President Moon calls for steps to prevent accidents during holidays

In light of the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday,
or Seollal, President Moon Jae-in is calling for safety first. “I sincerely hope there will be no casualties
from the three main dangers — car accidents, fires and industrial accidents.” In his regular meeting with top aides, the
South Korean leader place extra emphasis on traffic safety. Noting that more than 7 million people will
be on the move every day during the holiday,… he ordered a national campaign against drunk
driving and drowsy driving,… asking his staff to mobilize all available resources
to help reduce car accidents,… including but not limited to drones, helicopters and
dummy police cars. Moon also pointed out, the government will
issue more special gift certificates, designed for use only in traditional markets… to
boost spending in traditional markets before and during the holidays.

Stephen Childs

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