Public holidays in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has several main
holidays. The holidays in the Netherlands are:
Good Friday is not a National Holiday. However, mostgovernmental organizations,
banks, and insurers honour this day with a day off work. If time off is given on
this day, it is usually a mandatory day off work, subtracted from workers’
holidays, whereas other national holidays do not count towards paid
holiday allowance. The government also recognizes the
period between Christmas and New Year as “equivalent” to holidays for the purpose
of filings/payments to or by the government; if a term ends on such a
day, the term is extended. If either First or Second Christmas Day falls on a
weekend, there is no additional weekday given in exchange. That is, in years
where First Christmas Day is a Saturday, there are no national Christmas holidays
at all. Also in the south of the Netherlands
carnival is celebrated. Though not an official holiday, many people in the
south take the week off to celebrate. Recently, there has been some debate
over whether or not the Islamic holiday of Eid ul-Fitr should be a national
holiday. This was met by opposition from political parties such as the PVV and
SGP, although many others had no problems with it. For now, Eid ul-Fitr
is not an official national holiday, but it usually justifies a day off for
Islamic employees. Those opposed to this proposition say that there are enough
national holidays as it is. See also
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