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  1. english
    Who care about nationality we all hear this song

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  3. เพลงนี้เคยเกือบทำให้ยูทูปล่มด้วยยอดวิวทะลุล้านแล้ว😂

  4. I remember watching this as a kid and being so happy and dancing to this. 2012 Was a good year

  5. Jesus Christ it's 7 years already?!? I just remember it when we played it on 2012 New Year's Eve and I jumped all over my bed to this song and eventually broke the bed xDD beautiful memories, by the way this song is still great! :DD

  6. ꧁꧂ ༺࿐༺ঔৣৡۣۜ͜͡ৡঔ𒀱𒁏𒁍༽ད༒बंदMoͣnͭeyमुझे༒ཌ༼𒀱ঔৣৡۣ͜͡ৡ༻࿐༻꧁꧂

    when i ask someone is they have herd kpop and they say know you know they are lying

  7. This is the only good Kpop song.. im a kpop hater but this song… just makes me love bts as well

  8. I remember me and my cousins contributing atleast 300 views to this. Godamn this song was lit 😂

  9. Music is so powerful most of us can't even understand anything about the song but we can on listen over and over

  10. Watched it the day it was released & when I was a kid
    Watching it till now when I am grown up❤️

  11. wow wow wow very nice dance song 🌹🌹💗💗💗🌹🌹👄👄👍👍👍👍👍
    I love this song 👄👄🥰🥰🥰

  12. Really this music is look lovely is sooooo nice 👍👌👌
    Soo lets go to follow me please opa ganm sta 😂😂😂😂

  13.  Ace Monrow | White Limousine | Video | Album RED

  14. There are more then 4.5 million comments if you find mine one you are ultralegend 😎😎

  15. Wenn man sich frägt wieso man sich das mal in Deutschland gegeben hat:

    Keine schwäche zeigen!

  16. 学校で、よく歌ってるやついたわ( =^ω^)

  17. everyone says they're here to see the views but i'm just listening to what is practically the anthem of my entire life

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  21. At school, in
    2013 I wasn’t allowed to sing the part that said sexy for some reason so I just said lady instead


  23. Who is now a kpop stanner looking back at the first kpop song we all heard 😂

  24. ah yes the first kpop song i ever listened to
    its your fault that im addicted now

  25. Kunchumwun nananajaato wantan chino pelo chunchin chan like si tu también :v

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