Question Period: Carbon tax, aluminium tariffs, Quebec border asylum seekers – April 30, 2018

Stephen Childs


  1. Morneau is flat out, a useless liar. Unemployment is huge now. Horrible government.

  2. thank you for posting this …..this is better than a short 4-6 minute video.
    …and a ^5 for the links in the "live chat".

  3. Question period is..POINTLESS! What actually helps or comes out of these discussions. It's rediculous!! Trudeau needs to be voted out next election. If not Canada will be finished!

  4. Why are they allowed to not answer questions? Why is everyone held accountable except the government? How is this even legal? And what is the point to question period when no one answers one question?????

  5. Everybody knows that new taxes will change the weather. Make Canada Cold Again.

    It's a Cash Grab and thats all it is.
    Forcing people to pay for out of control Government Spending,,,, which fund infrastructure projects in other countries, that does nothing for Canada, or Canadians in the tune of BILLIONS of Taxpayers Money..
    They buy Dirty Oil from Countries that have no standards for harvesting the crude and refining it with environmental clean programs and aren't going to.
    It pays for Government exorbitant salaries and retirement packages and a whole host of misspending and improperly managed Tax dollars collected from the people of Canada, Instead Of Being responsible with the Tax Dollars Collected…
    The money they collect will cost the tax payer far more than any good will come of it. AND
    It will hit the poverty stricken families the hardest, all lower income peoples and families,,, It will take some from the lower middle class income earners and drop them into the low income bracket and force more people into poverty putting a huge strain on the economy and all for no benefit whatsoever which is why they refuse to tell Canadians what the cost will be and how it will help by showing us the details of how this taxation will be put to use..
    The Liberals have no insight or consideration for the People Of Canada.
    They put all their energy into finding ways to tax the population and little to ZERO effort into making the cost of living more manageable, the cost of inflation lower, and still refuse to deal with the ever growing Poverty stricken population in Canada which is the worst of all the Industrialized Nation in the WORLD according to StatsCan and UNICEF,, with more children in poverty, more homeless than any other western nation AND nothing being done to stop poverty,, only making it worse very deliberately.
    The Problem with the Liberal Agenda is it attacks the Poor, it attacks the Self Employed, the Small Business Owner, the Small and Medium Sized Farmers, as-well as those on Disability,, the Elderly relying on Pension incomes that are at 1/2 the poverty level in Canada, and will not help our Veterans, or Our First Nation Population,, THEY will not put money back in the hands of the people it rightfully belongs to BUT They GIVE IT AWAY IN BAILOUT'S FOR Billionaire Corporations, PROVIDING Corporate Welfare which gives Our Tax Dollars to The Rich by Stealing it from the Poor and the Middle Class via TAXATION, SERVICE FEES, PROPERTY TAXES,, ALL THE WHILE TAKING OUR RIGHTS THROUGH REGULATIONS.
    And Continue To Do Nothing For The Poor and have no intention to..

  7. All i kept hearing over and over and over was ONE question… What are the numbers? Answer the dam question!

  8. CARBON TAX Is A SCAM BY the Thiefs Liberal Government !
    Stop Carbon Tax !!!!!!!

  9. There just beating the drum. We Want More Substance. BTW where is the NDP?

  10. Nuclear wAr Wil destroy your climate carbon , all the tax in the world can't stop a nuclear winter

  11. Conservatives had ten years to curb down pollution and save Canadians yet unborn. Now we must do something.

  12. This was disgusting to watch. It’s embarrassing to watch the quality of answers coming from the liberal side. It’s all about the bottom $ for the liberals. This is just not going t I cut it

  13. This was disgusting to watch. It’s embarrassing to watch the quality of answers coming from the liberal side. It’s all about the bottom $ for the liberals. This is just not going t I cut it

  14. Conservatives would rather see the world in flames than letting anyone touch corporations profits and bottom line!

  15. I have no idea how the hell the Liberals say we want what they are proposing

    The Liberals need the carbon tax income right?

    Spend on the homeless and the poor.

    Help the flood victims.

    Go forward with the First Nation negotiations.

    Convince Asia,India and China that they have to stop polluting the oceans and worry a little less about us by taxing us and work more with them to lower pollution.


    They promised 840 million to Syria so Assad can order new tanks and water boarding kits so he can control who is left there

    The States have offered nothing the smart buggers.Let the rich Middle Eastern countries pay for it with Russia.It is their mess let them clean it up.

  16. Jim Carr is a big puppet of the Power Corporation via Great West Life Financial, but his irrationalism is coming undone. Doug Ford and the Ford Nation (the Bulldozer) will pave the highways of Ontario with McGuintyism,—the last remnants of the Quebec Regime in Queen's Park.

  17. We will stop carbon.. even if it kills the economy and brings excessive hardships to Canadians… because I am Justine the carbon killer…. this gov't is killing us…

  18. if you's cared about the environment, you's would start talking about stopping your geoengineering programs, and turning radiation monitors back on.

  19. It's up too Canadians to end this farce liberals are so incompetent non answer's

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