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– Hello, good Morning. We are here at Holiday World with Shaun from Princess Cruises. – Good morning. – Now Shaun, I just heard that you got off the new,
brand new Princess ship. – That’s right Josh. Yes, I was lucky enough to
be in China a few weeks ago. I just came off the Majestic Princess. I did a four night sailing
from Xiamen in China to Taipei, as Majestic repositions
from Barcelona to ShangHai. I gotta tell you Josh, she is just absolutely
divine, exquisite, grand. Everything that you love about Princess, just on a slightly larger scale. And I think, when she
comes down next September, this market is gonna absolutely love Majestic Princess in Australia. – Awesome. So, you got some photos on board? – Yeah, I managed to get a few snaps while I was on board. I got a few here on the iPad. All the traditional Princess
elements that you’re used to. You know, movies under the
stars, the atrium, the lotus bar. There’s a few new bells
and whistles on this ship. Being that it is going to China first. But a lot of those things
will be changed out and Australianized when it does come here. For me, the cuisine was fantastic. It still delivers on the Princess service. The great passenger to space ratio. The great passenger to crew ratio. It is an absolutely divine, elegant ship. And, like I said, I can’t wait for her to come down to Australia next year. – Awesome. So, she’s coming down next year? What month? – Yes, she’s in Shanghai as we speak. She’s there for a year. She repositions from Shanghai next August, the 22nd I believe. One way repositioning back down to Sydney. And then, from there she does
seven months out of Sydney. Mainly, to the New Zealand itinerary. There’s one to Fiji and New Cao Vanuatu. And there’s one to Tassie. But the rest, New Zealand
round trips and one ways. She then goes back to
Hong Kong in March, 2019. – Awesome. Sounds exciting. So, keep that in mind. What else is happening,
exciting in Princess. – Well, our new brochure is finally here. I know a lot of you
have been in big demand for the new Princess brochure. This goes right through to April, 2019. We’ve got a Majestic
preview flyer as well. So, if you want a little
more information on Majestic. The features, the amenities on board, you can pick up this
here at Holiday World. And the brand new, new with Majestic Princess, is Ocean Medallion. This is gonna be the
future of the cruise card. This little toy, if you will. It’s about the size of a dollar coin. It’s gonna be how you access your cabin. It’s gonna be how you
authorise payments on board. But more importantly, we get to learn about you. As you holiday, we learn where you like
to spend your time, who you like to interact with. And we can then provide
certain activities, short excursions based
on what you tell us, and where you spend your time on board. So, this is a revolution
in the travel industry. We’re the first cruise
line, the first, I guess, travel supplier to roll out
this sort of technology. And Ocean Medallion comes to Australia on the Golden Princess next October. So, Australia is really
getting the coolest and the newest toys Princess has to offer. – So, this Ocean Medallion, it’s like, personalises your cruise experience. – Yeah, it is. So, when it comes to
the crews personalising, you upload your photo, that would be called Ocean. ocean.com is the website. So, you upload your own photo, which will speed up embarkation. But, you know, if you walk into a bar or any of the areas on board, our crew will have devices where your name will come up, your photo comes up. So, we can anticipate
what you’re asking for. If you walk into a cafe, we know you like your
latte with one on skim, our crew will acknowledge you before you’ve even got into the cafe. Hey Josh, can we make you another coffee? If, you know, you are text savvy on smartphones, you can be lying at
movies under the stars. You can order a cocktail. Because, this is GPS enabled, we know where you’re sitting, the crew will bring the cocktail to you. So, no more queues at bars, no more waiting around at sail away. It’s customised, personalised service tailored to the individual. So, no longer will your holiday on Princess Cruises be en mass, it’ll be tailored to your specifications. It’s a great way to
understand our clientele. – Amazing. So, exciting things from
Princess Cruises in Australia. So, if you cruise with Princess or you’re looking to cruise with Princess, we now have their new brochures in store. So, make sure you pop in
and we can help you out. And also, the Majestic
Princess is coming, next year. Do you have anything else
to say to our clients? – The current promotional deal, the twice as nice sales running though the end of
August on selected voyages, insides and ocean view cabins. You’ll receive up to $200
dollars onboard credit. If you’re going balconies,
mini suites and suites, up to $400 dollars onboard credits. And, for our past passengers there’s a little more
there for you as well. But, you know, we can’t wait to have Majestic down here next year. Thank you for your ongoing
support for Princess Cruises. And, hopefully I’ll get to see
you on board one day, soon. – Great. Well, thank you for coming Shaun. And, we’ll see you next time.

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