Quilting Tutorial: Happy Holidays Table Topper

Hi, my name is Kathy Seal and I wanted to
share with you a great weekend project. By Atkinson Designs, it’s called happy holidays
and it is a fantastic way to go in and use up your holiday fabrics. We have a really fun Christmas table topper. The one that we are going to demonstrate today
is the one made out of Fourth of July fabrics. So let’s get right to it. Okay, first thing we have to do is start with
this star point section right here. You’re going to take your two strips and you’re
going to put them together right sides and then you’re going to sew down both sides and
you’re going to make a tube out of them. From that, you’re going to go in and cut rectangles
just like that; and then you’re going to take the rectangle and cut from corner to corner
just like this; and the unit that you get is this guy right here. So you’re going to continue down the strip
and make the rectangles. You’re going to need to make six of these
star units so you need to make three of those rectangle pieces. So if we look at how the color orientation
is on these, we have to be mindful that when you’re cutting your rectangle that you cut
consistently in the same direction with the same fabric up because we want the blue to
end up on this side and we want the green to end up on this side. So we have to make sure that we’re always
cutting in the same way with the same color up to the top. So when we go in and do this unit and this
unit, we have to go and we’re going to do the same thing. We’re going to take our two fabrics, the background
and the red, we’re going to put them together; we’re going to sew down both sides of them;
and then when we take the rectangles, we’re going to have half the rectangles with the
background fabric up, and the other half of the rectangles are going to be with the red
up. We’re going to cut them both in the same
direction just like this and when you open these up, and there’s a little bit of stitching
you’ll have to release, you’ll see that one of these has the red on this side; and then
when you look and open this one up, the red is going to be on the opposite side and that’s
exactly what we need to have happen. Because this piece is going to fit on this
side of our star unit that we just got done building and this one is going to be on this
side of it (so) we need to have that mirror image happen. So once you get these units made, we have
to come in and get this triangle unit made. Now for that, we need to use the Creative
Grids 60 degree angle ruler and I like Creative Grids’ the best because it has the anti-skid
on the back. It’s just a fantastic tool. So we’re going to go and cut our strip and
then we’re going to come in and we’re going to match it up, the short, small flattened
edge of the ruler goes to the top of your strip and then there is a line that you’re
going to line up right on the bottom and you’re going to make your cuts just like this. You’re going to cut this way, you’re going
to rotate the ruler, and you’re going to come and match it up on both sides. Then you’re going to line it up to that
side and then you’re going to go and make your cut. That is how you’re going to go in and make
these the wedge that fits down here. So the unit that we have to go in and build
is the center wedge and then we’re going to put that piece and then we’re going to put
that piece to that, and then we’re going to put that to that. Once you build six of these units right here,
you have the entire table topper completed once they’re all stitched together. You’re going to stitch them in half so put
three pieces together then you’re going to put three pieces together. Sew down the middle and I open that seam allowance
up so that the center lays nice and flat. That’s all there is to it. I hope this works out for you. I hope you have a great time playing with
novelty fabrics. Thanks a lot for watching!

Stephen Childs


  1. Very nice! I had no idea it would come together like that – thanks for showing us 🙂 ~Marguerita

  2. Very nice Tutorial, I wish there was either a PDF download or actual sizes shared…..or is the idea the pattern is for sale, if so where.

  3. D Schmidt, the pattern–Happy Holidays Table Topper by Atkinson Designs–is available for $8.99 and we can ship it to you for just $.65!! Just give us a quick call at (517) 423-0053 and we'll have it on the way to you in no time flat!

  4. Jessica Skibicki, we're located in downtown Tecumseh, Michigan. Also, in about five or six weeks, our online shop will be open as well!

  5. I just discouvered your site. I really like your videos! Wish you would tell the dimensions of the pieces though. You explain everything so well and for a visual learner you show everything so well and don't leave any to chance! Thanks again and please keep making videos. Really enjoy them.

  6. Thanks a bunch, Linda! We don't give measurements because the pattern–Happy Holidays Table Topper & Tree Skirt by Atkinson Designs–is copyrighted and available for purchase. In fact, we sell it for $8.99 and can ship it to you for JUST 85¢! Give us a quick call @ (517) 423-0053 if you'd like to do a phone order and thanks again for your comments, Linda!

  7. What a wonderful teacher you are! And so committed! You make things easy to understand. God bless you.

  8. I have a request for a tutorial, You should do a tutorial on how to bind a table topper like this with the points, I have table toppers that are Octagon and Hexagon shaped and the binding scares me to death!..lol

  9. i purchased the pattern and had fun cutting, sewing, and piecing it together. however, the size i choose was medium (30×35) but i have contract pieces left over. what did i do wrong? i will post a photo in my youtube profile and maybe someone can shed some light for me.

  10. just found your site, Like your video's but wish you would sew as you go along so we could see how the pattern works out. I have been quilting for sometime and love the "short cuts" so fast and easy.But still get a bit confused now and then. 🙁

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