journey so far. Yeah, hopefully it continues. At least, for you. I wish you the best of
luck, because I really do hope that you succeed even
more than you already have. Thank you. Well your support
means the world, and our friendship the
last 20 years so thank you. What happened in Paris? I really don’t know. I was real sad. The team is good, but
sometimes you just can’t win. LEO DUARTE: But when
you lose a match, you have to know how
to learn from that. So that’s what Team Liquid does. We keep learning. LEO DUARTE: We have Claudio. He our mental coach. He helps us not to
be afraid to play. Sometimes you are
afraid to make a move, and you lost because
you were afraid. You can’t be afraid. LEO DUARTE: We try to adapt
very fast to get an advantage. So this is our big challenge. We really want to go
to Pro League in Rio, because it’s going
to be crowded. We know that we have more than
two million people playing Rainbow Six in Brazil,
that’s a huge number. It’s going to be massive and we
don’t want to be out of that. LEO DUARTE: It doesn’t matter
if we lost the first match. I just want to go there. I just want to sit in front of
the crowd and play Rainbow Six. That’s my redemption. PLAYER: I was going
to jump off the roof. Yeah Troy kill me. No stop, don’t. PLAYER: You know what Troy? Forget mud window,
just get mud door. The one closes the
living room, OK? PLAYER: Let’s go over
callouts real quick. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
So we’re currently boot camping for the Pro
League finals in Rio. We’re just here at a
house that we got with EG. And the whole team is here,
boot-camping for about 10 days. We’re a couple of days in now. But yeah, just practicing a
lot leading up to the event, preparing. It just makes the practice
a lot more productive. Everyone’s held accountable
because everyone’s here. Just the fact that
we’re constantly discussing, constantly can
practice or try things. But it’s good to see each
other again and all that. After losing Paris,
we decided we need to make a significant change. Like in order to improve enough
to where we can confidently surpass G2. Seeing all the
preparation and work Shas did, and seeing
how little we had, we wanted to get a new
coach in place of BKN. It’s not that common
to change a coach, but we felt at a
serious disadvantage. And we need someone
that was going to put in a lot more work. All right, so in
terms of positioning, Troy, you’ll be in
like open kitchen. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
Bringing Gotcha in as a coach is probably the
biggest improvement we’ve had. He watches all of our
scrimms, all of our vods. Gives us tons of feedback
on that, mid-game feedback on what we can try different. I think that Nate went
too deep, by the way, Troy. You need to a little
bit to the left. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: He has huge
scouting reports on every team before we even come
up against them. It takes a lot of our shoulders. Time to eat. PLAYER: What’d you guys get? Literally everything. Chicken wing, ribs,
chicken, fries. PLAYER: Healthy gamer dinner. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
Right after Paris we actually made some pretty
good improvements right away. Started going well,
and I think was after the second or third
game of the first half, BC basically said
that he was leaving. He just kind of out of nowhere
in the middle of the season, was just like, that’s it. I’m gone. I’m going to be honest,
it was a bit tough for me. I felt kind of betrayed. Just take whatever
you guys want. Well if you insist. Don’t mind if I do. TROY JAROSLAWSKI: We wanted to
pick up Geo, who was on Rogue. For a while I’ve regarded
him really highly. He was like a top player that
we thought was really good. He gets along really
well with the team, he’s a funny guy, high energy. He brings a lot of leadership
in the middle of the round. [PLAYERS GAMING] He’s not afraid to say what
he doesn’t like about something, or what we should
do instead, which is really important because
we figure out things that will work a lot quicker. You rotate back and
you go in white hall. Go by E2. After Paris, I was really
frustrated with myself. I think that was like the worst
individual performance I had. Pengu said it in
interviews, before. He said that he ran into
me in the lobby that day and he said I didn’t
seem like myself. As the captain and
in-game leader, no matter how frustrated
I am with how I’m playing, I need to bring that
energy into my team, because it affects all
of them if I’m different. I did feel like I let the
team down in that sense. For myself, just the attitude
and energy sort of thing. [PLAYERS CHATTING] I’d say this the best
and most prepared we’ve ever felt not only
going into a boot camp, but now going into
an event as well. Obviously, gotta
prepare for every team, and can’t underestimate anyone. But we’re really trying
to close the gap with G2 and pass them up. We’re looking to win the
Rio Pro League Finals. [MUSIC PLAYING] LEO DUARTE: The rest of
the season wasn’t well. We realized that we
weren’t able to play in Rio in the last
match of the season. We had a chance, but
we didn’t win, we tied. So it was real hard
to us because it was a dream to play in Rio. In our hometown, in
Brazil, Pro League. It was real hard. So it was hard. Bullets and psK, they’re
not playing with us anymore. They’re real good
player, but sometimes we were inside a match
and they just freeze. At the moment that we
lost the spot in Rio, I thought about Bullets and psK. That was our last match
together, because at the time I knew that we were going
to change the roster. LEO DUARTE: Now we’ve
got two more newcomers. LEO DUARTE: Paluh and GohaN. My physical health
is very important. If you just spend the
whole day playing, for me it’s not good for my mind. so I have to go out to walk, to
run, to work out a little bit, just to get out of computer. I’ve been playing for
more than 10 years. They call me grandpa, sometimes. Just because I’m 30. I know that I’m an older
player than my colleagues. But I don’t feel like 30, man. I don’t feel like 30 at all. Age is not something that
will stop you for playing. Sometimes I have to
work harder than them. It’s exhausting. But it’s the price. [MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: Season
8 finals in Rio. This is the first
time we’re ever going to have Rainbow Six
Siege in a huge stadium with over 10,000 seats. NICLAS MOURITZEN: We’re
in Rio, right now. It was quite the
journey, actually. We had a 20 hour flight,
Frankfurt to Sao Paulo. Oh it’s so bright. Like my bag is like hot. Well we do have those
regulations like those. We’re having the
Pro League Finals of Season 8, which is taking
place in Olympic Stadium. Kind of crazy, right Kenzo? You’re gonna be playing with the
Olympic rings on the building, dude, that’s nuts. E-Sports, baby. We’re in the biggest
stadium that we’ve ever had, the biggest crowd. OK, they took Liquid winning. That’s fine, that’s fair. I can respect that. Liquid, woo. The beginning of the season,
we were definitely like way up. I think we’re peaking as a team. And then we got close,
and then we drew twice, and we lost a game
against Penta actually, which was funny because that
was our old organization. Something like communication
and basics are a little bit off, and it’s not bad by
any means, but the gap is definitely closing. It’s not just us
becoming weaker, it’s other teams catching up. Nice, we get our own
customized message. It feels good to be the
favorite to win, doesn’t it? 6-2 E-Sports, we
mean G2 E-Sports, are commonly known as the
best team in the world, and you don’t need to
prove anything anymore. But you have won a Pro League
title since August 2017. Maybe it’s finally
time to take that back. Good luck. [PLAYERS CHATTING] With regards to the rounds
where you’re pushing out and stuff like that, you can
set up stuff like you can buck underneath the door,
so you can actually- Now you’re thinking that we’re
going to attack super far away. NICLAS MOURITZEN: Our first
opponent is Immortals. And they’re like 100% our focus. Like Shad was at some
point, all right guys, I prepped for Phase,
we’re expecting the final. But like, no, no,
Immortals first. I know we’re expected to
win, but we might not win. Look at all three
expected opponents, and then you face the first one. You’re going to
mix stuff together and it’s going to go
real bad, real quick. So one game at a time, really. [MUSIC PLAYING] TROY JAROSLAWSKI: Oven’s
on, dough is risen. Fans are up and early gathered
in front of the Evil bakery to cheer and chant. The plays, the kills, the
plans all come together like a beautiful Rembrandt. Some people say Evil Geniuses
are cursed with second place finishes. But we don’t believe
in superstitions. You’ve always been
one of the favorites of any tournament
you’ve entered, and it won’t be any
different this time. Every story needs
a great villain, and we don’t imply
you’re the bad guys, but hey, you are evil
geniuses, after all. So maybe this will
end with Evil on top. Go get them, Canadian, nvK,
Yung, Geoometrics, and Necrox. What should really be said, come
on EG, let’s get that bread. We’re all prepared for
it, headed into Rio. Obviously keeping
a close eye on G2. G2 I think we could either
ban out consulate or coastline on them, because they seem to
really like both maps a lot. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
We have potential to match up against
them in the semi-finals. Obviously we play
Fanatic first, Gotcha will scout out like all
the other teams as well, to have them. But we’re really trying to
kind of close the gap with G2 and pass them up. [MUSIC PLAYING] I wish I could be playing. But now I’m going to do some
commentaries about the finals. So I need to get a suit. ANNE: I’m going to be the– LEO DUARTE: Advisor. ANNE: Yes. She’s going to choose. She’s going to choose the color. What do you think about yellow? No. Not yellow. You’re going to be so pretty. Oh, yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s nice. No, it’s OK. Look I’m very strong, on
my chest and my biceps. That’s good, OK. That’s the one. We are in budget. Maybe. We are in the budget. We’re ready to go. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CROWD CHANTING] ANNOUNCER: Two Olympian
Titan teams coming at us now. It is Evil Geniuses
against Fnatic. We want Oregon. PLAYER: Surprise, surprise. I knew that was coming, man. A match that any E-Sport
would want to have. Two legendary organizations, one
of them goes to the semi-final. [INAUDIBLE] ANNOUNCER: EG has to win. This is not something
you want to lose. PLAYER: Oh, what a great day. Got my steak dinner, Nora won. Let’s go, baby. We can’t lose today, right? ANNOUNCER: They’re
expected to win this, and they’ve got
weakened opposition, missing a Pro player. Short version, Magnet got
hospitalized unexpectedly, got treated, got operated
on, he’s all good. But he couldn’t get here,
and Dizzle, their coach, is playing. There he is, the big
man joining the roster. He told me he hasn’t
played in ages. He hasn’t played at all in ages. ANNOUNCER: Hang on
tight, because this is going to be amazing. We kind of knew that
they would probably try to catch us off guard. Not exactly to the
extent that they did. The very first round, they
didn’t like a crazy rush. ANNOUNCER: Oh, they’re
gonna go for the rush. He’ll get one with
a C14 kill, Canadian will land two as
he takes out Geo. RizRaz is all on his own,
it’s all down to RizRaz now, as he gets one
but not a second. Canadian will wipe out Fnatic. And there you go. That alone, it
was just clear, this is how they’re going to play. ANNOUNCER: Fnatic
grab a second round. Fnatic will take two rounds now. ANNOUNCER: There you go. The [INAUDIBLE] will go on. But no, let’s see! EG, not a moment too soon. I don’t even know
what I’m watching. I can’t explain it. ANNOUNCER: And Dizzle
will get the kill. This is scripted, Magnet
is not actually sick. ANNOUNCER: Let’s go, Dizzle. ANNOUNCER: Acez will
take Canadian out. Match point already. ANNOUNCER: What is going on? TROY JAROSLAWSKI: Gotcha
couldn’t be on stage behind us. ANNOUNCER: Why aren’t you
taking tactical pauses? Very odd, I have to say. He couldn’t officially
join the roster, and he couldn’t stand
behind us on the stage. He was on the side of the
stage like freaking out, like call a timeout,
call a timeout. But obviously, he
can’t do it from there. ANNOUNCER: Yung will make
it happen again, oh no. ANNOUNCER: Oh no,
C4 it’s right out. What in the world
is going on here? To be quite honest
with you, I don’t think they prepared for
Fnatic as much as they should, I think they kind of took
that a little bit for granted. ANNOUNCER: Fnatic will take
them out in the quarter finals, with their coach playing. ANNOUNCER: If EG
lose to Fnatic, I don’t think we’d be able to look
at EG the same way ever again. ANNOUNCER: What is
happening to EG? What is happening is
that they’re losing. Listen, they’re going
to try some rank crap. They’re going to
try to rush you, they’re going to
try to push you. I mean, Oregon we
just play Oregon like we’ve always played Oregon. PLAYER: It doesn’t feel
like we’re playing together right now. Well yeah, ’cause we keep– No, ’cause we can’t play
together ’cause our strats already gone out the window. Nobody knows where to
go, we’re getting picked. Every strat the same except
the mountain, and that one. Everyone’s strat was
the exact same that– We did two that
were different, we did two that were normal. All right, you guys got this. All right, this is our map. Let’s go baby. And then we’re thinking
OK, it’s border, whatever. Like Oregon is the second map,
EG’s incredibly good on Oregon. One of the best teams in
the world on that map. ANNOUNCER: Lusty will get
dropped, all up to Dizzle now in the 1V2. He’ll drop one, can
he find a second? And Dizzle will clinch it. Fnatic to take the third round. Then we’re like, OK, maybe
EG’s going to try hard now, we’re going to see a big sweep. But that didn’t happen. ANNOUNCER: Fnatic on
map and match point. Last man alive is Necrox,
as nvK is on the floor. Oh my God, they did it. [CHEERING] TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
No matter what, when you show up to a match,
the team you’re playing against is going to do something
that you’re not used to. But we can’t make the
excuse, like oh, they wouldn’t do that in a match, or
oh, that doesn’t work normally. That’s mad. Right after the match
actually, I said to my team, I was like, I don’t
want to hear anyone make that excuse ever again. We just lost a major land
event because of that excuse. Well fucking played, boys. Well played. NICLAS MOURITZEN: I’m extremely
happy that we didn’t face them this time around. If I had to break
his heart again, or he would have to
break mine, again. It just, at some point you can’t
fix damage that’s been done. And I would like our careers
to continue without facing each other all the time. ANNOUNCER: In Rio, it’s been
an incredible two days so far. ANNOUNCER: The size of people’s
hearts, and their passion here, making it known for every
team who’ve joined us. [CHEERING] ANNOUNCER: Surrounded
by a Brazilian crowd, they’ve got one thing on
their mind, gentlemen. They wanna see G2
not lift that trophy that Pengu is so familiar with. They want to see a consecutive
Latin American Pro League Champion, and they might get it. We know exactly
what it takes to win. This pressure is on FaZe. It’s their home crowd,
and if they lose, they have to be responsible for
all of these people’s feelings. ANNOUNCER: And now it
is Grand Finals time. It’s coming to
you live from Rio. It will crown the Pro
League Season 8 champion. It will be the Brazilian
hopefuls FaZe Clan or G2 Esports coming to you now. ANNOUNCER: Now they’ll be
starting on defense, by they I mean G2. Kantoraketti pushing out
and taking down Muringa. ANNOUNCER: He too has
taking a lot of damage, but Kanto is going to get
his third kill already in this round. The only one for his
team to get a kill, he will finally shut
down Kantoraketti as Yoona eliminates Fabian. ANNOUNCER: Pengu’s gonna
get the better of Mav though, leaving just Yoona. ANNOUNCER: The first
round goes to G2. ANNOUNCER: FaZe firmly
in the driver’s seat, but they’ve only
got nine seconds. FaZe take the first
round for their team. ANNOUNCER: Quite a
defensive contest. Pengu eliminates Muringa and G2. These two teams cannot
shake one another. ANNOUNCER: It’s going
to be a drop from G2. A very aggressive play from G2. Kantoraketti inside a
ball will take out Mav. And it’s just a absolute brawl. ANNOUNCER: It’s all Astro
now, he’s far off site. He shuts down Fabian, but
the clay more from Goga finishes things off. And the first map
goes to G2, 6-4. ANNOUNCER: There’s a couple
of things to think about. If you look back
to Atlantic City, Liquid got crushed map one. So there’s still a
game to be played here. You know I was there. ANNOUNCER: Perfectly
played from FaZe. FaZe take the round. ANNOUNCER: Just
managed to out-frag G2. ANNOUNCER: Keep in mind,
we’re in the final round of G2s defense. Goga and Joonas vanquished. ANNOUNCER: Leaving Kantoraketti
to deal with the three remaining members of FaZe. And very quickly, he
will reduce it to two. With Muringa and
Yoona just waiting. But the shotgun
and Muringa looking at the corner of the doorway. Kanto around the– ANNOUNCER: What a clutch, Kanto. The mad-man. Silencing the crowd,
and G2 up 4-2. ANNOUNCER: Absolutely
insane aim. Nothing really makes sense. We’re five random people, from
five different backgrounds, five different teams, who
speak four different languages, we barely speak English. And somehow, some way, we are
one of the best teams in Siege. ANNOUNCER: G2 win. ANNOUNCER: Expected to win, and
once more, they will live up to those expectations. NICLAS MOURITZEN:
There’s definitely a change to how people
see us winning now, and how we feel winning. ‘Cause we have to, we need
to, and it’s what we do. But I think we can’t
always be on top. It’s time for other teams to
take that fight with them, and they can build their own
stories with those teams. We can be stopped,
just not today. LEO DUARTE: No, I
was not surprised. We know their potential. They are strong team, but
I could see a little bit of errors that G2 made. I just thought like, I
could be there playing. I could be beating
G2 one more time. But I was casting. But it was a good experience. It was a new experience
and I like new experience. Obviously, we’re
all frustrated. We really wanted
our shot to play G2, because we all agreed
that coming to this event, this was the best we had ever
felt, and the most prepared. We still really believe
in ourselves and trying to make our way to the top. We just love doing it. The competition, working
with a team, and I don’t question whether
it’s worth it or not. It’s just, at the end of
the day it makes me happy. Even if I could make a better
living doing something else, I wouldn’t care. I’m so much happier doing
this than anything else I’ve ever done. I think it’s important to
have an outlet where people can choose who they want to be. We have a online name,
an alias, or a community that we’re part of. And the reality of
that, that’s something so like unrealistic or virtual
becomes your biggest reality in a sense of
companionship, I think that’s what E-Sports
to the core is, because we feel
so close to people that we’re so far away from. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
It’s all worth it. We’re going to do it again. Three more months, and just on
repeat, because it never stops. LEO DUARTE: We had
the meet and greet as well, like a lot of fans. They came like you
know them for ages. Because they see me every
day on the internet. I couldn’t imagine that it
would be so big as it was. They know that I love them all. The support that
they gave, that’s the thing that
keeps motivating us. I really want to keep playing
because of the fans, you know. I don’t know when
I’m going to retire, but I’m definitely going to look
back with pride, I’m sure that. It’s our big goal to
go to the invitational. Because we know that’s huge. Also, we got a huge prize pool. Now it’s more than $1 million. I don’t know how many zeros
do we have in one million, it’s good money. We want to be
there, want to play, want to do what we love to do. Let’s play Rainbow Six. I think we have what it takes
to surprise G2 one more time, and I’m looking forward
to have this rematch. NICLAS MOURITZEN: I mean,
looking at Liquid first, I do see them as our weakness. They’re the only team in the
world we could never break. Only team in the world that beat
us because they were the better team. And for EG, I think
if they figure out what the problems, if they
figure out the mentality issues, if they stay together,
I think most importantly, I think they’re going
to be another top four team in the world. And I think what’s going to
be our biggest thing to face, that only limitation is
going to be ourselves, because now, we’re the ones
with everything to lose. Our legacy, our plan,
our year of playing, we might need to face the demons
in ourselves and the things that we might lose
if we don’t win. TROY JAROSLAWSKI:
I do think we have what it takes to beat G2 now. I just need to get
past other people, and get that match up,
and make it happen. But I do think we
have what it takes, and I think we’re
prepared enough. So I think we go back home. And then, right
back into practice, preparing for Pro League. So yeah, just constantly
learning and improving, and being as ready as
possible for Invitational. That’s the big event. That’s where we have to show up. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Stephen Childs


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    BC: I'm leaving

    Canadian: I FEEL BETRAYED

  22. I feel sorry for EG and Canadian. If after Atlantic City EG hasn’t been winning anything major, they need to change things up. Not necessarily a team change, but a complete revamp in how they play. Going on a losing streak after Atlantic City shows that they are becoming more and more panicked and desperate.
    They need to sit down, as a team and not as friends, go “look, what we are doing isn’t working, we need to change”

  23. This whole doc is just feel. You look behind the games and you see these guys face the problems we all do. If a bunch of us won the money they did, we'd do similar things, the car, the house.

    Its a real thing for them to win, and its the biggest wound to lose.

    Maybe its the romance but I gotta root for Zig all the way.

  24. As a Leader, or team Captain…the good way to go is no expectation. Don't lose your cool. Or the enemy will see it as a weakness. Learn from Joe "Cool" Montana making some great comebacks NFL football games. Say a joke or two. Relax, but on fire! Working too hard. It can be angry at times. No shame in losing. Learns from it experiences. Go for it next time! Read minds, that's advantage 😉 1 vs 5, oh my, 1 vs 0….how is that possible! Anything can happens!

  25. So well made, Seriously, props to the people who put this thing together. 😀

  26. Keep it up second time watching love this documentary you guys are god at making these.

  27. this has really brought my spirt up. i'm on a team and we have been working for a long time trying to get where they are now, i have been working much harder on new strats and new ideas, we are going to try to qualify next year hoping we can make it to invitational and go against the different teams, they all have different strats that may want you to try it and see if it works for you, if it don't they don't try it again and go for your strat. i find that siege is a complicated game with different things you can learn ever since day one i never though siege would become this big, Ubisoft i am happy for you on making this documentary and bringing my spirt up.

  28. Just shows how humble pro gamers are compared to Pro physical athletes.

  29. This was an amazing documentary to watch live, and Im rewatching it months later to relive the chills it give. Very well done, builds intensity, good pacing, interesting stories and perspectives, well edited. All together a good package, and Ubisoft should keep up the great work like this!

  30. Anyone else hear the Endgame music in the background at the beginning

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