President Moon briefed on response measures against COVID-19 after first death in S. Korea

president moon jaein is receiving an
emergency briefing from prime minister jang se-eun over response measures
against the cove in nineteen outbreak this morning’s meeting comes after South
Korea saw its first death from the virus on Thursday while a number of cases
jumped well past 100 the Prime Minister earlier announced that the government
will designate Daegu and Chando south east of Seoul as special care zones
after mass infections were confirmed in those areas eyes are on whether the
government will lift the alert level from watch to serious

Stephen Childs


  1. BASIC hygiene rules, well cleaned food environments, do not allow cooked food to come into conctat with raw food ( dogs with Cats, You know, don't get along)…. Respect this fundamental rules, please… It Is important, not to put the whole world at risk… Thank your 🌼

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