Rain expected in some regions, on the day of Chuseok expected to be bright _ 091119

The Chuseok holiday officially starts tomorrow,
but for many people, the thought of enjoying long-awaited holiday dishes is all that is
needed to turn on the festive mood But more often than not, moderation is the
last thing we think of when it comes to Chuseok food,… and this can easily lead to digestive
problems and discomfort. So even if it seems impossible, try minding
the size of portions. Otherwise, try various methods to ease symptoms
of indigestion, such as acupressure. Hello I’m Michelle Park here with the latest
weather update. The southern provinces and Jeju Island will
continue to receive rain throughout the evening. And into our first day of the Chuseok holiday
tomorrow,… the nation may see some drops of rain here and there under an overcast sky. Thankfully on Chuseok day, which falls on
Friday,…. the nation will be under clear skies, allowing us to have a clear view of
the full moon. However, parts of the country will receive
more precipitation around the weekend. Looking at our temperature readings,…we’ll
have a cooler day as we enter our Chuseok holiday. Seoul and Daegu will kick off at 20 degrees
Celsius, while Busan and Jeju seem a little warmer at 22 and 24 degrees respectively. The daytime highs will plunge a few degrees
compared to today. Seoul, Busan and Jeju will all reach 26 degrees. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.

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