President Donald Trump Makes First Visit To India As President | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Stephen Childs


  1. So sorry India for the our President and his entourage. Next President we have will be a sane one. Hopefully he won't do anything stupid there. But if he does please realize he doesn't reprimand the vast majority of the real American people.

  2. Usa. Irak War 10 million people died.
    Usa.afganistan War 10 million people died
    Usa Libya War wery people died.

  3. 4:35 Stop trying to pronounce Pakistan like you're a native!! Pakistanis aren't offended if you pronounce it with an English dialect.

  4. This is almost as bad as when Mika and joe taped a show a day before thanksgiving but acted like it was the Friday after …..”oh I ate so much turkey”. “ great to see the family” etc. they’re a joke, hopefully even more will know that after this display. 🥺

  5. These news people have never even been out of there town cant says Namaste….lol…

  6. Afghanistan loves India we have historically relation with India. We world hope that the Tom Jery ( terrorists cartoon show will end in this planet) which is played by USA, Britain Pakistan…

  7. idiots cannot even say Gandhi's name? what education do these people really get before becoming talking heads

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